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2019 Weeks to Visit Walt Disney World, Ranked in Order

By Dave Shute

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This site recommends arriving at Walt Disney World one of the first three Saturdays after Thanksgiving–although in 2019, the week beginning the third Saturday after Thanksgiving is not a good choice as the earlier weeks.

If you can’t or don’t want to go then, presented below are my rankings of the weeks of 2019 in order of best to worst times to visit Disney World. I updated and revised these in the summer of 2018, and may be forced to revise them again.

These rankings are designed for first time visitors who do not know whether or not they will return.

For visitors on a return trip, less concerned about ride closures or the peak of the hurricane season, the later January, early February, and September weeks would be ranked much higher.

These rankings assume that you follow sound touring plans and pick the right parks to visit on the right days–an especially big issue during the party season in the last third of the year.

A major forecasting issue for Disney World in 2019 is the opening of the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in “late fall” 2019. My forecasts for what will happen because of it, and why, are detailed on this page. The short version is that the land and its rides will be mobbed, other thrill rides at the Studios will see longer waits, but the rest of that park–and the other three parks–will not be much  immediately affected.

This last point comes from people flocking to Disney World and the Studios for Star Wars being in some measure compensated for by people avoiding Disney World and the Studios because of the potential Star Wars crowds. So if you are tempted to avoid Disney World in the late fall of 2019 to avoid the Star Wars mess, then please do avoid it, as otherwise my forecast won’t come true!

And if my forecast is wrong, things will be worse at Disney World in the late fall of 2019 than I indicate below.The rankings are also in calendar order on the image. For a printable PDF of the draft rankings, click here.

These week rankings are based on my 2019 Disney World Crowd Calendar and on Disney World 2019 price seasons.

Other factors are key as well–the Christmas season, ride closure season and hurricane season in particular.

(For 2018 rankings, see this. For more how I build these rankings, see this.)


The eleven recommended weeks that follow are wonderful weeks to visit Walt Disney World in 2019

Week number one has it all–lower crowds (except on 11/30 itself), lower prices, and wonderful Christmas programs and decorations. However, this is a week that, because of Pop Warner football demand for resort rooms, is rarely discounted beyond its already low prices. Those intending to stay at a value resort, Caribbean Beach or Coronado Springs should consider avoiding this week, and target week 2 instead, as Pop Warner guests may make those resorts boisterous this week

  • 1: 11/30/19

Week 2 has most of the strengths of week 1, but has higher prices

  • 2: 12/7/19.

Weeks 3, 4 and 5 are very strong weeks. They have lower crowds and prices (with slightly higher crowds over the first weekend of week 5), and Disney World’s holiday program at the Magic Kingdom will be fully in place for week 4 and largely in place for week 5

  • 3: 10/26/19
  • 4: 11/16/19
  • 5: 11/9/19

Weeks 6 through 9 are all in the same 2019 post-Easter stretch, and share lower crowds, moderate prices, and (especially in weeks 6 and 7) nice spring weather. They are in calendar order, as the weather is better earlier in this period, with humidity and rain arriving sometime in mid- to later May

  • 6: 4/27/19
  • 7: 5/4/19
  • 8: 5/11/19
  • 9: 5/18/19

Week 10 is your best spring break week

  • 10: 2/23/19

Week 11 is in what I believe will be a window between March and Easter spring breaks. If I am wrong, crowds will be higher and the week would shift into the next group.

  • 11: 4/6/19

This completes the weeks in 2019 that are recommended for first-time visitors who may never return.


Weeks 12-17 all have moderate crowd levels, with different prices and weather. I don’t particularly recommend moderate-crowd weeks for first time visitors, but they are quite manageable if you have to pick one.

They are in order of least to most crowded, and within crowd groups are sorted by price.

  • 12: 11/2/19. Jersey Week”—teacher meetings in New Jersey, leading to a massive temporary immigration of New Jersey families to Orlando. Crowds moderate-minus, prices low to moderate, rarely with major discounts.
  • 13: 10/19/19. Similar to week 3 but with more crowds from the tail end of fall breaks.
  • 14: 12/14/19. Despite its high prices, this week had been ranked in my top 3 every year since I started providing this list. However, attendance this week has crept up–even though hardly any kids are on break during it–so I am now calling it a moderately-crowded week. Good choices in your daily plans and in particular in which park to visit which day can make it fine, but my logic forces me to take it off of the “Recommended Weeks” list, as I can no longer call it a “low crowd” week.
  • 15: 3/2/19. Like week 14, this week was recommended in both my draft of 2019 and in prior years, but like week 14 creeping attendance leading to moderate crowds has caused me to demote it.
  • 16: 6/1/19  Beginning of summer, with traditionally the lowest crowds until mid- August.
  • 17: 3/16/19.  Some years this is a very rough week, but the late Easter in 2019 and its effects on school breaks lead me to forecast it as a moderate+ crowd week instead.  Prices will be very high.

Weeks 18-26 have one thing in common: they occur during the peak of the hurricane season. Hurricanes are rare and even more rarely affect a Disney World vacation, but for first-timers who may never return, why not just avoid the risk? For returning visitors, though, the low-crowd weeks among this group can be wonderful times to visit.

They are ranked in order of first crowd levels, and within the same crowd level prices.

Weeks 18 and 19 have some of the lowest crowds of the year

  • 18: 9/7/19
  • 19: 9/14/19

Weeks 20 and 21 have slightly higher crowds, and Week 21, slightly higher prices

  • 21: 8/31/19
  • 22: 9/21/19

Weeks 22 and 23 have slightly higher crowds than weeks 20 and 21

  • 22: 8/24/19
  • 23: 9/28/19

Weeks 24 to 26 are the moderate-crowd weeks in this hurricane group, with the last one nearing “high” crowds

  • 24: 10/5/19
  • 25: 8/17/19
  • 26: 8/10/19


There’s two groups of weeks to avoid: high crowd weeks and weeks when rides are often closed.

The first group, ranked 27-47, should be avoided because of crowds that traditionally range from high to unbelievable.

This group includes all of later June, July and early August (traditionally massive crowds, although I do need t0 note that the summers of 2016 and 2017 were much more manageable than I’d thought they would be).

It also includes the busy March spring break weeks beginning 3/9/2019, and the holiday weeks—President’s Day week, the weeks before and after Easter, Columbus Day week, Thanksgiving week, and the weeks around Christmas.

See the table above for exact rankings within these lousy weeks.

The next group includes the January and early February weeks when rides are often closed for repair or refurbishment—weeks 48-53.

Some of these weeks have among the lowest crowds and lowest prices of the year. The later January and early February weeks were unexpectedly bad in 2018–a circumstance that most believe was due to some operational experiments which I am forecasting won’t be repeated in 2019.

However, this is the peak time for ride closures at Walt Disney World, especially the January weeks.

If this may be your only family visit, why go when you know some of the best of Disney World will probably be closed?

If you must go during this period, avoid the first days of January (massive crowds), and the Martin Luther King Day (1/19/19 arrival date) holiday weekend.

The Marathon Weekend (affecting the weekend of 1/12/19) complicates Disney World as well, although it has little impact on park crowds.

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1 Maria { 10.04.18 at 5:43 pm }

Thanks for the prompt response! That link was exactly what I was looking for.

2 Dana { 10.10.18 at 4:48 pm }

The week of February 23rd you have listed at #10. Will the Princess Run make the crowds bigger at the parks?

3 Dave { 10.11.18 at 11:11 am }

Dana, it never has before.

4 Lee B { 10.11.18 at 3:17 pm }

Hi Dave! If that has been addressed before let me apologize first . I was wondering why Pop Warner week is a more favorable week than Dec 7. I have concerns of it being more crowded due to being right after TG as well as the all the cheer crowds etc. especially if they offer free dining again. We are planning 10 days. What are your thoughts?

5 Dave { 10.12.18 at 7:43 am }

Hi Lee, the difference between the weeks is indeed slight. Those who track numbers, like me, know that Pop Warner has much less impact than many think it does–see this, and free dining is almost never offered during Pop Warner week. I give the week of the 30th the nod over the week of the 7th because those staying the whole 8 nights I recommend will pay higher prices at the end of the week of the 7th.

6 Reese { 10.13.18 at 12:32 pm }

A package for a family of 8 in November / Thanksgiving Holiday 2019

7 Dave { 10.15.18 at 7:01 am }

Hi Reese, are you looking for help from Kelly? If so, fill out the form here.

8 Kelly B - Destinations in Florida { 10.15.18 at 9:17 am }

Hi Reese,

I’m Kelly from Destinations In Florida. I would love to help you plan your upcoming vacation. If you could contact me at or 980-429-4499. We’ll start planning that magical vacation right away.

9 Laura { 11.01.18 at 1:05 am }

Hi Dave, I am looking to return to DW for our 3rd and final time in 2020. (Pushed back from “late fall” due to Star Wars opening). We plan on doing Disney and Universal. We want to see Star Wars. We’ve have gone at low crowd times previously for 5-6 days. We plan on doing a full week this time. Question is… looking at presidents week winter break in February or right when we get out for summer vacation (June 13ish). Would you recommend one over the other regarding crowds, cost and Staw Wars chaos? Thank you.

10 Dave { 11.01.18 at 7:55 am }

It’s a toss-up, Laura, so I’d pick based on weather and when you really need a break. Enough people are out of school Presidents week that I expect Star Wars to be mobbed then…but the hype will still apply to visits the summer of 2020 for folks who can’t go other than during their summer breaks…

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