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Amenities at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

By Dave Shute

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Lobby Disney's Yacht Club Resort from
You enter the Yacht Club into a two story lobby where you’ll find check-in and concierge services.

Lobby Detail Disney's Yacht Club Resort from

There’s a light nautical theming here, including fun ship models…

…and a globe.

You’ll also find lovely flowers.

There’s also an area where kids can be entertained while their parents fork over their inheritance to the Disney check-in and concierge staff.

The Yacht Club has its own gift shop, near the lobby.

Refurbed in 2017, the gift shop has on one side gifts, souvenirs and sundries.

The other side has a coffee bar and a wide variety of packaged snacks and drinks, and also functions somewhat trivially as a quick-service dining venue. More on this side of the gift shop is on the Yacht Club Dining page.

Bus Stop Disney's Yacht Club Resort from

Outside the lobby on the left you’ll find the bus stop, with shared buses to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom the water parks, and Disney Springs.

Monitors indicate the time to the next bus.

Steps from the bus stop, at the main vehicle entrance to the Yacht Club, is where you pick up your Minnie Van. (The Minnie Vans are a new-in-2017 Disney World-specific version of Lyft.)

The Yacht and Beach Clubs are nestled together along Crescent Lake. Sensibly (though it took me years to note the correlation with themes…), the beach that they share fronts the Beach Club, and the marina and boat dock they share fronts the Yacht Club.

Boat Dock Disney's Beach Club Resort from
Friendship Boat service will take you to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the lighthouse end of this pier.  You can also walk to either park. The Studios is too far for most, but many walk to Epcot.

A Friendship Boat at night.

Marina Disney's Beach Club Resort from

You can also rent boats for play at the marina in this area.

Gym and Spa Disney's Yacht Club Resort from

On the outdoor walkway to the Beach Club you’ll find this workout room and mini-spa.

Beach at Disney's Beach Club Resort from
Lovely beaches are on the Beach Club side of the complex, nearer Epcot.

Campfire Disney's Beach Club Resort from

On the beach you’ll also find a firepit for early evening s’mores…

Movie Schedule Disney's Beach Club Resort from
…and later evening movies.

There’s also three quiet pools in the complex. One is a hike–at the far end of the Beach Club–and not worth the walk.

Villas Pool Disney's Beach Club Resort from

Another–and the best–is back by the Beach Club Villas, convenient only if you are heading to the Beach Club anyway–e.g. to get lunch.

Quiet Pool at Disney's Yacht Club Resort from

The third is at the far corner of the Yacht Club, and makes sense only if it’s near your room.

This pool at night.

The utility building for this pool also has a guest laundry.

There’s another much smaller laundry on the first floor of the Yacht Club proper.

This particular laundry is in the red-circled area of the Yacht Club. This is a good area to know, as it also has the second elevator bank and a door to the outside that can save much walking to Stormalong Bay or Epcot.

Back to the small pool, the hot tub here.

Also near the small pool is the dog-relief area–marked in yellow in the map above.

The Yacht Club in November 2017 became dog-friendly.

This new dog-friendliness has delighted some, and troubled others, especially the stray cats you’ll find within yards of the dog relief area.

Pretty much all the stray cats at Disney World are haunted by dreams of the glorious litter boxes at Fort Wilderness.

Also near this pool is the tennis court.

But most people, when they think of pools at the Yacht Club, think of Stormalong Bay.


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