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  1. Erika
    October 29, 2014

    Hi Dave,
    We have two families traveling to Disney for the first time, a family of five and a family of three. We are debating between getting two suites at the art of animation or a single two bedroom villa at the wilderness lodge. Our main goals are convenience, kid appeal and the ability for the adults to socialize when the younger children (4,6,7) are sleeping. We were originally looking at the treehouses but nixed that due to the location. My impression from your site is that the two suites at the AOA would be our best bet and to hope they are near each other, but thought I would directly ask your opinion. Any other suggestions are welcomed!


    • Dave
      October 30, 2014

      Hi Erika!!

      I actually like the idea of the WL 2 bedroom for your goals a bit for a couple of reasons.

      First, with one space you won’t have to separate the adults while the kids are sleeping, as they won’t be sleeping in two possibly widely separate rooms, each with at least one adult on overwatch.

      Second is that if one of the adult pairs can tolerate the fold-out couch (maybe take turns between it and the king??), you can stick all the kids in the second bedroom and leave them alone while the adults are in the living area, not having to pick them up and move them when the adults are ready for bed.

      You will have less overall space, but if the adults want to spend time together the 2 bedroom is the better choice.

      WL will be a lot more expensive, tho…


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