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  1. nil balta
    January 17, 2016

    hi i was thinking of taking my kids end of march beginning of april but am worried if the pools will be cold. could you tell me what temp the weather is and the temp of pools? i do not want them to get ill. thanks


    • Dave
      January 17, 2016

      The end of March is a terrible time to go in 2016, Nil, as it has some of the highest crowds and prices of the year. The pools are heated year round. See this for weather then. April after the 2nd is much better


  2. Lindsay M
    April 22, 2014

    Hi Dave! LOVE your site, it is such a wonderful resource! We are planning a trip, and will be staying at the Beach Club (the kids are fishes) and want to get a lot of use out of the pool. What do you think is the latest we can go, and still have warm enough weather to swim? We could go in October, but I would prefer to see the Christmas festivities. I also am wary of Jersey Week, the kids are little (3 and 5), and long lines terrify me. What about the 2nd week of November? Do you think it will be warm enough and will the parks really be fully decorated so early? Thanks so much!


  3. carla
    November 18, 2013

    I’m going may 25,014 coming home may 31we can only go then.I booked it already.we are staying at the beach club..after your site I shouldn’t be going that week.I don’t know what to do.you say its rough that week.I hope I’m not disappointed ..its my children’s 1st time going


  4. Ornella
    October 16, 2012

    Hey! This site is so interesting, thank you. I’m going to Orlando and Miami on 15,Feb -02March 2013. I need more information about activities, and I wanna know if this date that I’ll go, is recommended. Thank you again ! Bye!


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