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Amenities at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

By Dave Shute

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In early October 2018, Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort (mostly) emerged from an almost 18 month long construction project that has greatly improved the layout and usability of the resort, and added new and easier-to-access to its amenities.

The entrance to Caribbean Beach is now off Victory Way…

…near Jamaica.

Note that this is also where the Disney Skyliner station is being built.

From how the roads and walkways look, it seems that the Skyliner will not have its own bus stop, but rather by served by the Jamaica stop.  This is a good thing for a resort that still has too many bus stops.

Anyway, if you are driving, turn right the entry, then left at the next intersection, and look for Old Port Royale on your right. The old stand-alone check in location, the Custom House, is no longer in use–simplifying things considerably.

Returning visitors might be confused by a  bit of village renaming–the old Trinidad South is now plain Trinidad, and the old Trinidad North is now Barbados.

Old Port Royale now has a port cochere.

At my last stay, not all the parking here was complete…

…but I expect more spots (behind the fence) to open here shortly.

Also in this area is bell services…

…and. for your departure, airline check in.

Not all carriers are served here, but if you are using one of them, and on your last day heading to the parks and then to the airport, it can be handy to first check in for your flight and drop your bags here.  Note that this is a tip-based service. (Note also that the Magical Express is a totally different operation.)

Inside you’ll find this bright hallway…

…with on the left a poster highlighting a couple of activities at Caribbean Beach.

On the right you’ll find the gift shop…

…and the grab and go shop and food court. I’ll get to the gift shop in a minute, and the grab and go shop,  food court, and all other dining at Caribbean Beach are covered in detail here.

Further down on the left you’ll find the check-in area. You may be served from the line itself…

…or at a series of desks.

You’ll also find a table with powerpoints…

…and beyond it a kids’ waiting area.

Multiple other seating options are in the lobby area.

Back towards  the port cochere on the other side you’ll find the gift shop.

You’ll find here gifts, clothes, souvenirs, snacks, drinks and sundries.

Just outside is the pool. The main Caribbean Beach pool is covered here, and the minor pools in Caribbean Beach’s villages are covered here.

If you go right from outside and head toward Martinique, along barefoot bay you’ll find this cornhole set up (the building in the background is for the largely unrelated DVC that will be opening in late 2019, Disney’s Riviera Resort.)…

…and further down the path it is on, you’ll find a pool table and a foosball table.

Back towards the pool, on the way to the bridge between Old Port Royal and Jamaica and Aruba, is a seating area from which you can see some of Epcot’s fireworks show. Not a substitute for seeing these in the park, it’s still a fun option to have.

Caribbean Cay Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

On the bridge you’ll find Caribbean Cay…

…with a lot of nice private seating areas on one side and several play areas on the other.

You’ll find on the other side a sand play area…

…a playground…

…and an astroturf lawn…

…which gains games in the evenings…

…just before the evening moveis is shown here.

Until the Disney Skyliner opens in the fall of 2019, all Disney transport to the parks is via buses.

Each village has its own bus stop, and there’s another at Old Port Royale.

Once you are settled, check the map.  At Aruba and Martinique a different bus stop than “yours” may be closer to your accommodations building–for some Aruba buildings, the Jamaica stop is closer, and for some Martinique buildings, the Old Port Royale stop is closer.


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Love your reviews.
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Thanks Jeff! And I love your comments and appreciation!

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