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Jim Korkis Joins as First Columnist

The press release is here.

Here’s a photo of Jim:

Jim Korkis


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Press Kit for The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit


From the renowned authors of the Number 1 bestselling, best-reviewed Disney World guidebook in history, The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2015, released in November 2014, takes Disney World first-timers by the hand through all the key Disney World decisions—some that they probably didn’t even know they had to make—in the simplest, most straightforward, and shortest way possible.

The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit 2

Co-authors Josh Humphrey and Dave Shute have unmatched experience with the Disney World rides, parks, restaurants, and hotels, and tremendous tested judgment from their years of helping more than ten million visitors on their websites and [Read more →]

December 8, 2014   No Comments Reviewed on Chip & Company

I’ve been lucky enough over the years to get some really nice notices here and there–for some examples, see the top of the right sidebar and the bottom of the left one. (Look for the word “Puffery” in the header!)

yourfirstvisit.netBut so far as I’ve noticed, the site has never gotten a full page review–that is, until yesterday.

Yesterday Chip & Company published a review that you can find here.

It’s really nice, and I greatly appreciate it! The more people that know about this site, the more it can help!

If you don’t know about Chip & Company, it’s been on this site’s list of recommended websites for years. Chip & Company publishes all kinds of brief articles touching on any Disney World topic you can imagine, and it’s got tons of readers and followers.

Thanks to Jodi, the writer of the review, and Chip, who runs the site! And check out the review!

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April 22, 2013   2 Comments

The Ten-Millionth Pageview…

Sometime today–likely around 4p eastern–one of you will land on this site, or click on a link, and the site’s ten millionth pageview (as measured by Google Analytics) since opening will happen. [Read more →]

October 14, 2012   10 Comments

Sometime Today, the Two-Millionth Visitor…

Sometime today this site’s 2 millionth visitor will drop by.

I can’t tell you all how grateful I am that you come here, ask questions, come back for the recent stuff, tell your friends, pin it, “like” it, link to it from your own sites, and everything else you do to spread the word. [Read more →]

July 29, 2012   8 Comments Now Four Years Old

Recently this site completed its fourth full year of operation.

Readers of last year’s birthday message will recall I’ve decided that the official site anniversary will be April Fool’s day–it just seems fitting!

(This birthday post would have gone up on Sunday, April 1, 2012, but I had more important news to relay yesterday.)

By coincidence, the site will have its 1.5 millionth all-time visitor tomorrow–and a million of you have stopped by a for a spell over the last 12 months.

Even after four years, you continue to come to the site to get help, to ask questions, to suggest improvements or corrections, and you continue to tell your friends about it, to post about it on message boards, to pin it on pinterest, to recommend it in your books, and to link to it from your own websites.

Some of you–not many, fewer than there are stars in the sky, but a few more than there are planets in the heavens–even donate to help keep it running.

Thanks to all of you, the site is continuing to grow and help even more people.

I’m grateful for and humbled by your readership, your help, and your kind words…thanks!!


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