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  1. Lisa
    January 10, 2020

    Me again… yep still pondering on BLT.
    Does BLT and contemporary share buses with any other resorts? Just wondering after leaving HS is it going to be a 3 hour tour to animal kingdom, Polynesian and anywhere else before I get back to BLT?


    • Dave
      January 11, 2020

      Yes, all the monorail resorts share buses. Poly and GF usually share buses, and the Contemporary/BLT and WL share buses (with sometimes Fort WIlderness thrown into the mix). But it won’t be a three hour tour!!


  2. Lisa
    January 5, 2020

    Hi Dave …
    in reply to the per point pricing … I have not booked at BLT pondering on it …. but that price they are stating is to rent a 1 bedroom it is 155 points which would be 2945.00 for 4 nights leaving in 5th day. 19.00 a point .

    The past 2 years we have rented a 1 bedroom at OKW for 17.00 a point . So really struggling with the thought of paying so much at BLT basically for the MK view.


    • Dave
      January 6, 2020

      Thanks Lisa. There’s a lot to be said for the walkway too…


  3. Lisa
    January 4, 2020

    Hi there Dave !!
    I have been asking you questions for the past 9 years of us going ! So thanks !! First time looking at Bay Lake Tower 1 bedroom. How long of a walk do you estimate it is to walk to MK? Incase the wait for hr monorail is crazy .. looking at last week in September. Crowds should be doable but throwing in the Halloween party so might get busy.
    Also we are renting DVC points (3 rd time doing ) and what are the chances we can get in the Top of the world Lounge at BLT. I know it is for dvc members but basically renting someone’s points we sorta are dvc right ??? Thanks !!


    • Dave
      January 5, 2020

      Hi Lisa and welcome back! The walk is a little more than half a mile. To put that into context, it’s about the same distance from Splash Mountain to Space Mountain.

      And BLT, sadly, per this page, works the opposite way. It is for DVC members, whether they are staying with cash or on points, rather than those staying on points, whether DVC members or not…

      FInally, if you are willing, can you tell me how much you paid per point? I need to update my “renting points” material…


  4. Sean McNerney
    October 10, 2019

    Hello! Looking for some first-time visitor advice on room accomodations…my wife cannot make up her mind as she’s changes the reservation about 4 times (we are staying 6 nights, starting 11/9 when the crowd is lower)! Currently, we have our reservation at the AOA, Nemo room. We will have a 2 yr old boy & a 7 yr old daughter, so convenience is very important. For that point, my wife is really considering the Bay Lake Tower 1-bedroom due to the walkability & monorail. She’s really concerned that getting to & from AOA, especially at the end of the night, would be a real hassle on the bus. Any advice to help finalize our reservation would be greatly appreciated!



    • Dave
      October 11, 2019

      Sean, there’s no question that for MK, Bay Lake Tower is the better choice. There will be no real difference for the other three parks. And it is considerably more expensive–on the order of $3,000 more. I would have to put an inordinate value on my time to say that the convenience/family simplicity by itself is worth that.

      On the other hand, there’s lots that the 1BR villas get you that AofA does not–particularly handy are the washer/dryer, full kitchen, and balcony.

      One approach would be to split your stay–force your MK nights into consecutive dates, book BLT for your MK nights, and AofA for the rest. So close to your dates, you may have trouble finding availability, though.


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