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Review: Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Page 3

By Dave Shute

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Floor Plan One Bedroom Villa Bay Lake Tower from

The living/dining/kitchen space at Bay Lake Tower is identical in both One and Two Bedroom Villas.

Entry Closet Bay Lake Tower from

As you enter, you’ll find a small closet on one side…

Laundry Room Bay Lake Tower from…then in another closet the large laundry.

Sink in Small Bath Bay Lake Tower from

One the other side of the entry is a small full bath, with a a corner sink…

Small Bath Bay Lake Tower from

…toilet, and tub.  Bay Lake Tower offers one of very few DVC Two Bedroom Villas with three baths/One Bedroom Villas with two baths–Kidani Village, designed at about the same time, is the other.

Living Dining Kitchen Area Bay Lake Tower from

Further on, the living space expands into one of the most livable kitchen/dining/living room options you’ll find among the DVC resorts.

Kitchen Bay Lake Tower from

This view, from deep in the space, shows the expansiveness of the kitchen and dining area…

Living Room Bay Lake Tower from

…and this the living area.

Dining Table Bay Lake Tower from

The dining table (with some extra chairs pulled in from the second bedroom) can almost seat the nine people this space fits , and easily fits the five people a One Bedroom Villa sleeps.

Pantry Bay Lake Tower from

The kitchen has all modern conveniences, including this pull-out pantry, and more counter space than most other DVC spaces.

Kitchen Supplies Bay Lake Tower from

As in other DVC kitchens, it includes all the basic you need to prep, cook, and serve meals…

Plates Bay Lake Tower from

…including these fun, if slightly impractical, plates.

Using the moveable ottoman from the dining area and the ottoman in the living room, the living space seats 6-9, depending on hips and willingness to share.

TV Side Bay Lake Tower from

The living room also has a door to the Master Bedroom balcony, on the TV side of the room.

Chair Bed Bay Lake Tower from

The large chair converts into a bed which I measured as 30 inches wide by 77 inches long–it sleeps a little shorter than that–with a comfortable 5 inch cushion.

Sofa Bed Bay Lake Tower from

The sofa also convert into a bed, 78 inches long by 60 inches wide, also with a five inch cushion, and more comfortable than most Disney World sofa beds.

Living Room Dresser Bay Lake Tower from

The room has plenty of storage for the three people it sleeps.  Besides the closet at the entry, and the space in the large laundry room, there’s also a dresser beneath the TV…

Ottoman Storage Bay Lake Tower from

…and the top of the living room room ottoman is hinged, revealing even more space inside. Note the scaling object.

The combination of spaciousness, storage, and an extra bath makes these Bay Lake Tower Two Bedroom villas one of the best options at Walt Disney World for larger groups–and the One Bedroom Villas are positively luxurious…


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