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By Dave Shute

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1 Kevin R. { 05.06.08 at 8:33 am }


What a wonderful and useful site!

Kevin R.

2 larry garland { 05.17.10 at 2:34 pm }

have spent time looking thru the info. cant find pricing..what is cost for one day june 9. 2 kids 5 nd 7 years old. ,2 aarp seniors, and 3 adults. what time does park open.

3 Dave { 05.17.10 at 3:12 pm }

Hi Larry!

Hope this helps and have a great trip!


4 Brandon { 12.29.10 at 1:32 pm }

Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your website and how invaluable the information was to me on my recent (Dec ’10) trip to WDW. I have been to Disney every year for almost 20 years and have always done it a certain way. Your suggestions on how to plan a Christmas time experience were eye-opening. After a flawless vacation with 2 under the age of 3, I will be “doing it your way” from now on in December. Many thanks!

5 Dave { 12.29.10 at 2:18 pm }

Brandon—thanks so much for your comment!

Anything about your trip that suggests any advice I should change?

6 Scott { 01.29.11 at 8:17 pm }

We just got back from a trip to Disney 1/23/11- 1/27/11. It was crowded. We had 60-70 minute waits for most rides. The fast passes were all given out on some rides by 11:00am. This was very disappointing because in years past January was considered a low crowd month, especially towards the end of January. Just thought I would let you know how crowded it was recently.

7 Dave { 01.30.11 at 4:46 pm }

Scott–I was at WDW from 1-21 through 1-26 and found the crowds as I would expect them–that is, quite low compared to other times of the year. If the wait times and FASTPASS outages were re Toy Story Mania, that’s typical on any day, which is why getting to it when the park opens is featured on all my itineraries.

8 Greg { 02.09.11 at 6:15 pm }

Dave, how or who do I contact to find out if the Quickie dining plan is available during my stay? Is it available when staying at the value resorts?

9 Dave { 02.09.11 at 6:42 pm }

Hi Greg!

The Disney Dining Plan is always available.

It’s not always available for free, if that’s what you meant. Right now there are no promotions being offered for free dining. This may change!! In most recent years, Disney has mades it available for stays from mid-August through the end of September, and announced this in late spring…

Keep your eye on this page for discount updates:

10 jamie { 05.07.11 at 4:38 pm }

What a great site! Wish I saw it sooner! We’re booked to go for our first trip from 11/8 through 11/13. I knew it was NJ week (my sister lives there and we were planning on meeting them here and there throughout the trip) but didn’t know it was Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I am officially worried. My kids will be 7, 4 and 2. They are currently not into roller coasters at all, which I believe makes it at least a little easier. Did I pick the worst time imaginable? I just don’t want it to be so crowded that we can’t enjoy ourselves. I can tweak the dates a little, if it would even matter. What do you think?


11 Dave { 05.07.11 at 4:53 pm }

Jamie, you’ll be fine.

There’s plenty of better weeks, but this is not a bad week–just not one of the better weeks. Food and Wine has little impact, and Jersey week only a moderate impact!

If you want to tweak, either way–arriving earlier or staying later–will help with Jersey Week.

12 Gail { 05.24.11 at 4:46 pm }

We have a Disney vacation scheduled for Nov. Two years ago we got free dining. Is this available through AARP? We couldn’t get free dining this year but was told that we could get it though AARP. Also, my son and his family are going. I wondered
if it was available to me would they be eligible to get the free dining also ?

13 Dave { 05.24.11 at 6:45 pm }

Hi Gail! I’m sorry but the only discounts I track are those offered directly by Disney, so I don’t know.

14 Tom { 05.25.11 at 10:17 am }

Dave, I have looked at your site and used it considerably the past 3 years we have gone. Am planning for this year and had a question re: dining. Do you feel there is any relationship between availability of ADR’s and crowd level? Last year, we went Nov.12-19 and it was more crowded than expected. Particularly, one family in the park who have always gone that week (due to a convenient, non-conventional school schedule) commented that they had NEVER seen it that crowded that week and were shocked. During our planning, I noted that there were ample ADR’s available, which led me to believe that we would have low crowds (along with your site of course) but that was not the case. Just wondering what your thoughts were on that. And a second question – do you know where I can find a historical calendar of crowd levels?? Thanks so much for your work on this site. It is really beneficial!!! Tom

15 Tom { 05.25.11 at 10:19 am }

oh and I also meant to add that we are looking at Sept. 2011 right now, and my above question is relevant because I see FEWER ADR’s available the last week of Sept. and MORE ADR’s available the second week of Sept. (starting that Friday after labor day).

16 Dave { 05.25.11 at 10:43 am }

Hey Tom!

First on historical crowds–see You have to pay (around $10) but well worth it. They also have a crowd forecast for your possible dates as well!

On the relationship of ADRs to crowds–nice observation!! I’d view it as an interesting data point, but one that can be misleading because of the ebb and flow of free dining offers and the Epcot food and wine festival…free dining periods will look worse than they really are in terms of crowds…the period right after labor day is one of the lowest crowd periods of the year…

17 Tom { 05.25.11 at 1:24 pm }

Thank you Dave!

18 Dave { 05.25.11 at 2:07 pm }

You bet!

19 Roni { 05.28.11 at 4:56 am }

Hello we are going in march 2012 for cheer comp and half vaction staying for on week. Its are first time so want to make it great.So what should I bee doing . First thing is the meal paln worth the money??? Second park hopper tickets for the whole week or for part??I don’t really know what iam doing just need a little help to get started.We have a group that goes together so if you book more people is that better or not??

20 Dave { 05.28.11 at 9:15 am }

Roni–start with the home page, it has all the basics. Then take a look at one of the To-Do Lists for some more details. You’ll have to modify the to-do lists for your specifics.

The home page is here: and here’s an example To-Do list:

21 Gordan { 07.12.11 at 10:34 pm }


My family and I are planning a Nov 25-Dec 3 2011 trip. Since we are arriving on Friday and departing on the following Saturday (9 days), should I change the itinerary around? I wasn’t sure if your itinerary takes into account of early and late openings at certain parks on certain days. We will be staying at the Poly. By the way what a great site you have put together here. Thanks for all the info.

22 Dave { 07.13.11 at 6:05 am }

Hi Gordan and thanks!

Important parts of my itineraries tie to the specific days–Friday is Friday–and not to ‘”day 1, day 2″ etc.

However, you can easily adapt it for your dates by doing the Second Saturday evening stuff your Friday arrival night, and the Second Saturday morning stuff the next morning. Then pick up the First Saturday evening stuff for the rest of the 26th and go from there as written.

In case you didn’t note this, for those dates you should be using the Basic Itinerary–here:

Hope this helps and have a great trip!! Dave

23 Brittany { 08.03.11 at 3:15 pm }

Hi Dave,
Just stumbled upon this awesome site! We are trying to plan our first family WDW visit, and only have 2 options of times to go (with work/ school schedules). I am mainly interested in the crowds. Which would be a better time to visit:
November 19-22 (Sat- Tues) just before Thanksgiving, or
December 17-20 (Sat- Tues) a little over a week before Christmas.

Really appreciate your help,

24 Dave { 08.03.11 at 3:21 pm }

Hi Brittany!–I think the December days will be less busy.

25 Jennifer { 09.27.11 at 8:42 am }

Thank you for your website! I love, love it! My husband, 2 year old and niece are going to be staying in CBR for one week beginning on 10/29. What village would you recommend to keep us closest to the “best” bus stop (if there is such a thing at CBR)? Any other strategies you can recommend for getting to the parks quickly? Being close to pools & dining are not that important to us.
Thank you for your help!

26 Dave { 09.27.11 at 8:58 am }

Hi Jennifer and thanks for the love! There really isn’t a “best” bus stop. Buses enter and go around from two different points, so what’s good for one bus is bad for another…

27 Jennifer { 09.28.11 at 9:24 am }

Thanks for the quick response Dave! I made another call to WDW and the agent tried to convince me that Port Orleans would be the way to go for quicker bus rides to park since there are less stops. Can you please comment on this?
Thank you again for your website!

28 Dave { 09.28.11 at 9:42 am }

Hi again Jennifer! There’s two Port Orleans resorts. Port Orleans French Quarter is the more convenient of the two (the other is Port Orleans Riverside and both are more convenient than CB.

I prefer CB because it has more kid appeal…

For more on convenience, see and for links to reviews of all of these “moderate” resorts, see

29 Mireille { 10.09.11 at 7:42 pm }

I saw a chart indicating height requirement for rides along with a description of how they are scary for a 3 years old but can’t find it anymore. It will help us decide what to see or not to see

30 Dave { 10.10.11 at 7:45 am }

Hi Mireille–I focus on older kids so don’t quite have exaclty what you are looking for. The closest I have is this and this

Almost any guidebook has a section on rdies that might scare little ones…

31 Dina { 11.03.11 at 1:46 am }

Awesome site! Quick question.. I notice you didn’t mention TRex at Downtown Disney in your top restaurants picks. Any reason why? Do you think it’s a good dining experience (especially with young kids)?? Thanks! :)

32 Dave { 11.03.11 at 7:53 am }

Hi Dina! In general this site does not cover Downtown Disney… and specifically I don’t have an opinion on TRex… sorry to not be able to help!

33 Micheline { 09.24.12 at 10:48 pm }

Ive been to Disney 4 times growing up but my husband has never been or our 2 girls 4&2. We are wanting to go in late January 2013 because of the low rates and we can take advantage of our youngest being “free”. But I saw on your list it is one of the highest ranked and it is discouraging. Would our little family of 4 be ok going then since we wouldn’t be able to go on the big rides anyway? And do you think free dining may be offered?

34 Dave { 09.25.12 at 8:21 am }

Hi Micheline, no guarantees on free dining. Assuming that you’ll be taking your kids back later when they are old enough to fully enjoy the parks, no worries about late January. The only reason it gets low ratings is for people who may never return–that’s those for whom ride closures are an issue! If you can return, ride closures hardly matter…

35 Dawn { 02.07.13 at 1:14 pm }

I am really confused. I am trying to plan a trip to Disney on a budget (as is everyone). We have a child w/ a medical condition and we were considering one of the Moderate resorts “Port Orleans – Riverside” because it was near the Magic Kingdom where we would spend most of our time and be easier should she need rest. The Value resorts are a little farther, but more in our budget. Say the Moderate resort is already @ at 25% discount (looking at Sept 2013 cause the rates are lower) can you get free dining w/ that discount as well if its offered the time we go – or is better to book at a Value resort and then wait and see if free dining is offered and upgrade if necessary from there. Is free dining ever offered at the end of Nov? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

36 Dave { 02.07.13 at 1:48 pm }

Hi Dawn! Coupla things:

You can’t do both free dining and a room discount–if both are offered, you can only pick one.

Free Dining has been offered the past few years at the end of November, but I’m skeptical that it’ll be offered this year:

You can book at a value and then make a new reservation at a moderate if free dining is offered, but you’d have to move quickly–in the past the moderates have always quickly sold out in a free dining offer.

While POR is closer to MK than the values, when you factor in that it has 4 internal bus stops, while the values Pop Century and Art of Animation have just one, your total travel time to MK is about the same between POR and these two, so I wouldn’t let travel time sway you too much.

Hope this helps!!

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37 Dawn { 02.07.13 at 2:43 pm }

Dave this does help – Thanks so much! Your site has been very helpful!!

38 Dawn { 02.07.13 at 2:48 pm }

Dave – One more question?
Where (on your site) and when can you find out fee dining ops for the fall months?

39 Dave { 02.07.13 at 2:50 pm }

Great, Dawn

40 Dave { 02.07.13 at 4:06 pm }

Dawn–I’m not sure what you mean by “fee dining ops” :)

41 Dawn { 02.08.13 at 10:06 am }


Typing to fast..I mean if free dining will be an option for the fall months

42 Dawn { 02.08.13 at 11:20 am }


I am sorry to bother you again?, but I have a couple of more questions.
1) We don’t need hopper passes for every day, but maybe one. Can you just buy a pass for that day and if so how much does it cost?
2) In reference to the value resorts – How many stops is it to All Star Movie Resort and is it a good choice for the girls (ages 5 w/ medical condition and 7), it’s the cheapest. I hope we can stay at ART of Animation, but we have to wait and see.
3) Any suggestions on Photo Pass….I know if we purchase we have 30 days to access our pictures, but I may not have the extra money to print all the good ones by the end of the 30 days…Is there a way to buy a CD that not to expensive?
4) I know that due to the hurricane season you are not crazy about Sept. being the month of choice for first time family trip. Out of the weeks in Sept. which one would you choose (AS far as special things happing at WDW).
5) If given the chance of “Free Dining in Sept. –I understand the likely hood of not getting it.) Does the savings out way the slight increase of resort fees in the first part of Oct – because I am really considering pay the extra just for the “Magic” for the girls and not having to worry about the hurricanes.

43 Dave { 02.09.13 at 1:43 pm }

OK Dawn! If such a deal comes out, I’ll have it here within a day or two:

44 Dave { 02.09.13 at 1:49 pm }

Hi Dawn, in order:
1) No
2) Movies shares buses with the other two All-Stars
3) Sorry–I don’t pay much attention to photo pass…
4) What I think about these weeks compared one to another is captured in the week rankings which you can get by clicking the image at the bottom of this:
5) The hurricane season peak also goes into early October, see Free dining is more likely the first half of Sept…

45 Dawn { 02.10.13 at 1:44 pm }

Thanks for all your help Dave – your site is a big help!!!

46 Marie { 03.11.13 at 2:54 pm }

Hi Dave,
I love this site and used it when I planned our trip back in 2011. I was wondering if you could provide any input on what days of the week are the best to visit the different Disney parks? We will be arriving 4/6/13 and leaving 4/19/13. Thanks for your help – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

47 Dave { 03.12.13 at 8:17 am }

Hi Marie and thanks!!

The general rules are as follows: Saturday to Monday is busier than Tuesday to Friday; days when a park has extra magic hours–especially morning extra magic hours–are busier than other days; days when a park has distinctively later hours will be busier than days with shorter hours.

So with this and the park calendar in hand, you can plan your days!

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48 Lee { 06.16.13 at 7:08 pm }

Hi Dave – I think your site is incredible! I wondered what your thoughts might be on the following: we are a family of 5, with three children (ages 10, 9, 7). Planning on being at WDW between 5/10 and 5/20/14 for the first time. That week looks good for volumes and weather. I am thinking of splitting our stay between the Polynesian for the first 5 nights and the Villas at Wilderness Lodge for the last part of the trip. We are Ok sleeping 5 as you describe in a 2 bedroom room at the Polynesian. We would plan on doing MK while at the Polynesian. We have peanut allergies, and having a kitchen for part of the trip would be extremely advantageous for us (though Disneyland was fantastic in dealing with our food concerns and think, with proper planning, WDW will be too). We could reverse the order if that worked better. Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

49 Dave { 06.17.13 at 11:24 am }

Hi Lee!

Your plan looks great to me with one exception–not sure what you mean by “2 bedroom room at the Polynesian”?

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50 Dale & Dawn Thomas family { 02.24.14 at 7:47 pm }

Hi Dave,
We just want to commend you on your website. We have just returned from a 7 night stay and we used your site primarily to help us plan our trip. We followed your itinerary and suggested Fast Pass recommendations and feel like you were bang on with the information provided. Many times through our trip we were praising you and your your site. Everything from where to stay, how to save a few bucks on meals, etc. We travelled as a family of 4, our oldest child is 20 and our youngest is 5 – so quite an age range. Everyone came home feeling like it was a trip of a lifetime, so thank you! We returned to -30 Celsius temps in Canada so are really missing the beautiful Florida sunshine.

51 Dave { 02.25.14 at 7:15 am }

Dale and Dawn–thanks so much! I really appreciate your report, and your kind words!

52 Melissa { 04.24.14 at 9:01 am }

I have tried looking, but have been unable to find the 2013 crowd calendar. We went in April of 2013 and the crowds were great. (I used your site to plan our first trip and it did not disappoint!!) We are looking to book another trip, and I want to try to find a week like it was in April 2013, because it was the perfect crowd level.

I recommend your site to everyone who says they are planning a trip and I can say at least 5 people have used it and your crowd levels have been dead on. I am so happy that I found your site. Thanks for everything that you do!

53 Dave { 04.25.14 at 8:12 am }

Disney World 2013 Crowd Calendar Hi Melissa and thanks!! I’ve attached the 2013 crowd calendar. Note that becasue of different dates of Easter it won’t be the same other years–for example, see this for 2015 crowds:

54 melissa { 04.25.14 at 10:44 pm }

Thanks so much. I was looking for a reference point from when we went in 2013, the crowds were perfect. We hardly had to wait to get on anything. Thanks again for all you do!!

55 Kim { 05.12.14 at 7:05 pm }

Hi Dave. I was forwarded this site with high recommendation by my sister. We are taking 1st trip with our 3 daughters ages 16, 12 and 6 arriving May 17, 2014 5:50 PM and leaving May 23 9 PM and I see itineraries for 5 or 6 days but arriving midweek. We planned and booked this in January 2014 so are not staying on Disney property but in Kissimmee. Can you suggest an itinerary or a revision of an itinerary for our situation? Thanks!

56 Dave { 05.13.14 at 12:15 pm }

Kim, use the cheat sheets you can find for each park here:

57 Kim { 05.13.14 at 4:02 pm }

Thank you!

58 Kevin { 06.02.14 at 4:08 pm }

Hi Dave, awesome site! When will the 2015 best weeks/crowd schedule by updated to version 2 and available on your site? Want to see if there will be any changes for Jan/Feb/March 2015. Thanks much!

59 Dave { 06.03.14 at 7:19 am }

Kevin, I expect the revision will be out by the end of July–earlier if I a. can get the data earlier (many school districts are late this year as they revise calendars for Common Core testing) b. can find the time to do all the analysis.

That said, there’s not much uncertainty about Jan, Feb or the second half of March. Early March is the hard-to-forecast bit in 2015.

60 KC { 07.28.14 at 9:49 am }

I was wondering if, in your opinion, it is still worth staying at the Polynesian (for a first time fam of 5, kids ages 6, 6, and 2.5) during all the construction going on? We were looking to book the first week of December 2014 (i understand we will be too late to reserve some things). Thanks in advance for your help!

61 Dave { 07.29.14 at 8:24 am }

KC if you have the slightest reservation about staying there during the construction and closure of the main pool, then don’t!

62 Sonia { 08.03.14 at 9:33 pm }

Hi! I know earlier this year Disney had passes for florida residents I think they were called Discovery Disney passes 4 days for 129.00. Do you think they will have those passes again this year? We are going in November 2014 and wanted to get tickets a little less expensive. Just wondering if you knew if they had a late in the year discount in past years? Thank you! We love your site!! :-)

63 Dave { 08.05.14 at 8:55 am }

Hi Sonia, thanks for the kind words! I’m sorry but I don’t track the Florida passes closely…

64 sonia { 08.05.14 at 12:15 pm }

Okay! Thank you so much! :-)

65 liora { 10.16.14 at 7:17 pm }

Hi dave,
I just saw your great site.
That is why I’m asking a question in the last minute.
My family and I came to orlando from far… israel…
we thought of going to magic Kingdom tomorrow (11.17)but do to the closing hours
we think of postponing to saterday.
Should we do that?
We will be so grateful for your answer.

66 Dave { 10.17.14 at 8:19 am }

Liora, this may be too late, but crowds will be much lower today.

67 Mary Davis { 10.19.14 at 12:47 pm }

We are going to Disneyworld the week of Halloween. If we don’t buy separate tickets for the halloween party does that mean we cannot enter the park on those evenings with our 5-day hopper pass?


68 Dave { 10.20.14 at 4:03 pm }

Hi Mary! If you don;t have party tix, then you will have to leave when the park closes to non-party folk–that is, at 7p 10/26, 11p 10/27, 7p 10/28, 10p 10/29, and 7p 10/30 and 10/31.

69 Gloria { 10.26.14 at 2:38 pm }

Our family of four (two adults, 18 yo and 14yo) will be arriving at Disney World on June 1st and plan to go to Universal studios also. We will be taking two weeks to do this. It will take over 14 hours of driving to get back home so we will be in Florida just under two weeks. We have a hold on a room at The Beach Club resort for June 1 to June 8 but have not reserved anything at Universal yet. We will be buying a 4 day park hopper passes at our military base. I am wondering which days would be best to go to Disney and how many days would be best to stay at the Disney Resort. Also which days would be best to go to Universal and stay there? I would also like to know which parks to go to on which days and should we get dinner plans if our resort room is club level?

70 Dave { 10.27.14 at 6:36 am }

Hi Gloria, I won’t have specific opinions on the best days in June until Disney publishes its calendar for then, which will be in two or three weeks. So ping me back then> For my thoughts on how long to visit Disney, see this:

In general, with the early Memorial Day in 2015, earlier June will be better than later June both at WDW and Universal. Typically, the best days to go to Universal are Sat-Mon, but that matters a little less the later in June you go.

Snacking in the club level is a nice alternative to dining outside–but you will wish to be in Epcot, HS, and MK at least one evening each anyway, so dining in (or near) the parks those nights is best

71 Roxana { 11.04.14 at 10:27 pm }

Hi Dave, help pleaseeee! I have been convinced by some friends to go with them and their 6 year old boy to WDW on the first week of February 2015, eventhough my daughter is only 5. They have gone several times and since it will be low in crowds they say we’ll be fine but my concern know is being of different sex, that our kids will be fighting over what attractions to go. My daughter mostly cares for princesses. Do you think that putting toghether the fact of how young my daughter is and going with a friend who is a boy should make me re think whether we sholud go now or wait one more year? Thanks :)

72 MN Tim { 12.22.14 at 11:21 pm }

hi Dave… bottom line… busy single dad with not a lot of time to plan a trip for myself and my 5 year old girl. Haven’t planned it yet but would love to take her in late jan or early feb. (15′) I can be flexible but these dates look good for crowds…

Can you give any suggestions on where to stay for how long etc. etc. a trip she’ll love is more important than cost but I’m not donald trump either : ) …. thanks much!

A suggestion could mean a travel agent that will help me put together something without a lot of time and effort on my part. Thanks much!

MN Tim

73 Dave { 12.23.14 at 6:49 am }

Tim, you are much better off planning more than 60 days ahead. Doing this–and staying in a Disney resort–means you are much more likely to be able to book great experiences as Disney’s FastPass+ lets you book rides 60 days ahead of arrival, and some of the favorites disappear very quicky.

This site is mostly for kids older than 5, but my book will help you a lot–especially Chapter 9 The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2015

Beyond that, I cover all the basics on links starting from the home page

The travel agents I work with are Destinations in Florida via this They (most likely Kelly, hi Kelly!) can help execute your choices, but you honestly will have the best results–with them and on your vacation–if you make the basic decisions yourself.

74 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 12.23.14 at 8:24 am }

Hi MN Tim,

I’m Kelly, the designated Destinations in Florida agent for It would be my pleasure to plan a magical vacation for you and your daughter. I’m a single mom of 3 and have take my children to Disney many times. It can seem a bit overwhelming. But you’ve already made one of the hardest choices….”When to Go”. You can contact me at or call at 980-241-7066 and we’ll start planning the rest of your special Disney vacation.

75 Lori I { 12.27.14 at 4:56 pm }

Hey Dave I am visiting WDW in late Feb also seeing Universal…do you know how to arrange transportation to Universal from WDW

76 Dave { 12.28.14 at 9:03 am }
77 Jenn { 12.30.14 at 6:56 pm }

Hi Dave,

Me and my husband and 1.5 year old are planning a 3 day, 2 night trip to the MK and AK in the fall. I’ve looked at the weeks you’ve suggested in September and October based on low pricing and low crowds, and would like guidance on the best days to visit each park (sorry, I tried to find the answer myself to no avail!). I’ve read on your site that if the wrong days are picked, we might be hit with large crowds…trying to avoid that if at all possible.

Also, we were planning on staying at a value resort. A couple of questions about the free dining plan offer (if it is available for fall 2015).
1. We were wanting to stay at All Stars Movie and it looked like the FDP was not available for this resort this year. Do you think we would be safe booking this resort in the hopes the FDP is included there or should we shoot for another one?
2. Since we are hoping for the FDP, would we be better staying in September over October? I don’t recall seeing the FDP available in October, but definitely all of September.
3. Since we are only staying for 3 days, is the FDP better than getting the room only discount if available? From what I read, it looks like the FDP is only 2 counter service meals per day.

I appreciate your help!!!

P.S. We have been to WDW about 20+ times but not since 1996! We are so excited to bring our little man to see Mickey for the first time!

78 Dave { 01.01.15 at 9:45 am }

Hi Jenn!!

I won’t be able to suggest better and worse parks until Disney releases its operating calendars for then, which it will in Feb for Sept and March for Oct.

Among the values, Movies and the Little Mermaid section of Art of Animation is frequently excluded from deals, so it will be simpler if you pick another value.

The best bet for free dining is September. Parts of October have commonly been in it as well, but most consistently it’s September.

For your family size, ages, and resort price target, you will be much better off with free dining–it’ll save you twice as much as room only. See this:

79 Ms. Phillips { 02.08.15 at 2:27 pm }

Our vacation is April 12th-19th to the Walt Disney World Resort. I have a picky toddler and was wondering where within the Epcot and Magic Kingdom parks can I find eateries that serve sweet potato fries?? I’ve looked at a few menus from those two parks but haven’t looked at all but couldn’t find anywhere. So I’m asking somebody that might have more expertise and might be able to tell me right off “oh yea such and such place has them…..”

Thank you for your site and also thank you for taking the time to answer my question! :-)

80 Dave { 02.09.15 at 10:45 am }

Ms Philips–I’ve been able to find a few references but none super current, so the short answer is I don’t know, either…so sorry!

81 Jeanne { 02.16.15 at 8:11 pm }

Hi. We are visiting WDW for the second time and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Hoop Dee Doo Review. We will be there for 5 nights and 6 days with 3 boys 13, 11, and 8. Do you think it’s worth going?

82 Anonymous { 02.16.15 at 9:04 pm }

Hi. We are visiting WDW for the second time and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Hoop Dee Doo Review. We will be there for 5 nights and 6 days with 3 boys 13, 11, and 8. Do you think it’s worth going?

83 Dave { 02.17.15 at 8:41 am }

Jeanne, it’s a great time for most. See my review here

The older boys may be a little old for it, though–you might want to spend some youtube time before making your decision, e.g. wiht this

84 Mike { 02.18.15 at 3:57 pm }

So I am making a trip the week of 4/25. Is there downsides to going on a slower week? How are the ride lines in this situation and is Fastpass + early reservations needed often? Thanks!

85 Dave { 02.19.15 at 8:33 am }

Mike, waits can be long on the more popular rides any day of the year. They are just better than on worse days. So a good plan, dining reservations, and FastPass+ is still a must.

86 Lena { 02.19.15 at 11:52 pm }

What is the physical address for the TTC(Magic Kingdom) and Epcot for the GPS?

87 Dave { 02.20.15 at 8:11 am }

You don’t need GPS for either, Lena, as they are very well signed…

So far as I can find, there is no address for TTC–you could use the address of any of the MK resorts as your end point, abandoning it as soon as you pass the parking payment area and following the cars to TTC. The addfress of the Poly is 1600 Seven Seas Drive, Orlando, FL 32830

Epcot is 1510 North Avenue Of The Stars Orlando, FL 32836

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