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Walt Disney World Genie+ with TRON Detailed Itinerary

By Dave Shute


Below is my Genie+ based Disney World itinerary for first time visitors who may never return, updated in late February/early March 2024.

I’ll publish another itinerary shortly that will cover  “summer” updates:

  • The opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and re-opening of the Country Bears at Magic Kingdom
  • The re-opening of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and The Little Mermaid–A Musical Adventure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Until then, the following and its links will work just fine!

My itineraries  use almost all the tools available to guests to shorten waits, and thus will only work for those staying in a Disney-owned or other hotel eligible for both Early Entry and for 7a booking of Individual Lightning Lane attractions. That narrows the list to all of the Disney-owned value, moderate, deluxe, and DVC properties, and in addition Shades of Green, the Swan, Swan Reserve, and Dolphin. (For more on these hotels, see this.)

Included are a detailed To-Do List with everything you need to do–especially reservations–when, and detailed daily agendas that cover what to do and see, in order, in each of the parks.

For how I constructed it, see lower on the page.

For a larger version of the itinerary image, click here.

This itinerary won’t work all weeks, and some weeks that it mostly works it may need some little adjustments. Check your week here.


The To-Do List for this itinerary is here.


Detailed daily agendas are in the links:


The basic parameters of the itinerary follow my previous itineraries—guests see Epcot first and Magic Kingdom last among the four parks, and specific days are chosen for specific parks to avoid typically higher-crowd days.

Beyond that, the general approach is to put Hollywood Studios on weekends, as it is horrible pretty much every day, and weekends are busy at all the parks. If there’s no better day at HS than a weekend, why not go there on a weekend, so that you can see another park on a possibly less busy weekday?

In addition, guests are at Epcot and Magic Kingdom on the days these parks most commonly have Extended Evening Hours (which don’t make crowds higher those days, as the old EMH might have), so that guests eligible for Extended Evening Hours can enjoy them if they wish without paying for a park hopper.

Since Early Entry happens every day now, we don’t see the ebb and flow of specific park crowds on specific days that we used to see with the once or twice a week Extra Magic Hours. However, during the party season from August to late December, the ebb and flow of crowds from party day schedules does return, especially at Magic Kingdom. The itinerary takes advantage of typical party-season patterns.

Overall there’s a mix of later evening and early morning days. Late evenings are mostly followed by low-key mornings.

The general approach to the parks is to see the most popular ride via ILL, and the most popular Genie+ ride via Early Entry. This puts you several steps ahead of everyone else in the parks. In general I don’t use some advanced techniques available (such as stacking Genie+ in afternoons or evenings) unless they work naturally in the flow of a day, and for cost reasons avoid park hopper tickets–which also limits some advanced Genie+ techniques available.  Future itineraries may use such tools.

This itinerary is dedicated to my friend and co-author Josh Humphrey, who died at the age of 36 on March 10th, 2022.


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1 Mike Simonson { 07.06.23 at 11:00 pm }

I’m a paraplegic and took my family to Disney back in 2018. I purchased your 2017 book and found it to be an extremely valuable resource. I could not find an updated version other than 2020. Will you be creating another masterpiece of your work and by any chance did you update the attraction maps. I found them very easy to understand and read. You did not have to look up any numbers, because you wrote the name of the rides out. It make my wheelchair travels very easy. Please let me know, thanks

2 Dave { 07.07.23 at 7:45 am }

Mike, I’m so happy that our book was so helpful to you. Unfortunately, my co-author Josh Humphrey died in early 2020, and I have not since had the heart to re-do the book. I may someday…

Josh led (with an outside designer) the creation of our maps, so they in particular have not been updated.

Meanwhile, please ask any quesiotns you may have!

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