Thursday: Walt Disney World Summer Itinerary v2

By Dave Shute

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Update April 2013: the Hollywood Studios afternoon parade had its last scheduled run on April 6, 2013. In case a new parade returns–and I’m not sure if one will, see this–I’ve left a spot for it in your day. See the second half of this for how to change your day while there is no afternoon parade.

You will begin your visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today, completing it on Friday.

You will be finished at the park by 3:30, and then return to it by 90 minute before Fantasmic begins, to see that show.

Your goal at the Studios is to see a couple of very popular rides first thing while the crowds are lighter, and then to see in as many of the popular shows as you can until the 3:00 parade, fitting in more rides between shows.

You will see the rest of the Studios on Friday.


  • Get up early and have breakfast in your room
  • Double check the Fantasmic schedule for today–typically it shows at 9p, but it may be earlier. You will want to return to the Studios by 90 minutes before the show starts. If two shows are offered tonight, plan to see the second of the two. (You can check the schedule this morning at the park.)
  • Be at your hotels’ bus stop by 7:20 am, and catch the bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  • Arrive at the park by 8am
  • Get in line and await the opening
  • Tower of Terror FastpassAt opening, pick up a guide map and “Times Guide” (a show schedule), head to Sunset Boulevard, turn right, go to its end, find the Tower of Terror fastpass machine, and get fastpasses for it. Click the thumbnail to see where the fastpass machine is
  • Ride Rock N’ Roller Coaster
  • Review the times guide, and pick out times before 2 pm to see Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, and Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt show (if conflicting times won’t let you see all of these today, you can see the ones you miss on Friday)
  • See these shows, returning for your Tower of Terror ride when your fastpass directs, and seeing nearby rides and attractions in between the shows
  • American Idol ExperienceSee the American Idol Experience
  • Have lunch at the Backlot Express (counter credit) when you are ready—try to go before 11 or after 1
  • At around 2:30, find a spot to watch the parade near Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat (the parade route is on your guide map)
  • Watch the parade
  • Head back to your hotel the way you came
  • Have dinner at your hotels counter service (counter credit)


Be back at the Studios by 90 minutes before Fantasmic. Get in line for it, and then enjoy!


Tomorrow you will finish the Studios, and have the afternoon and evening off.

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1 Danny { 05.08.13 at 11:26 am }

This should work, except it seems the best show to see on friday is lights motors action extreme stunt show.

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