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Photo Tour of a Second Bedroom at a Dedicated Two Bedroom Villa at Bay Lake Tower

By Dave Shute

(For the first page of this review of Bay Lake Tower, see this.)


Bay Lake Tower has four room types–Studios, One Bedroom Villas, Two Bedroom Villas, and Grand Villas. Two Bedroom Villas are either combined from a Studio and a One Bedroom Villa (“lock-offs”) or are designed as such from the start (“dedicated”).

In the two types of Two Bedroom Villas, the master bedroom and living/dining/kitchen area is the same, but there’s differences in the second bedrooms of lock-offs vs dedicated Two Bedroom Villas which I’ll cover in this photo tour.


Here’s a Studio floor plan…

…and here’s a dedicated Two Bedroom floor plan…

Compare the Studio to the second bedroom on the left of the floor plan in the dedicated Two Bedroom. Note that the second bedroom in the dedicated villa has no kitchenette, a simpler and larger bath layout, and two queens instead of a queen and a fold-out couch. This makes it more livable for a larger group.

Studio Bay Lake Tower from

A Studio (there’s a complete photo tour of a Bay Lake Tower here) has a smaller bedroom space, crowding the bed and couch together and making the room feel particularly cramped when the couch is unfolded for use as a bed.

Entry Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

In a dedicated Two Bedroom, you enter from the second bedroom from a small hall at the front of the overall villa.

Closet Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

Once you are in the second bedroom area, there’s a closet where in a lockoff you’d find an entry door to the Studio.

Sink Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

The bath has a sink…

Bath Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

…and a tub and toilet in their own space.

Bed Side Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

The bed side of the room has two queens.

TV Side Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

The TV side has a dresser/TV combo and a table and chairs.

Dresser and TV Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

The TV/dresser combo is quite large and has plenty of storage.

Table Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

Here’s a closer view of the table and chairs.

Balcony Second Bedroom Bay Lake Tower from

At the end of every bedroom at Bay Lake Tower is a balcony.

In our dedicated Two Bedroom Villa, we had a Bay Lake View–here’s the view from our balcony:

View Bay Lake Tower from


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1 Cindy { 03.01.16 at 1:25 pm }

Hi Dave – we’ll be staying at Bay Lake Tower in early May. We just got an “excuse our dust” letter from WDW notifying us that there are renovations taking place and they promise to only work between the hours of 9-5. Were you aware of planned refurb at BLT? Do you know if any of the rooms are already done? If so, I’ll call and request a refurbed room. Thanks for any updates.

2 Dave { 03.02.16 at 9:55 am }

Cindy this is what is called a “soft goods” refurb, typically including fabrics, wall and floor coverings and such. So it should matter little.

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