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Review: The Frozen Sing Along Celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

By Dave Shute

Singing Along Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from (3)

Review - Frozen Sing-Along Celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios from yourfirstvisit.netFrozen moved into Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer, with a parade, fireworks, and a sing-along.

The festivities have been extended through 2014, and it’s widely expected that at least parts of the program will continue after then as well.

One element is the For the First Time in Forever: The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, currently showing in the Premier Theater but expected to be offered later in the old American Idol theater space.

(There’s a review of the Frozen Parade here , and the Frozen Fireworks here.)

The sing-along is really four things:

Singing Along Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

A sing-along to some of Frozen’s best songs, with the lyrics posted…

Olaf Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

…A re-telling of the Frozen story…

Anna and Elsa Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from (2)

…On stage visits by most of the key Frozen characters…

The Royal Historians and Kristoff Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

…and a comedy show. The narrative glue of the re-telling of Frozen is provided by the “Court Historians of Arandelle,” and they are wonderfully funny–so funny that I recommend this show even to those who are not big Frozen fans–though I do think you will have to have seen the movie to get many of the jokes.

The show is continuing at least through 2014, and is widely expected to move from its current home back beyond San Francisco in Streets of America to the American Idol theater.

Frozen Sing Along Celebration FastPass+

The show is now available as a Tier Two FastPass+ and you can also grab same-day tickets from a station.

Where to Get Come-Back Tickets Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

The station is in San Francisco, under an umbrella–though if the location of the show does change, the kiosk likely will move.

Come Back Tickets Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

Request your show time and number of tix, and if available you’ll get something like this.

Show Schedule Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from

Currently show times are 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30, 5, 6 and 7.  This may change as Disney World shifts into the quieter fall months.

Your ticket or FastPass return will have a window for arriving well before showtime.  Show up as early in the window as you can, as you will get better seats.

Singing Along Frozen Fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios from (2)

The FastPass+ offering is new, and it’s not clear yet how many reservations will go to it vs. the paper tickets that have been the sole way of getting in until now. So far this summer tickets have been pretty available.

Until the ticket supply becomes a little clearer, if you really really need to see this show, the thing to do is to book it as FastPass+.  Then when in the park, see if tickets are available for a convenient show. If so, get them, and swap your FastPass+ for something else.

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1 Lara { 08.28.14 at 10:43 pm }

Hi Dave,
Just read your latest here on Frozen – thanks so much for being so up to date!!
Have just changed one of our tier 2 FP+ to the Frozen sing along thanks I had no idea that they had made that a FP+ and as we are going on what is supposedly the last day 28th Sept and have to fit things around our Gospel Brunch it is much appreciated. Little confused though as the time I was given for FP+ was arrive between 3.25 – 3.40pm. What time do you think the show will therefore start? And with FP+ is it just guaranteeing us to get into show (not guaranteeing good seats?)

Also, any word on why Maelstrom is not a FP+ or do you think it will be added again later as no word from Disney that it is closing?


2 Dave { 08.30.14 at 6:28 pm }

Lara, that’s for the 4p show. The rumor on Maelstrom is that it is being closed for conversion to a Frozen-themed ride.

3 Eric { 08.29.14 at 10:08 pm }

Lara-the Frozen sing a long is NOT worth the time honestly! It is merely the version you saw in the theater likely where you get to sing a long and there are two people who were hosting. Anna and Elsa pop in a couple of times on stage, but it was very disappointing, as we thought there would be a “show!” Just my two cents worth.

4 lara { 08.30.14 at 7:23 pm }

Thanks Dave. So why do we need to get there so much earlier than someone just turning up to the show who has a window up to 10 mins before the show? What are the benefits of FP+ for this?

5 Dave { 09.03.14 at 7:41 am }

Lara, much better seats…the FP+ just guarantees you can get in at a defined time…

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