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  1. Jim
    December 11, 2016

    We usually avoid the Pop Warner week but due to scheduling conflict we had to go to the parks last week during their Super Bowl. I was randomly looking for their dates for next year and ran across this site. You recommend going to the park that week as your #2 week – I have to tell you that it.was.mobbed. We’ve never seen it that crowded – and it didn’t help that Splash Mountain was closed the whole day and Frozen – we had a Fast Pass and it was our last FP of the day – broke right before our pass started, it reopened and then broke while we were in line.

    Not our finest Magic day…

    Again – not sure why you highly recommend that week since it’s generally mobbed with packs of kids all cheering and clapping the same thing over and over again.


    • Dave
      December 11, 2016

      Jim, it’s a myth that’s been exploded for more than a decade that Pop Warner has a material effect on the parks. I suspect you were in parks on bad days, which is quite easy during the party seasons. E.g. if you were in MK last week on Sat, Mon, or Weds, or Epcot Tues or Thurs, you would have seen summer-level crowds–not because of Pop Warner, but because of the distinct ebb and flow shaped by the early vs late close to MK.


  2. Jessica Frost
    September 12, 2016

    Your site is so thorough! I just love it. We will be arriving November 27th! What a relief to see that it is your MOST recommended week. I have a feeling its going to be a magical week for us! Thanks for all the wonderfully detailed information.


    • Dave
      September 13, 2016

      Thanks, Jessica!


  3. dave o
    August 18, 2016

    Dave – you rock!

    We are planning an October 2016 trip. Maybe the week of the 17th or 24th with our 7 year old twins.

    What are your thoughts on weekend vs weekday. We home school our kids, so Monday/Tuesday is just as easy as a Sat/Sun. If it’s worth it, I can burn some vacation to avoid the crowds.



    • Dave
      August 19, 2016

      Thanks Dave! because of the Food & Wine show at Epcot and early closes at MK for the Halloween party, you see different crowd patterns at the parks during your dates than at other times of the year.

      So for example Sundays are good at MK your dates, unlike other times of the year, because the 7p close makes people choose other parks.

      In general the parks are most crowded Sat-Mon, and prices are higher at most WDW hotels Fri and Sat. Tuesdays your dates will be good at all parks except Epcot, Wednesdays at all except MK, and Thursdays at all except Epcot.


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