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Winter Pool Weather at Walt Disney World: Chance Date will Have High Temperature >=75

By Dave Shute

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This thumbnail (click to open) shows, based on 20 years of data ending in 2006, the chance that a day in Orlando will have a high temperature of 75 or greater, by day from September through May.

Takeaway: The chance a day will have a high of 75 or higher drops below 50% at the end of November, and does not go up to 50% again until mid-February.


All this site’s weather pages except for the material on cyclonic storms and on tornadoes are based on 20 years of data from the National Weather Service ending in December 2006. The cyclonic storm material is based on 30 years of data from Wikipedia. The tornado material is from NOAA/NCDC and goes from 1950 through October 2009.



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1 Sharhonda Rhodes { 03.11.13 at 6:28 pm }

Hi my name is sharhonda me in my family are coming to walt disney August 11-15 I was wondering if you know how is the weather in August between the 11-12

2 Dave { 03.12.13 at 8:20 am }

Hi Sharhonda! While nobody can predict the weather exactly that far ahead, August at Disney World is typically hot and humid, and brief afternoon thunderstorms are common!

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3 Kee { 02.22.14 at 4:58 pm }


Against your recommendations, my entire family of 14 (parents, siblings, nieces, & nephews) are going to Disney World December 25 – January 2 (2nd option is December 20 – 28). This time frame fits in to everyone’s school and / or work calendar. Any thoughts on accommodations for a group of this size. The group of 14 breaks down into 5 different families with the largest being 2 adults and 2 two kids. I considered a Disney World resort to take advantage of the WDW airport transportation. When I went online, seemed like they only had premium resorts available. Last questions, we’re also visiting Universal Studios. If we don’t rent a vehicle or two, whats the best way to get our group from hotel to Universal? Thanks for you insight!

4 Dave { 02.23.14 at 7:46 am }
5 Sylvia Harris { 11.10.14 at 11:45 pm }

Hi, I am planning my first trip around March 28-April 4, 2015. Looking at your calendar this is a very busy time, right? Also, can you tell me if this is a time military discounts are accepted. What is the best way to plan the trip since I am going to try to use our military discount? Should I get tickets at a local base? Thanks!

6 Steve From - Military Moderator { 11.12.14 at 8:19 am }

Hi Sylvia,

You are correct, this will be a very busy time of year to go to WDW. Because of the high crowd levels, Disney does not offer the Disney Armed Forces Salute during most of your time period.

Resort discounts are not available from 30 March through 4 April and the highly discounted 4-day Salute tickets are not able to be used on 29 March through 9 April.

If you have the option to move your trip earlier by a few days I would recommend that. If not, then you could at least get 2 nights of the military discount on your Disney Resort room.

If you do need to go during that time, you’ll want to use the Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way tickets available from your base ticket office, Shades of Green, or via FedEx from the Camp Pendleton ITT.

For info on these tickets see:

7 Dave { 11.12.14 at 2:57 pm }

Thanks Steve! Sylvia–he’s the site’s military expert!!

8 Doreen { 03.13.17 at 1:14 am }

My husband and I r wondering what the best time of the year to visit Walt Disney world Etc: but we love to lay out in the sun and swim also so when do u suggest us to visit and enjoy the pool and the parks ? Thank u

9 Dave { 03.13.17 at 12:40 pm }

Doreen, see this for 2017 and this for 2018, but exclude November-February

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