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By Dave Shute

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Living Room Disney's Old Key West ResortThe living/dining/kitchen space at Disney’s Old Key West Resort is the same in both the One and Two-Bedroom Villas.

These spaces are astonishingly large, much larger than at the other comparable DVC resorts.

Two Bedroom Villa Floor Plan Disney's Old Key West Resort from yourfirstvisit.netSee the Two-Bedroom Villa floor plan.

The kitchen is full-sized, and the living room nearly as big as you’ll find in many homes.  The dining area, while not large, is much larger than at any other comparable DVC resort except the Treehouse Villas, and the Treehouses are also the only DVC resort with a comparably large balcony.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Entry ClosetAs you enter the Villa from outside, you’ll find an entry foyer, with a closet on one side with a high chair, vacuum, etc…

Disney's Old Key West Resort Hall Shelf with Thingy…and beyond it a mirror and a shelf occupied, on our visit, by a mystery towel animal. We think (since it was early December) that it was a snowman…

Disney's Old Key West Resort HallwayDown the entry hall you’ll find the entry to the master bedroom area on one side, and if in a Two-Bedroom Villa, to the second bedroom on the other.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Entry from HallHere’s the entry hall from the other direction, from near the kitchen island.

Disney's Old Key West Resort LaundryOn the way to the master bedroom you’ll find the laundry room with a washer, dryer and a single use box of Tide.

Second Bath Door Disney's Old Key West ResortThe rooms with a second entry to the bath access it through the laundry room.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Corner WindowsBack to the main space…as you enter the main kitchen/living/dining space, the 5 corner windows surrounding the living room space immediately attract your attention. See the image at the top of the page, above, and below.

Disney's Old Key West Resort LivingMost comparable DVC spaces have a small couch and a chair, and really seat only 4.  This space sits 6 comfortably, and eight of slender hips–and even more by grabbing chairs from the dining area.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Living DiningThe dining area is right next to the living area, and adds three more floor-to-ceiling windows (for a total of 8 large windows in this space) which also double as balcony access.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Dining Room Table and WindowsHere’s a closer view of the dining table. Compared to almost all other DVC resorts this table and the space it occupies is huge.  It seats 6 easily, and more in a pinch (there’s four more chairs at the table on the balcony you can bring in, and, if you have a Two-Bedroom Villa, two more chairs in the second bedroom).

In the back corner of the dining area there’s a counter and set of cabinets–extra storage space you don’t see in the other comparable DVC rooms, begging for a Monopoly or Axis and Allies boxed game…

Disney's Old Key West Resort PorchBehind the window shades beyond the dining table are doors to the balcony, with a second table and four chairs.  This space is so large it really serves as another room–except during the hot summer months.

Disney's Old Key West Resort KitchenDifferent people will have different favorite parts of these wonderful rooms–but I like the kitchen the most.

All the DVC One and Two-Bedroom Villas have the basic kitchen stuff–fridges, ranges, microwaves, toaster, coffee pots, and all the pots, pans, utensils and service items needed to support it.

Disney's Old Key West Resort  Kitchen from Living RoomWhat distinguishes the Old Key West Kitchen is its large size and vast sweep of counter space. The most complicated things we’ve made here are scrambled eggs and grilled cheese…but in this kitchen, you really could put together a full meal for 9 without being cramped…


Living-Room-with-Sleeper-Chair-and-Sleeper-Sofa-Open-Disneys-Old-Key-West-ResortTwo-Bedroom Villas at Old Key West sleep 9, and One-Bedroom Villas sleep 5.  In each case, three of those are allocated to the fold-out couch and chair in the living room.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Sofa BedAs always, I both slept on and carefully measured each of these beds.  The smaller bed is ~29 inches wide by ~78″ long (it sleeps a little shorter than that, because of the configuration of the head).

Disney's Old Key West Resort Sofa Bed Ready for SleepersThe larger bed is ~59″ wide and ~70 inches long.

I wouldn’t put an adult on either of these.  The smaller bed has the better mattress-about 5 inches of foam.  But what I will obfuscatingly call my hips were not sufficiently padded.

Larger Fold Out Bed Disney's Old Key West ResortThe larger bed has a mattress that nominally measures about 4.5 inches wide, but it’s really a cover with a mattress inside that’s thinner.  This bed provides little support for adults, or even heavier kids.

(Note: we did not paint the couch–this image is from my May 2013 trip…when I went back to get the measurements I lost after the December 2012 trip…)

The little Christmas tree in the corner of the second-to-last image is not supplied by Disney!  We grabbed that for $20 at the Walgreen’s on Apopka-Vineland Road…below is a shot of it in another space in our room.

Disney's Old Key West Resort Christmas Tree


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