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Top 5 Tips for Deals and Bargains on Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

By Dave Shute

(This page is part of the series The Tightwad’s Guide to Walt Disney World)


This site provides precise instructions elsewhere on where to stay at Walt Disney World. These instructions are designed for typical first time family visitors who are not sure whether or not they will ever return.

This page summarizes a series on where to stay at Walt Disney World for a subset of first time visitors: tightwads.


1. What time of the year you go, and where you stay, have a bigger impact on your overall Walt Disney World budget than how long you stay. 

For this site’s general advice on when to go to Walt Disney World, see this; for why “when and where” are so important, see this; for the single best time for tightwads to go, see this.

2.  Disney World has hotels at several different price levels–for what you get in each price level, see this.  At each price level there is a hotel that provides better value for money than the restSee this page to see what these hotels are.

3.  Except at the busiest times of the year, you can almost always find a deal on a Walt Disney World resort hotel–especially if you are flexible, patient, and persistent.  See this page for lots of different ways to get a deal.

4.  You can even get the highest-end deluxe rooms at rock-bottom pricesSee this page for how to do so.

5.  Although I recommend against it for first time visitors, you can also save a bundle by staying off-siteSee this page for how to get started on picking your off-site hotel or vacation home rental.




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1 forex robot { 02.01.10 at 10:09 am }

nice post. thanks.

2 Top 5 Tips for Deals and Bargains on Walt Disney World Resort … | Tip Gatherer { 02.02.10 at 10:06 am }

[…] Go here to read the rest: Top 5 Tips for Deals and Bargains on Walt Disney World Resort … […]

3 Angel { 01.08.11 at 4:18 am }

hello Dave, i have been looking at your website to see where is the best and cheapest resort to stay at at Disney world. there is 12 of us going, 8 adults and 4 kids 4-4-9-9, we will be going the 25th -29th because on the 29th we going on a Disney cruise. so on that hand what would be our best bet to do with Disney world, and not to pricey, we were considering the Caribbean hotel., thanks

4 Dave { 01.08.11 at 12:03 pm }

Angel–finding inexpensive rooms for a group your size on property is really hard. Multiple rooms at the Carribbean Beach is OK, but also see this page for large families: , this page on staying off-site: , and this website for renting vacation homes off site:

5 Lisa { 02.02.12 at 1:17 pm }

Do you have any idea what kinds of discounts will be available for the end of Aug 012 and when they might be available

6 Dave { 02.02.12 at 1:37 pm }

Hi Lisa! Late August period has been discounted in recent years, with the announcements happening in the spring–soemtimes early, sometimes late. See this:

7 Tooty { 01.07.14 at 9:32 am }

We have an RV and will staying at Fort Wilderness, do they offer discounts there? Other family members will be staying somewhere else, is it better to wait awhile to make reservations in hopes that deals will be avaible, or make reservations early to be sure of a place to stay. Trip planned early Oct.

8 Dave { 01.08.14 at 9:47 am }

Hi Tooty, the campsites at Fort Wilderness are almost always excluded form discounts. For the rest, it doesn’t matter. When the discount comes out, the rest of your group will compete for them the same whether or not they already have a reservation.

9 Laura { 07.17.14 at 5:13 pm }

Hi we are looking to make our first trip with the kids in fall of 2015. I read that oct 17 and 24 would be ideal weeks as far as crowd and prices. We are going with my parents so there will be 4 adults and 3 kids. Where would you recommend staying on a budget. Any other budget tips you have for us? Are package deals cheaper than booking separately and using undercover tourist? Thanks!

10 Dave { 07.18.14 at 7:24 am }

Hiya Laura! My resort recommendations are here–they go by category (the first category, value resorts is least expensive) and within categories from most to least recommended:

Packages usually don’t save anything, but if Disney offers a deal, you have to buy your tix thru Disney. Those dates there’s a good chance for 15-20% off of room rates (but not at Art of Animation my top-ranked value resort) which will save you about as much as you can expect to save from UT. All my other budget ideas are linked to from here:

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