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Four Person Queen Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

By Dave Shute

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Most rooms at Caribbean Beach sleep four on two queens, five on two queens and a fold down bed, or, in the Pirate rooms in Trinidad South, four on two fulls.

This photo tour is of a four person, two queen room. (For five person rooms, see this, and for Pirate rooms, see this.)

A 2014 refurb added queen beds to most Caribbean Beach rooms, replacing the full beds in all but the Pirate rooms in Trinidad South.  Some rooms also had a fifth sleeping spot added.

In the construction and demolition project that kicked off in May 2017, the furniture from the fifth sleeping spot from demolished rooms in Barbados and half of Martinique was added back into what had previously been four person rooms, making the three sleeping spot/five person rooms easier to get.  But four person rooms remain–I stayed in one in June 2017.

The bed side of the room has the queens and a small bedside table between them.

Here’s the bed side from the back. This side will also have the connecting door (at right) if present, and a coat rack near the door.

Bed Light Refurbished Queen Room Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

There’s fun light fixtures.

A closer view of a queen.

The bedside table has a storage shelf below…

…and a drawer large enough for your most valuable books

Barn Doors Refurbished Queen Room Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

Further back is the bath. The sink area of the bath is separated from the rest of the room by sliding solid doors–rather than the fabric curtain you will find at Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. The sliding doors improve the trapping of both light and noise from the bathroom, plus make it feel more private. (This photo is of a different room than the rest of the images on this page; note the bed stripe, which is disappearing.)

Here’s the sinks themselves.

Note the storage underneath.

At the side is the clothes hanging area, iron, ironing board, and wall safe.

A closer view of the hair dryer.

In their own separate space you’ll find the toilet and tub/shower combo.

Back in the main space, the other side of the room has a table and chairs with mirror above, a dresser/mini-fridge combo with a TV above, and a thingy  that can be used either as a bench or for luggage.

The TV side from the back.

A closer view of the table and chairs…

Table Light Refurbished Queen Room Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

…and of the lamp overhead, styled like the ones at the heads of the beds…

Curtains Refurbished Queen Room Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

…and the window curtains.

The object on the table was a “welcome back gift, which Disney has recently started giving to visitors returning to a resort they’d stayed at before.  This was my ninth stay in a Caribbean Beach room, so it’s about time!

The gift itself–nice chocolate.

The dresser has three small drawers on either side, a TV above, and min-fridge in the middle.

A closer view of some drawers. To give you a sense of size, my book is 6″ by 9″.

The mini-fridge with scaling objects. Note the glass door–a new thing emerging across Disney World that helps you see what’s in the fridge without opening the doors. It’s amazing how much energy a little thing like that can save when spread across 25,000 rooms…

The last item on this side of the room is this bench/luggage stand.

Wall Art at Refurbished Queen Room Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from

The art above the bench.

For families that don’t need the fifth sleeping spot, these rooms are slightly more livable than five-person rooms, as the dresser drawers are more accessible and there’s more of an open feeling to the TV side of the room.


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