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1 Des Ellis (Grandpa) { 05.15.18 at 8:51 am }

Hi Dave,
My son and his family, wife and 3 boys, is looking at visiting Disney World Orlando in May 2019.
He is looking at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort with a “Cars” family suite for them and a Little Mermaid room for Granny and Grandpa. My question is that it looks as if they are far from each other. What would you suggest?

2 Dave { 05.16.18 at 8:14 am }

Hi Des, the closest family suites at Art of Animation to the Little Mermaid section are in the Lion King section–which is also quieter, as it does not surround a pool. The Cars suites are the farthest.

ANother option for you to consider is All-Star Music. It, too, has both family suites and regular rooms, but they are in the same buildings. Overall, All-Star Music is not nearly as delightfully decorated as Art Of Animation. It’s “standard” rooms have the same layout as the Little Mermaid rooms (unless they are refurbed by May 2019, which is possible–if that’s so, they will have queen beds, rather than the fulls of Little Mermaid). The family suites at Music have a roughly similar master bedroom, but different bedding options (and overall much duller decorating). Music is also much cheaper than AofA (e.g. $100 a night less for the family suites).

A full review of All-Star Music begins here.

3 Marie McKenzie { 05.18.18 at 2:24 am }


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Kind regards,


4 Nathan Hoffman { 06.12.18 at 12:23 am }

Hello Dave,

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Can you please let me know what types of Advertising options you offer ?

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Nathan Hoffman
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5 Dave { 06.12.18 at 9:23 am }

Hi Nathan, so sorry, but I’ve turned all my ad inventory over to “ELITE CAFEMOM FAMILY & PARENTING”

6 CORAL { 06.20.18 at 6:37 pm }

Hi Dave,
I was wondering if you would be able to help plan an itinerary for me and my daughter. I’m taking her as a surprise so it’s hard to try and plan it out with her right next to me. We are going from August 15th-23rd. We have 7 day park hopper passes. We also have the regular dining plan. It’s both our first time going.

7 Dave { 06.21.18 at 7:38 am }

Hi Coral, how old is your daughter?

8 Coral { 06.21.18 at 9:39 am }

Hi Dave, She will be turning 9 the day we get there. the 15th and the 23rd are travel days.

9 Coral { 06.23.18 at 11:19 am }

Hello Dave, I was just curious if you would be able to help me out. I wanted to try and book all my fast passes and dining this weekend so that I’m not so stressed LO>


10 Dave { 06.24.18 at 8:57 am }

Hi Coral, so sorry, I missed your last comment!!

At that age, you are good for everything. I’d advise 1.5 days at each of Epcot, AK, and HS, and 2.5 days at MK.

8/15 avoid MK
8/16 avoid Epcot
8/17 avoid MK, unless you are eligible for and can arrive early for the morning EMH. Note MK closes early that day
8/18 avoid AK and MK
8/19 avoid HS
8/20 avoid AK
8/21 avoid Epcot
8/22 avoid MK
8/23 avoid Epcot

Focusing on full days, I’d suggest MK on 8/16 and 8/21, Epcot on 8/17, HS on 8/18, AK on 8/19. 8/20 could be split between HS and Epcot, and 8/22 between MK and AK.

I don’t have any itineraries on this site that you can use for this, but you can adapt what is here: Note the changes it suggests for Hollywood Studios. In it you will find my recommmended dining and FastPass+.

11 Coral { 06.24.18 at 12:34 pm }

Perfect thank you Dave that helps alot. I truly appreciate it.


12 Tim Horton { 09.05.18 at 4:38 am }

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13 Dave { 09.05.18 at 7:20 am }

Hi, not sure who Nathan is, but pretty much all of my ad content is managed by, so I don’t do deals separately from them…but thanks for asking!!!

14 Deanna BK Mom (Dee) { 09.06.18 at 10:16 pm }

Hi, Dave, its been a bit since I reached out. My family of 4 will be travelling to Disney May 2019 and staying at the Caribbean beach resort ( which I PRAY will be finished with the Port Royal Construction)I am truly stuck on this DDP. Im doing numbers on these DDP calculators and its coming out to about the same if i do QS or just pay out of pocket there. In my head I have these lunch breaks and snack ideas but am traveling with a 6y/o picky eater and a 7 y/o that can handle an adult meal if really hungry. Meals with them in amusement parks are hit or miss . I would like to do a least 2 TS meals.

2nd dilemma – to do or not to do EMM fantasyland and Toy story land. My hubby hates the rush and pushing of crowds. This is our family’s first trip and Im trying to make it as stress free and leisurely as possible. It is expensive but for the sake of my sanity the $$$ may be worth it.

Tentative Itinerary
May 12 Resort
May 13 MK
May 14 MK
May 15 HS
May 16 Resort or AK
May 17 Resort or AK
May 18 Home

Thanks so much, Deanna

15 Dave { 09.09.18 at 8:50 am }

Hi Deanna, ping me back after Disney’s operating hours for then are out, as I’d just be guessing before then–try in six weeks or so. I don’t see much value to EMM at MK as only three rides are eligible, and one of those is easy to see. With two MK days and two rope drops, you should be able to see 10-12 rides that will build high waits quite easily. HS is another matter, but the Toy Story Land mobs may have settled down by then.

Everything at CB except the Gondola will be done by then. I don’t see much value to the quick service plan, except for the comfort of knowing you’ve pre-paid.

16 Deanna { 09.09.18 at 1:17 pm }

THanks so much! 🙂 talk to ya soon.

17 Dianne { 10.22.18 at 4:37 pm }

ALERT! I made a reservation for our family of 4 adults and one 5 year-old at a Boulder Ridge 1-bedroom villa for arrival Nov 25. I just called Disney with a question about the room and I was just told that I can’t have our grandson there – or any 5th person! They said he could be a “day guest” only. They blamed it on square-footage, and then when I mentioned rooms that were smaller that allowed 5 guests, they blame “fire regulations.”
Numerous website states that you can have a 5th person in a villa, if you supply the bed. I think you should alert your readers that Disney will give you a hard time about this.
Any advice?
Appreciate your very informative website!

18 Dave { 10.23.18 at 6:46 am }

Thans Dianne! So far as I know, the ability to book an “extra” person is restricted to folks staying on points, and is not true across all DVC properties/spaces. On this site, I ignore the issue, as my intended audience is not folk staying on points. If you are staying on points, to find an alternative, you might want to post on a DVC discussion board. If you are not staying on points, then one bedrooms at OKW, AKL, GF, and BLT are bookable for five.

The fire point is true but less than meets the eye. The fire inspection is based on what Disney provides, so if it says “four” when it goes for approval, that is what it will get. It can then go back–which is how some CB rooms shifted from four to five.

19 Dianne { 10.23.18 at 12:50 pm }

Thanks for the enlightenment, Dave. I think there are a couple of websites that need to make that clear, because they sure misled me!
Great info. Thanks again.

20 Don { 10.23.18 at 12:50 pm }

Thanks for always answering my questions Dave, you’ve been a great help in planning our trip. I’m piggybacking a little bit off Deanna above as we are going to Disney almost the same time, May of 2019, 8th-14th specifically, and we will need to reserve some of our dining options a couple weeks from now (we are doing the Dining Plan). We don’t plan on having Park Hoppers so I’m trying to figure out what the best days of the week in general to be at each of the parks so I can making dining reservations accordingly. I understand that specific schedules for this time period haven’t been released yet so you can’t answer definitively, but in general do you any advice in regards to what days of the week to book at Magic Kingdom etc.? Any days you try to avoid any of the specific parks? If this is reviewed elsewhere on the site then my apologies, you’ve got so much great stuff on here I may have just missed it. Thanks!

21 Dave { 10.24.18 at 6:44 am }

Hey Don, and thanks. I don’t have anything useful to say–but this might I’ve been tracking it for a few months, and it seems pretty reliable.

22 Patti Winner { 12.30.18 at 1:58 pm }

Hi Dave,
I am taking my Mom on a cruise the end of January and we will be stopping at Orlando January 29th. She is wheelchair bound and I was wondering what your opinion is on the best park to visit that one day that we are there, considering her inability to walk. Thank you in advance for your advice. Patti

23 Dave { 12.31.18 at 10:46 am }

Patti, I’ve pushed folks in wheelchairs through all four parks, and MK and HS are best–they have the most compact layouts.

Either is a good choice that day, but MK is the quintessential DIsney WOrld park, so that’s what I’d advise.

See this for more on the differences among the parks.

24 Andrea { 01.16.19 at 8:17 pm }

Hi Dave;

We are a family of three, mommy, daddy and almost a 4yr old girl. We want to go to Disney but I’m not sure how long should we stay there and if we should get all the bells and whistles. We want to do the character dinning and have a celebration for her birthday in there. Please let me know your recommendations, I’m planning to go the first or second week of May. For sure we want to stay in their hotels but not sure about the fast pass or anything like that.


25 Dave { 01.17.19 at 1:37 pm }

Andrea, read through this and this. You absolutely will need to use FastPass+–which is free with your ticket. The first link gives an overview of the parks to help you sort out what to see, and also talks about FastPass+. The second link notes some of the issues with a younger child.

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