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Hollywood Studios Day 1 Disney World Higher Crowd Itinerary

By Dave Shute

(Note: this is from the Disney World Higher Crowd Itinerary.)


For visits after 2/19/202o, use this. Otherwise, follow the material below.

You begin your visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, and complete it on Wednesday.  The schedule is a bit fluid, as opening hours may vary quite a bit, as does interest in some of the special features at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. So you have some options…

You should have FastPass+ for Indiana Jones at 2.45p for the 3.15p show, 4p to 5p for Tower of Terror, and 5p for the 5.30p Frozen Sing-Along.


Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage from

  • Arrive at the park and be through security and in line for the tapstiles well before the park opens. Right now I can’t tell you how early, but I would aim to be at the tapstiles an hour before open.
  • Enter the park, enter Galaxy’s Edge, and if your date is after December 5, ride Rise of the Resistance, then check the lines for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and ride it if the wait seems tolerable. (You’ll see it Wednesday if waits are too high today.) If arriving before December 5th, ride Smugglers Run.
  • Exit into Toy Story Land, and ride Toy Story Mania.
  • When you get off Toy Story Mania, check the waits for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  If they look OK, head to it and ride it.
  • What happens next depends both on how early you got into the park, and which of the options in the next bullet you wish to pursue. A late park opening and wanting to do many of the options in the next bullet means continuing in the park and working through them; an early open and/or not having an interest in any means you can head back to your hotel and take a nap. You can also put some of the options off til Wednesday.
  • The next general point in your itinerary is to be outside of Indiana Jones by 2.45p.  You may wish to return to the park earlier–or even stay in the park–if  you wish to wander more in Galaxy’s Edge, have bookings at Oga’s Cantina or Savi’s [lightsaber] Workshop, or if you want to see some of the minor attractions in the park–e.g. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, Walt Disney Presents, Disney Jr Dance Party, or Star Wars Launch Bay
  • See the 3.15p show of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show (FP+)
  • See Tower of Terror (FP+)
  • See the 5.30p Frozen Sing-Along (FP+). As soon as you tap in, check for FastPass+ availability for another ride
  • Have dinner
  • Be in line for Fantasmic (the first show, if two are scheduled) no later than 60 minutes before show start, and see Fantasmic
  • If the schedule permits, head back to the Chinese Theater area and see the Wonderful World of Disney Animation and then the last show–either Star Wars Galactic Adventure or Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM.



Tomorrow you begin your visit to the Magic Kingdom.


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