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Large Families at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute


A large family is one that will not fit into a standard Walt Disney World hotel room—more than 4 people for standard rooms at the values and most moderate rooms, and more than 5 for most deluxe resorts.

(See this for the distinctions among the resort classes at Walt Disney World.)

The problem with connecting, adjoining, or nearby rooms as a solution is that Disney won’t guarantee that you will get them.

When you show up at Walt Disney World, your “connecting rooms” may be not connected, and in fact may be in completely different buildings at your resort.

Your chances of getting connecting rooms are best during the slow season—which is when this site recommends you go, see this for when to go—but even then, there are no guarantees.


The links below present the best options–by price and family size–for large families at Walt Disney World

Room capacity figures on the pages  linked below always exclude one child under 3 in a crib, which can be added to any Disney room—so always read, when a capacity figure is given, “plus one child under three at time of check in, in a crib.”

These links cover large family options

  • Large families looking for low-priced rooms—what Disney calls “Value” rooms—see this page
  • Large families looking for deluxe level accommodations can see recommendations on this page
  • Some recommendations involve reserving Disney Vacation Club rooms, or even renting points from current Disney Vacation Club members to use. See this for more on Disney Vacation Club rooms in general, and this for more on renting points
  • For suitessee this
  • For staying off-site, see this








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1 Drina Murphy { 06.09.12 at 7:26 am }

Great article! Big families (families of 5 or more) are always struggling to find hotel accommodation. It always amazes me that hotel chains haven’t realised that families do not want to be separated, they want to stay together and like you say, connecting rooms doesn’t always mean this. That’s why I created ‘Room For 5’ to help bigger families find accommodation easily. The web site is
We now have over 8000 hotels listed and over 5000 of those are in the USA!

2 Dave { 06.09.12 at 8:32 am }

Hi Drina, thanks for the link!

3 Kerry Will { 06.18.12 at 2:56 pm }

I wanted to plan a trip for myself and daughter for next year. Originally, I wanted to plan it for Dec. because, that is her birthday but then I was looking at what you were saying for the ticket projections and I got overwhelmed. Seems that August is the best time to go but, it’s probably super hot as well. So, if you could lead me in the right direction that would be amazing.

Thanks much,


4 Dave { 06.18.12 at 4:51 pm }

Hi Kerry, see this: There are some great December weeks, and August is pretty low down the list…

5 Holly { 06.25.12 at 2:19 am }

We have eight children 15 yrs to 1 yr…and my husbands dream is to run the 20 year anniversary marathon in Jan. 2013. What affordable accommodations do you suggest for our family size, as we are wanting to max. the 10 day Disney pass as we are traveling so far to get there. We would not have a car as we will be flying in, unless you feel we need to rent one. What are the best options? I hope to make my husbands dream come true. Thank you SO much!!

6 Dave { 06.25.12 at 6:46 am }

Hi Holly, there’s no great answer on site, and if you went off site you’d have to rent something–a school bus? One kid younger than three does not count against room capacity limits, so your best bet is a two bedroom villa at Old Key West which has a capacity of 9 + one in a crib. See this: You should look into renting points for it–see this

7 Ron Smith { 08.29.12 at 12:55 pm }

Hi Dave,

My kids (12&9) and I made the trip from Texas to DW in 2011 & 2010. Both times we’ve stayed at the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness. I know this is out of the way, but I tend to travel quite a bit with my job and if I can get away from the feel of a hotel, I’ll take it! This year I got re-married and now the new wife and 4 year-old step daughter want to go too. So, I’m planning a trip for the 5 of us in June of 2013. Looking to arrive on the 10th and leaving on the 19th. Do you know of a way for us to stay at a place that doesn’t have that hotel feel to it? Also, the times that we have gone before has been late August and it has been pretty hot. Will earlier in the summer be any better? I don’t have too much of a choice but to go during the summer because of the amount of days that we want to stay. I know about the new Fantasyland opening, but other than that, what else will be new to us next year?

Thank you for any help you can give us and for all the information that you have on this site!!

8 Dave { 08.29.12 at 5:38 pm }

Hi Ron, and thanks!

To be honest, June feels better to me than August–I’m in Disney World right now as I write this, and it’s hot and muggy–but I think the stats will say it’s not really any better. See the various stuff here:

If you can afford it, a great “doesn’t feel like a hotel” option is a one-bedroom villa at Old Key West.

See the image Old Key West One-Bedroom Villa Floor Plan Layout

…and see this for more:

The rack rate in June is $497 a night–but it’s possible a discount will come out for then…

I’m trying to think of what other than Fantasyland is new since you last visited…not much that I can think of…

9 Jen { 10.09.12 at 11:11 am }

I am traveling to Disney as a family of 5…my husband and I, my 5 year old son and twin 2 year old girls. Can basic rooms fit 2 gribs? Is it s squeeze? Is it even allowed? I have called Disney and am getting the run around. I know AoA can fit us but my mom is paying for the trip and I am trying to make it most affordable for her. I called Orleans Riverside and talked to housekeeping and they said they could work with me when I arrived…thoughts?

10 Dave { 10.09.12 at 11:52 am }

Jen it will likely vary by resort.


In the case of Riverside, see the floor plan.

This is out of date, as since I visited the full beds have been replaced by queens, and the trundle bed is gone. (There are still 5 sleeping spot rooms, but that’s not your issue.)

The space the trundle bed used to go should fit a crib, easily. You could also move the table and chairs and fit another crib there…

11 gretchen { 01.29.13 at 12:43 pm }

We will be traveling with a party of 15. 11 adults and 4 children (11, 4,4, 2.5) We are also military, and all but four are florida residents. We are looking to go in November of 2014 (give or take on the months). What are you recommendations as far as preferably staying on site, getting the most bang for our buck (i.e. the least amount of money) Some are on more of a tight budget than others. When would, in your expert opinion, be a good time to start contacting Disney, or even a travel agent (highly impressed with your recommendation). Is it better to book a room only and get tickets later? Sorry for all of the questions haha 🙂 Thanks in advance!

12 gretchen { 01.29.13 at 12:44 pm }

oops email was not complete

13 Dave { 01.30.13 at 5:21 am }

Hey Gretchen–give me a sense of two things:

First, family structures–what I mean by this is the different groups that would want their own private sleeping space, and how many kids and adults are in each. Because hotels will be the real variable that drives your trip costs.

Second, how long you plan to stay, and the balance of this for adults vs kids. That is, are you designing the trip for the adults, the 11 year old, or the little ones…All the kids except the 11 year old can have a great trip on 4 days, but the 11 year old and adults would enjoy 6 full days in the parks. This matters if Disney extends the military salute. (See and also this: )

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14 Elizabeth { 02.06.13 at 8:29 pm }

I have myself, husband, a 5 year old and 2 year old. We are staying at the Caribbean resort….I was thinking of adding my 9 year old niece since my 2 year old will be in a crib anyways but when adding another child it says that the room is not for that capacity. If I am right in what I read, I could add her and take off my 2 year old and just add her at check in??? I was wondering how this would work for the extra magic hours if that is the case since my 2 year old would not be listed as a guest??? Thank you sooooooo much 🙂

15 Dave { 02.07.13 at 7:21 am }

Hi Elizabeth, what I’d do is rebook with everybody, and then cancel the first reservation. If the website still gives you pain, then just call WDW at 407-939-7675…

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16 Katie { 02.10.13 at 10:45 pm }

My husband and I am planning my trip to Disney for this September 2-10th. We have 4 children. They will be ages 6,4,2,2 at the time of travel. My mother will also be joining us. My question is would you recommend staying at the Art of Animation Family suite (and my mother will get her own suite to be close by) or a savanna view room at the Animal Kingdom. If we were to go to AKL, we would get two rooms (requesting connecting if available) One room for me, my husband and 2 kids and a room for my mother and my twins. But I think if we did not get connecting rooms then I would just bring the twins in the room with us. Which I know will be tight. But how much time will we really be in the hotel? I just don’t know which option will make for a better, more convenient and fulfilling vacation. My older kids have seen video of both resorts. They really love different things about each one. I have always said I was going to wait for them to be older before we went but then I thought I really want them to experience the magic of it all the way only a child could do. =-) Also, I read on here that there is a possibility that free dining could be offered in September. If this were to happen, could we call and have them take off the dining plan we were already purchasing? Thanks so much for any insight.

17 Dave { 02.11.13 at 8:07 am }

Hi Katie, first on free dining, yes, if it is released, you can call Disney and get your package transferred to it.

Regarding your hotel options…a coupla thoughts. First these are both great choices, so I wouldn’t break my head over it. Second, in your shoes, I’d pick AofA, for a couple of reasons:

To fully appreciate the full scope of AKL, your kids should be older–I’m not talking about the animals, but about the stunning architecture

AKL rooms are very small–tied wit Wilderness Lodge as the smallest among the deluxes. Fitting the twins will be a challenge

Related point: all seven of you can hang out in one of the Family Suites, but not in one of your AKL rooms…and kids that age will need a fair amount of room time for naps…

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18 Paul { 02.14.13 at 12:05 pm }

This will be the second trip for most of us, and our last trip was greatly improved by your recommendations. We stayed at the Polynesian and loved it and went during one of your recommended weeks! However, this time we will be in a larger family. About 11 total, 8 adults and 3 kids (7, 5, and 2). I think each pair of adults is going to want their own rooms, but the kids can sleep in a crib or sleeper sofa. So, what might be best for 4 rooms plus sleeping for the kids? Is there one place on site that can handle that or should we split into two suites/rooms that are next to each other? Or just stay off site in a condo? We would likely drive to the resort, so we should have transportation.

19 Dave { 02.14.13 at 4:25 pm }

Hi Paul, and so glad the site helped before!

The only on-site facility that will hold all of you and give a room to each adult pair is a grand villa, which costs an arm and a leg.

Another four adult bedroom option that’s much less expensive would be two TreeHouse villas. Each treehouse villa has two bedrooms each with a queen, a bunk bed in another room that sleeps two more, and sleeping areas for three more in the living room.

See this for more including floor plans:

Other than those options, your best bet is off-site…

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20 Vinnie Moscaritola { 03.20.13 at 2:22 pm }

Planning Disney trip for Aug 4 of 2014, for 10 nights, plan on staying at Old Key West 2br Villa what do think of the time frame (Aug 4)

21 Dave { 03.20.13 at 2:25 pm }

Vinnie, that’s a very crowded, and very hot, time of the year–see this:

22 Dori { 03.29.13 at 2:20 am }

My husband and I just returned from our empty nest long weekend trip to Disney. We stayed at riverside and only did downtown Disney and caught a braves game. But it made us long to return with our 4 children who are in college for a week long stay. We’d have to visit over their thanksgiving or mardi Gras break. We visited wilderness lodge and would LOVE to stay there but As you can imagine with four in college, it needs to be affordable. Ticket prices alone are $1750 for 5 nites 6 days. Are there ever any package deals available for 6 adults? Do you know how often the 30% off room rates are offered? We would go nov of this year or feb of ’14. Any and all suggestions would be so appreciated. Are we just dreaming or could this really be doable??!!! Many many thanks!

23 Dave { 03.29.13 at 7:34 am }

Hi Dori, the ticket prices will really hurt for a family that big–and so will dining. The bad news is that Disney hasn’t done much on tickets since the beginning of the recession, and there’s no guarantee on any discounts–particularly over thanksgiving, as Disney almost never discounts holiday weeks.

For 6 people, the most cost-effective place to stay is gonna be a Family Suite at All-Star Music, but the kids may find the beds too short and thinly padded–see this: The beds in the Art of Animation family suites are much more comfortable–see this But AofA is typically around $50/night more than Music…

More expensive, but much more comfortable, close to your haunts at DTD, and with a full kitchen which can save you some dining money would be a two bedroom villa at Old Key West. See Standard prices will be too high, but check into renting points:

Hope this helps! And if so…

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24 Lynn Heiderman { 04.01.13 at 5:22 pm }

I am planning to bring my family for a week. It will be 6 adults and 3 children ages 5 3, & 2 yr.
Can young children get on rides with adults or do they have to be of a certain height to get on all attractions ?

25 Dave { 04.02.13 at 6:54 am }

Lynn, some rides have height restrictions, so little kids can’t ride them at all. See

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26 Dave L { 04.02.13 at 9:52 am }

Thanks for the great info here, I’m in the process of finalizing our trip with me, my wife, her mother, and 4 kids (11, 9, 7, 5). We have two options to choose from due to our late booking. 1st, May 28-June 4 at the Villas at Wilderness lodge or #2, May 31-June 8 at Saratoga Springs (2 nights) and Old Key West (6 nights). The price difference (WL villas are through Disney, others are DVC rental credits) is significant (which more than covers additional length of stay). Either timing can work for our family, but I’m leaning toward the later dates at OKW as it fits a bit better into our schedule. Am a bit worried by the transportation from there, appreciate your thoughts on the tradeoffs of staying a bit longer at OKW and still saving some money vs the location and theme of the villas at WL. Thanks!

27 Dave { 04.02.13 at 12:47 pm }

Dave, I’d pretty firmly go with the SS/OKW option, partly from price, partly from dates (as you’ll miss a little more of the Memorial Day week crowds) and mostly because of OKW better fitting the family structure you describe.

The extra bus stops will be a pain–as will be the check out/check in–but a party your size will crowd the WL villas, but work really nicely in OKW. OKW has profound design differences compared to every other DVC resort that makes it much more livable for more than 6 people–and frankly, for more than 4 people. And WL tow bedrooms have a design flaw for groupls that can’t fit soloey inot the two bedrooms for sleeping. See the 2 bedroom floor plans here and here focusing on the maount and furnishing of the shared living/dining/kitchen/balcony space…

SS is lousy, but not by so much that it changes the overall call!

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28 angie { 09.19.13 at 11:02 pm }

This is our first trip to Disney we are staying 6 nights I was wonder a family of 4 what should food cost? I have the room paid and tickets paid so now planning on the food and extras. Can u give me advise on anything thanks

29 Dave { 09.20.13 at 6:01 am }

Angie, it depends on how much you eat at table service, whihc is more expensive, and how old the kids are and their willingness to eat form kids menus. I’d budget $50/day for the adults, and less for the kids if they are young…

Was this even remotely helpful?

Well then mosey on over to the home page, and like it on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest!

30 Sarah { 10.30.13 at 7:16 am }

Hi Dave,
I’m planning a trip with my family of 5 in February. Our kids are ages 9, 7, and 4. This is our third time going and likely not our last. We’ve always rented an off-site house in the past and want to stay on grounds this time. Would you recommend a standard room at the Polynesian or a family suite at Art of Animation? We know he Poly will be more expensive but we are fine with splurging…. Thanks!

31 Dustin { 11.04.13 at 7:28 am }

Hi Dave
We have a trip booked to stay at animal kingdom lodge which was sponsord threw make a wish my wife and three sons 9,8 and4 my parents including my 15 year old niece where booked together my brother his wife and 4 year old son booked separately at the same resort and then my other brother which is my nieces father booked for him and his girlfriend to stay at the all star music resort because of cost we all will be staying for 1 week November 11th-18th my question being because we are booked separately and not all at same resort would there be issues with the family getting together for dining and other activitys at our resort animal kingdom lodge on a personal note reason for this trip is my 4year old son has bin fighting neuroblastoma cancer for the past 2years unfortunately he has started to lose this fight our goal is to make as many wonderfull memories as possible with him in time we have left so any other advice or suggestions to make this trip the best would be appreciated also this is a first for entire family have never bin before thank you for any advice

32 Dave { 11.05.13 at 7:24 am }

Hi Dustin–and first, my thoughts and prayers for your family and son…

Second, your whole family can get together to enjoy the Lodge with one possible exception–the pool. “Pool hopping” is not allowed–but it’s not la ways enforced…you should make any dining reservations now, though, as these can book up months in advance.

Finally, take a look at this as modified by this It’s not a perfect match for your dates–in it, “Thurdsday” nmeans “Thursday,” not “Day 6” and is designed for kids 8 and older. Use this to help modify for the 4yo:

Was this even remotely helpful?

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33 Joseph { 12.17.13 at 12:39 pm }

Hey Dave,
I am taking 3 adults and 4 kids (8,7,5,4) this next sept/October time frame. How much do I need to plan on spending? We will stay on Disney and hopefully get their dining plan. We plan on staying 7 days. A good rough estimate would be nice.

34 Dave { 12.18.13 at 9:58 am }

Joseph–can’t do a rough estimate because hotel costs vary by a factor of 5. See this for some help thinking it through:

35 Andrea { 01.02.14 at 8:00 pm }

Hi Dave,
We love your site, it has been so helpful to us, thank you very much. We are planning our first trip with our kids 8, 6, 3 to Disney World. We are planning our trip for June, 2014, however are stuck in picking the resort. We like the AoA, however are not excited about how far away it is from Magic Kingdom, since we feel we will be spending much of our time there. The Polynesian is great,however kinda pricey. What are your thoughts on the Contemporary or Grand Floridian vs AoA?
Thanks much for your thoughts and time,

36 Dave { 01.03.14 at 8:20 am }

Hi Andrea and thanks!!

GF is more expensive than the Poly, and the Contemporary is about as expensive, unless you get one of the “Garden Rooms” there…so I wouldn’t pick among these three based on price…

Closer to MK than AofA, but much less expensive than those three, is an Alligator Bayou room at Port Orleans Riverside. See this:

37 Maura Casey { 01.03.14 at 9:40 pm }

Hi, Dave! We are a family of 6, 4 girls (ages 12, 10, 8 and 6). Never been to Disney so completely clueless. Bottom line, what is your best recommendation for monorail accessible hotel for a family of 6? Moderate to deluxe price range, unsure of dates but most likely September. There’s so much, I don’t know where to start, and the hotels don’t appear to be very accomodating towards larger families for some reason. I’m also not crazy about their website – it doesn’t give good room pictures. Thanks!

38 Dave { 01.04.14 at 10:28 am }

Maura, once a family exceeds 4 people, options shrink, and at 6 they are particularly lousy–by which I mean expensive. The only monorail options that will fit you are two-bedroom villas at the Grand Floridian and Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary. These, in September, will cost more than $800 a night…

See the links on this page for less-expensive alternatives, especially this:

39 Elizabeth { 03.16.14 at 8:51 pm }

We’re planning a Halloween vacation with a family of 8, 4 adults and 4 children. Two of the children will be 2 years old at this time. Will Disney count them under the “always exclude one child under 3 in a crib” rule too?
Because, then we could have six people to a room and fit in one family suite at Art of Animation resort.
Please get back to me ASAP about this.

40 Dave { 03.17.14 at 7:53 am }

Just one of the two under 3 will be excepted. So you could fit a total of 7, but not 8. Simplest would be to aim for two connecting value resort standard 4 person rooms.

41 Anne { 04.05.14 at 6:06 pm }

I just spoke with a Disney agent and he gave me a choice between “guaranteed connecting rooms” at the contemporary or a villa at bay lake tower for upcoming February 2015 trip. Has Disney changed the policy on guaranteed connecting rooms or should I be wary of this promise?

42 Dave { 04.07.14 at 6:52 am }

Anne, I have read–but don’t know if it’s true–that Disney will guarantee such rooms IF there’s two (or fewer) adults and a whole bunch of little kids. If your family looks like this, it may be real.

43 Anonymous { 04.15.14 at 2:36 pm }

Looking for a place to stay with 10 children ages 15 – newborn. All suggestions welcome. I just don’t know where to begin.

44 Dave { 04.16.14 at 7:58 am }

How many adults? How many of the kids will be younger than three at time of check-in?

45 Melissa { 04.16.14 at 9:53 am }

Dave, you are quickly becoming my go-to guy 🙂 Thank you for all your help!

Place for 8 people, 2 under 3. The rest adults.
Thinking about renting points for a two bedroom condo? Either old key west, or animal kingdom.
If hotel, thinking Art of Animation, or Carribean beach. 2 rooms.
If we rent points, can we still buy meal plan?
And ,.if we can buy the meal plan, can we use Disney gift cards to pay for it??

46 Dave { 04.17.14 at 8:58 am }

Melissa, the point owner would have to buy the dining plan and then be compensated by you… you can use your gift card yourself to pay for your WDW expenses, but putting the third party in the middle means I dunno…sorry

47 Michael R. { 04.21.14 at 7:57 pm }


I’m planning a trip in early November with a bunch of friends in their mid-late 20s. I recall asking you earlier about the most appropriate resort based on our age, and you recommended the Boardwalk Villas. Is that still your recommendation?

For the last few weeks I was looking into renting DVC points, as I figured our group would be too big for a standard room (and having more space is always nice). Do all rooms/suites at DVC-resorts have a kitchen? Since we’re just a big group of friends and not a family, I realized that maybe having a kitchen is overkill since we’ll barely be in the room; but then again if we have 6+ people it seems like a DVC suite is our only bet. It just sounded like the kitchen was a big selling point about renting a DVC suite, and I don’t foresee us ever needing one.

I also noticed the family suites at Art of Animation and how awesome those looked! The fact that they sleep 6 is incredible. Now I’m thinking that getting a suite (or 2) at Art of Animation would be our best bet. Is the décor too kid-friendly? Would it be inappropriate for a bunch of 27 year olds? I’m sure the price would be drastically lower than any DVC suite, right?

Lastly, if it turns out most of the invitees flake and it ends up being 3-4 of us, where would you recommend we stay? I assume that if 4 of us chop a regular 2 Q room at a deluxe resort it won’t be too expensive. Then again, having that space in a family suite at Art of Animation also sounds nice. Thanks!

48 Dave { 04.22.14 at 6:46 am }

Michael, all the DVC one, two and three bedroom villas have kitchens. The dvc “studios” do not.

Re other options, the family suites are a hoot, but WDW will charge you extra for more than 2 people over 18 in a room, per person, per night. You don’t pay this at the DVCs–just regular rooms and suites. If you end up with 3-4 I’d vote for the yacht or beach club.

See the links here for prices:

49 Holly { 05.01.14 at 9:23 pm }

My large family (soon to be 10 of us, children are all 13 and under) enjoy staying at the Ft.Wilderness campground. One spot reservation allows up top ten guests, and it is very very affordable. It’s less luxurious than a hotel room, yes, but it it by far the most amazing and wonderful campground my family has ever stayed at.

We happened across the campground the first time we stayed, but I am surprised not to see it mentioned more frequently as an option for large families.

50 Dave { 05.02.14 at 6:58 am }
51 Michelle { 05.05.14 at 2:46 pm }

Hi Dave -After calling 3 places yesterday (disney chat, OKW front desk, then reservations) the person in reservations told me it was “Acceptable” to add more than 1 crib infant to the OKW Grand Villa. I told her i had 12 adults/children and TWO babies… i am leary to believe this…. It would make total sense if they allowed one crib child PER ROOM, and since a grand villa is 3 bedrooms, and 2200 square feet it doesnt seem a stretch!….. Do you have any experience w/ this? who can i call to talk to to get an official answer? several people on facebook also said they put more than 1 crib child in a DVC rental…… who would be the ultimate authority on this? DVC services? a manager at OKW???

52 Michelle { 05.05.14 at 2:48 pm }

She even told me to just leave the child off the reservation online and just ask for an extra pack and play when we arrive…..

53 Dave { 05.05.14 at 5:32 pm }

Oh Michelle, I dunno. For what it’s worth, my rule of thumb is that if doesn’t cost Disney anything–which your situation doesn’t–then go ahead and bend things a bit and assume you’ll get the second crib…

54 Sébastien { 07.22.14 at 2:01 pm }

Hi Dave!
Amazing site! I will definitely use it on my next trip to WDW! I heard the Disney is offering group rates if you reserve at least 10 rooms. Do you have any ideas what are those rates for lodging, dining and tickets?
Thanks a lot!

55 Dave { 07.22.14 at 5:38 pm }

Sebastien, I have not heard this, but will check… see this:

56 John R { 07.27.14 at 7:35 pm }

Awesome blog! Too much information 🙂
Planning on going with my wife and two daughters (7 & 5), and my in-laws. We are essentially booking two separate vacations (we have to go for a value resort, they are going for something higher; all on dining plan), but plan on spending most meals together (but not all). Some just the 4 of us, some my wife and I only, and some with the grandparents and kids. Will this be a problem booking reservations?

57 Dave { 07.28.14 at 8:20 am }

John, you need to have the count right for each venue before you book, but otherwise its not a problem…

58 Samantha { 06.15.15 at 2:47 pm }

Hey Joel could you give me the name of the place where u usually stay.. This is our first time going to Disney with a large family

59 John { 06.23.15 at 3:43 pm }

I’m plannin a vacation with my family of 5 looking to book the week of Christmas but don’t really know what to look for either a villa or standard hotel room looking to stay outside Disney can u help

60 Dave { 06.24.15 at 7:28 am }

Sorry, John, I don’t track the options outside Disney, as I can barely keep up with the Disney options.

61 Bekah { 06.25.15 at 12:32 pm }

We are first timers planning a trip the week of Nov. 16 or Dec. 14 for my party of 6 (four kids + me and my husband) . First off, I apologize if my questions you have already answered. Do the magic band passes and/or park entrance come with the purchase of the on site hotel rooms? I have a family member who works for WDW and gets three free quest passes a day. He would have to meet three of us each day to gain entrance. If we do that, how does that work with the magic band pass?

62 Dave { 06.26.15 at 7:45 am }

Bekah, magic bands come with the rooms. You buy tickets separately. I don’t understand the point about your family member who works for Disney–you can’t get in without your own tickets, and tickets come with three FP+.

63 Brenda Benoit { 07.10.15 at 1:08 pm }

We are grandparents trying to take some of our children and grandchildren to Disney World. We have a unique group, and we are trying to decide on the best accommodations. Our daughter and her husband have two sets of twins who will be ages 4 and 1. Our son and his wife have 3 children ages 6, 5, and 2. The 6 year old is handicapped and may not be able to handle the crowds. We would like to have rooms that are relatively quite as noise can sometimes be an issue. We wanted to be on the monorail since he will be in a wheelchair and we will have many strollers. We were considering the Polynesian Resort but were wondering if there was any type of accommodation that would make sense. We would at least like to be close to each other so we ( grandparents ) could easily take care of 1 year olds and 6 year old if they became a problem. What would be our best option for best price?

Frazzled Grandma

64 Dave { 07.11.15 at 9:46 am }

Brenda, there’s no great options on the monorail that won’t cost an arm and a leg for such a big group, and because of everything happening nearby none are particularly quiet. (Boat whistles, train whistles, fireowrks, the nightly Electrical Water pageant, etc…)

Consider getting both a two bedroom villa and a studio at Bay Lake Tower, with a Bay Lake view (for more quiet). These spaces together have a capacity of 13 (9 in the villa, 4 in the studio). The virtue of BLT compared to renting three regular rooms is that you have a very livable space with a kitchen and such for the downtimes that the little ones and the 6 year old might need. BLT is also the easiest place from which to get back and forth to the Magic Kingdom.

For more on Bay Lake Tower see this.

65 Christena { 07.31.15 at 8:36 am }

My family of seven is planning on going to WDW in February of next year. My kids will be ages 13, 12, 9, 8, and 6. Given how little in size my six year old is, I know we would all fit comfortably in an Art of Animation family suite. However, the occupancy maxes at six for that room. Since they can’t guarantee connecting rooms, will they let us reserve a family suite anyway? Or would they automatically kick us into two rooms once they saw our seventh member at check in? The only other options for our size group are much more cost prohibitive. Thanks!

66 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 08.01.15 at 9:34 am }


The occupancy is not determined by Disney but rather by fire code. So your family of 7 will not fit in one suite. BUT when it’s a single family (2 adults and more children than fit a standard room) the WILL GUARANTEE connection rooms (2 standard rooms in a value resort or usually less expensive than 1 family suite). This is Disney’s only exception.

Please let me know if you need any help booking your vacation. I’m Kelly, the dedicated Destinations in Florida agent for We want to get you booked as soon as possible as the 180 mark for dining reservations for February open this month. You can reach me at or 980-429-4499

67 Dave { 08.03.15 at 7:35 am }

Christina–what Kelly said.

68 Jason { 08.07.15 at 1:52 pm }

I was wondering where the best place to stay with 2 Adults and four kids ages when we go will be 10,8,2,1. We are looking to go after Thanksgiving of next year any suggestions would be appreciated. We have previously stayed at pop century and Caribbean but that was before the last two additions .Also my wife planned our previous trips and I am kinda doing this as a surprise so was wondering about the dinning plan regarding the 2 year old and one year old will I need to purchase the dining plan for them as well.

69 Dave { 08.09.15 at 9:29 am }

Jason, Disney won’t count the one year old against the room limits, so you can stay in any room that will hold five. The least expensive five person rooms are in Port Orleans Riverside, and, after its 2014 renovation, Caribbean Beach.

Disney will not sell a dining plan to anyone under three (at the time of check-in). So those two can eat off of your plates, or if there’s something special they want, you can buy them stuff with cash.

70 Tara { 09.01.15 at 12:18 am }

My family and my sisters family are planning to stay at the Disney Art of Animation resort this fall. We are a family of eight. My sisters kids are 3 and 14 and my kids are 9 and 13. We don’t want to buy two standard rooms and join them together, because we are worried about space. But we also don’t have the budget to buy two family suites, tickets, and food. Are we allowed to book one family suite for all eight of us? We are fine with sharing beds.

71 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 09.01.15 at 8:27 am }

Hi Tara – You can NOT have more than 6 people in a family suite at AoA. This isn’t Disney’s “rule” but rather fire code. One thing to note about standard rooms is that Disney does NOT guarantee adjoining or connecting rooms. They will try to place you as close as possible, but it’s only a request, not a guarantee.

How much time do you actually plan on spending in the rooms? If you are going to be in the parks most of the day and just sleeping and bathing in the room, you should be fine for space. I’ve stayed at value plenty of times before and we had plenty of room.

72 gina { 02.11.16 at 8:57 pm }

can anyone help me find the best way to get tickets to disney for 8 people.. im getting the room for two nights and only need a one day pass to the park.. its my daughters 16th birthday and my youngest daughters 11th birthday. im a single mom and dont have alot of $ but im trying to do this and bring the grandparents and little cousins so my family has memories to last a lifetime like i did when i was a child… thank you

73 Dave { 02.12.16 at 7:39 am }

Gina, one day tickets are very expensive–more than $100 each. You may be able to find some minor savings, for example at the Official Ticket Center, but discounts on one day tickets are very rare.

74 Kristel { 03.20.16 at 6:12 pm }

We’re a first time family of 11 2 adults and 9 kids ranging in ages of 2-16 and have no clue where to start! We are on a budget so the cheaper the better for everything- places to stay, meal plan ideas park tickets….etc.

75 Dave { 03.21.16 at 9:57 am }

Kristel, your best bet will be to rent a house offsite (and get a couple of rental cars too). The dining plan will not be available if you stay off-site. For park tickets, use The Official Ticket Center

76 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 04.10.17 at 4:39 pm }

I just wanted to take a minute and remind everyone that if you are traveling with 1 or 2 adults and more children than fit in one room, you are able to get 2 guaranteed connecting rooms. This is the only situations that Disney will guarantee connecting (rooms connected by door) rooms. You can always add the request for connecting or adjoining (next to each) other. But it’s only a request at that point. If you need some help figuring this all out, please feel free to contact me at or 980-429-4499

77 Rachael { 04.23.17 at 4:09 pm }

I have 18 month old twins and a 4 year old. Can you fit two pack and plays into a standard value resort room?

78 Dave { 04.25.17 at 8:36 am }

Rachael, it’ll be a tight fit. I haven’t tried this, but it looks like you could fit one infront of the window, and another between the dresser and the bath.
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