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Amenities at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

By Dave Shute

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Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from (5)

Port Orleans Riverside’s 230+ acres include an arrival building called the Sassagoula Steamboat Company, where you check in, find help with reservations and tickets, and discover shops, dining, food, etc. Most amenities are here, with the rest–except for a few pools–in the “Ol’ Man Island” area.

A lovely rotunda is the first area you will see.

Lobby Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

Next to it is the delightful lobby with the check-in and concierge services to the right of this space. Note the “steamboat destinations” lining the beams above the columns.

There’s also an area here where kids can be entertained while waiting for their parents to complete transactions.

A Surprise in the Lobby of Port Orleans Riverside from

There was a special guest in the lobby during one of my check-ins.

Gift Shop Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

Gift Shop Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from (2)

You’ll also find in this building the gift shop…

Lounge Fireplace Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

…a sitting area with a fireplace, and further down a side hall a bar, table service restaurant, and a quick-service food court, all covered in great detail here.

Bus Stop Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

Outside you’ll find one of the four bus stops here, though sometines buses are shared with sister resort Port Orleans French Quarter, adding a fifth stop to some trips.

As is generally the case at the Disney World resorts, bus stops include a message board indicates the expected time to the next bus.  Andre’s has more detail on Port Orleans Riverside bus routes here.

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from (4)

The riverboat-landing theming of the main building is a little clearer from the other side.

In this area you’ll find the dock for the boat to Port Orleans French Quarter and Disney Springs.

The boat in runs to both destinations from late morning to late afternoon, and after that just to Disney Springs. Boats run every 15-20 minutes, have a small capacity, and take about 20 minutes to make the trip.  There are also buses to Disney Springs.

Als0 here you’ll find a place to rent bikes…

…and running trail guidance.

Carriage Ride Port Orleans Riverside from

You can also reserve and then later board a horse-drawn carriage ride here.

Movies Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

Movies are also shown down in Magnolia Bend.

They used to be reliably nightly, but now are more commonly shown several nights a week. Sometimes movies alternate between Riverside and French Quarter.

Most of Port Orleans Riverside’s other amenities are on the centrally-located Ol’ Man Island.

Most significant of these is the main pool at Port Orleans Riverside, covered in detail here.

Firepit Main Pool Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

Just outside the pool area proper there’s a spot for evening campfires and S’more cooking…

Playground Main Pool Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

…a playground…

…a tetherball area…

…and a hammock!

Also here is a place to rent fishing gear…

Fishing Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort from

…and a dock from which to fish.  Most resorts other than the values and Animal Kingdom Lodge have a fishing experience of some type available.  Those at Riverside and the Wilderness Lodge are among the most comprehensive.

For dining at Port Orleans Riverside, head back to the Sassagoula Steamboat Company.


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