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Review: The Afternoon Block Party Bash Parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

By Dave Shute

Note: this parade has been replaced by the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade.


The afternoon parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Block Party Bash, opened in March 2008.

The Pixar-themed parade includes tributes to Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, A Bugs Life, and The Incredibles.

Two principles guided its design–very tall, and very active.  Because the floats are so tall, your kids don’t need to be in the front to see them.  But because the parade is so active, they’ll want to be in the front anyway, to join in the fun.

Much more so than other Walt Disney World parades, Block Party Bash is as much as an interactive dance party as it is a parade.

The parade works differently than other Disney World parades.  The floats advance, and then stop.  After the stop, cast members and costumed characters sing, dance, and play, encouraging as much crowd participation as they can.

After the play period is done, the toys are packed up, and the parade moves to a further section in the park, where the whole routine starts over again.

Note that the same stuff happens at each float, so that what you see in front of you is the same business that those positioned at different floats will see.

Because of its higher energy and kid-friendly design, I think it is the best of the current afternoon parades at Walt Disney World.

It’s scheduled to be replaced in early January 2011–here’s hoping the replacement is as interactive and fun!


The afternoon parade shows every day at 3p, typically beginning near the Hollywood Studios entrance.

From there, it makes its way down Hollywood Boulevard, past Mickey’s Hat, between the American Idol Experience and Echo Lake, ending at Star Tours.

Check the Hollywood Studios Calendar (find your month, then click on the days of your visit) to double check when it is being shown during the time you will be at Walt Disney World.

(Disney’s calendars are harder to use than they should be–see this if you need help.)


While the height of the floats makes it easy for your kids to see them, there’s still value to getting a position in front so they can fully participate in the games and dancing.

The easiest place to find a good spot is in the area near the American Idol Experience and Echo Lake. 

You’ll find here a number of benches and tables where some family members can sit while others reserve a spot. 

You should be able to find good spots here up to just a little before 3p.

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