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How Much to Budget for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

By Dave Shute


The typical family of four seeking to see all the best of the Wizarding World should budget, in addition to their Walt Disney World budget, around $750 for two days of Universal Orlando park to park tickets. (Skipping one ride, the Hogwarts Express, will let you save about $40/person by getting single park tickets.)

If you can afford it, budget even more for a night at the Royal Pacific or Cabana Bay (the best way to do Harry Potter; for why, see Where to Stay During Your Visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter).


(These instructions are  for fitting a visit to Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter into a first family trip to Walt Disney World. Click here for the Summary of Instructions for visiting Harry Potter.)

See this page for the best way to handle Harry Potter, including your various Universal Orlando ticketing options and their implications for how long you may have to stay in line.

  • Just to be clear, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located in Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios theme parks.
  • Universal Orlando, and Harry Potter, is not part of Walt Disney World.  Your Disney tickets won’t get you in, and Disney buses do not run there…

If you simply wish to spend a  two mornings seeing Harry Potter–one at Hogsmeade and one at Diagon Alley, two day tickets per person to enter Universal cost on the Universal Orlando website about $135 (after tax) per person between 3 and 10, and $145 per person ten and older. Kids younger than 3 enter the park for free.

Families wishing to book a night at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort should budget $270-$400+ more, depending on the season and whatever discounts—e.g. AAA—they can find. Cabana Bay is much less expensive.

Besides your local AAA chapter, also check for any discounts you might be able to take advantage of, and also Universal Orlando’s “hot deals” page. Then check the hotel website for exact prices for your stay, using the codes for whatever deals you have found.

Families wishing to ride the Hogwarts Express will need to buy “Park to Park” tickets, which cost about $40 more per person.


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1 Carole { 10.07.18 at 11:53 am }

My daughter is in a wheel chair and I was wondering how Handicap assessable is it?

2 Dave { 10.08.18 at 8:08 am }
3 Carol { 11.04.18 at 12:43 pm }

I have. retired Marine Corps ID. What military discount can I get at the CA Universal. How many other tickets can I buy for family members.
Thank you

4 Dave { 11.05.18 at 9:12 am }

Hi Carol. I don;t track the CA parks–nor, frankly, Universal at all, as I just can’t keep up. My buddy Steve Bell may, here: Try asking as a comment on that link, or on his facebook page, here:

5 Maadi little { 04.21.20 at 4:33 am }

I wish to now we’re it is and how much for 2 people to go for a day

6 Dave { 05.03.20 at 2:54 pm }

Hi, it is in two different parks in Universal Orlando. To see both parts of Harry Potter in a day, you have to get a tow-park ticket. Prices vary by the day, so you have to check your specific days:

7 Eli gilbert { 03.31.21 at 11:18 am }

If im wanting to go with so friends but only have to pay for my tickets and some food about how much would i need to bring?

8 Dave { 04.01.21 at 8:29 am }

Hi Eli, see this for Disney World ticket prices. Note that in addition to a date-based ticket, you also need daily park reservations.

9 Tracey { 05.09.21 at 12:40 pm }


I have purchased park to park passes. I see that you said need daily park reservations. How do I do that? I thought because i purchased the tickets our spots would be reserved.

10 Dave { 05.12.21 at 11:53 am }

Tracey, only Disney World requires reservations. Universal does not

11 Tess { 06.20.21 at 5:01 am }

Hi, how much does the accesoires costs??

12 Dave { 06.23.21 at 9:58 am }

Hi Tess, they cost between $20 and a couple of hundred dollars, depending on what you are looking for

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