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Photo Tour of a Standard Room at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

By Dave Shute

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Standard rooms at Disney’s Beach Club Resort sleep either four on two queens or five on two queens and a sofa that converts to a bed.

The floor plan is for a four person room, and the photos from my January 2019 visit (my fifth stay in the Beach Club, with four more in the Beach Club Villas) are of a five person room.

As is typical among Disney’s Deluxe resorts, when you enter the room the bath is on one side and the closet on the other.

On the closet side you’ll find this coffee service.

It includes a small storage drawer…

…and below a mini-fridge.

Also on this side is the large closet. Here’s one side. Note the ironing board, etc.

The other side of the closet. Note the safe.

I did not measure the safe, but my book is 6 inches by 9 inches, so the safe is plenty big.

On the other side you’ll find the bath, starting with a pair of sinks.

Bath toiletries.

In a separate space you’ll find the toilet and tub.

The showerhead–and more toiletries.

Deeper in the room you’ll find two queens on one side, and in the rooms with the fifth sleeping spot, also the desk. Four person rooms put an easy chair where you see the desk.

Here’s the beds from the other side…

…and a close up of one of the beds.

Between the beds is a bedside table with a couple of storage drawers below and curiously designed shelves above.

The large bedside table drawers have plenty of room for your important books.

In five-person rooms the desk is also on this side of the room. As is common in the Disney deluxe resorts, it includes a small rolling table that plays multiple roles: perch the kids on the bed and roll it up to them for dining or games, or use it as a better-height laptop table.

The other side of five person rooms has a dresser with TV above and a couch (in four person rooms, the desk replaces the couch.)

The TV side from the back of the room.

A closer shot of the dresser. I measured the TV at 54 inches.

The dresser includes five drawers and two shelves/cubbies.  This, the other drawers in the room, and the closet means plenty of storage for the four or five people these rooms will hold. (Note that the dresser  is not scuffed, that’s “design,” you philistine.)

Five person rooms include a couch that folds down into a bed.

Sofa Bed Control Disney's Beach Club Resort from

After you find the black lever at the right corner of the cushion…

…the back flips down to this bed. I measured the cushion as 72 inches long, with two or three more inches of toe-wiggling room. Mattress width is 32 inches, and the cushion is 4 inches+ deep. I had no trouble sleeping on it except that it’s a little short for my height.

Balcony View Disney's Beach Club Resort from

There’s four types of balconies at the Beach Club.

  • First floor rooms commonly have good-sized patios.
  • Top-floor rooms have balconies narrower than some, but just as wide, and quite livable
  • Many “middle” floor rooms have teeny balconies that you can barely stand on–or stand. You may find these on the second floor of three story buildings, the third floor of four story buildings, and the third and fourth floors of buildings that have five stories
  • The second floor of four or five story buildings tends to have full size balconies

(Not every room at every level will be as I describe…)

Balcony Disney's Beach Club Resort from

At one stay we had a narrow balcony that was just fine.

Small Balcony Disney's Beach Club Resort from

Here’s a smaller balcony from a different room from another trip. Note my Mickey Croc as an aid to scale. My croc is a foot long, so you can see how uselessly narrow these balconies are. You can stand on them, but that’s it.

On another stay we had a first-floor patio.

These rooms are otherwise nicely proportioned and have all the right furnishings.

Wall Art Disney's Beach Club Resort from

In their 2015 refurb these rooms lost much of their former charm…although this print, new with that refurb,  is very cute!!!


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