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October 2015 at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute


October 2015 at Walt Disney World from yourfirstvisit.netThis page reviews October 2015 Walt Disney World crowds, prices, deals and discounts, weather, and operating hours; adds a few other notes; and ends with week by week summaries.

Later October has some of the best times of the year to visit Disney World, with nice weather, low crowds, low prices, and fun special events.

The first half of the month is OK, but not so good, as the first week is still in the peak of the hurricane season, and the second week sees extra crowds and higher prices from Columbus Day.


October is one of the least crowded months at Walt Disney World–though it gets more crowded every year with kids on fall breaks, especially the week of Columbus Day.

On a crowd scale of 1-11, the week beginning 9/26 has a crowd rating of 4/low-plus, the week beginning 10/3 5/moderate-minus, the week beginning 10/10 6/moderate, the week beginning 10/17 3/low and the week beginning 10/24 3/low.

However, because of the Halloween Party and the Food and Wine Festival, you can face higher much waits if you go to the parks on the wrong days.  See this for how to avoid these crowds.

See this for more on 2015 crowds at Disney World.


October 2015 prices begin 10% higher than the lowest of the year at the values, 8% higher at the moderates, and 12% higher at the deluxes.

Other than a bump over Columbus Day weekend, value and moderate prices stay this level all month. Deluxe prices see the same Columbus Day weekend bump, then drop a bit on 10/18 to 10% higher than the lowest of the year.

See this for more on 2015 resort hotel prices at Walt Disney World.


Deals are available for October 2015. Details are here.


Early October sees the end of the peak of the hurricane season. The second half of the month sees weather  about as good as Orlando gets.

Disney World Temperatures and Percentile Distribution Click the image, or go to Weather and When to Go to Disney World, for more on temperatures.


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party continues on selected dates throughout October.

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival continues through the month.


Park operating hours vary by the day, and sometimes change without notice. It is rare for hours to be shorter than Disney has publicized, but Disney may lengthen them in response to unanticipated crowds.

The best way to keep up with operating hours is to check Disney’s official calendars, usually available six months in advance.

These calendars can be found by clicking the following links:


The week rankings that follow below are from 2015 weeks to visit, ranked in order, and are designed for first-time visitors who do not know whether or not they will return.

Disney World 2015 Week Rankings from (960x1280)

Click the image for a calendar view of 2015 weeks (when open, keep clicking to enlarge.)


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1 Michele { 04.12.15 at 9:54 am }

Hi Dave!

Your website has been beyond invaluable for planning – and I cannot thank you enough!! My siblings and I are planning a surprise trip for a parent’s milestone birthday, and since we have varying levels of WDW experience (including a first-and-likely-only-timer) it’s super easy to direct them here for the answers they need. We’re scheduled for Thursday 10/15/15 through Monday the 19th, and already have MNSSHP tickets for the day we arrive. Because it’s a short trip, I’m having an awful time trying to wedge everything in for our first-timer. I know we should avoid Epcot and the Studios on the weekends, how should I arrange the parks on the other days?

Thanks again!

2 Dave { 04.12.15 at 10:50 am }

Hi Michele and thanks!!

10/16 avoid AK and Epcot
10/17 avoid all but AK
10/18 avoid HS and Epcot
10/19 avoid MK

So for a day in each park (+ MNSSHP), the math kinda forces AK the 17th (as the only good park) and Epcot the 19th (as the only good day).
So do HS the 16th and MK the 18th.

Note also that you can get into MNSSHP beginning at 4p (despite the fact that your tix will say 7p) so you can also do some lower-wait rides at MK between 4 and 7 before the party starts.

3 Michele { 04.13.15 at 5:47 pm }

You’re awesome. You. Are. Awesome. I was thinking of scheduling the days that way, but thankyouthankyouthankyou for confirmation.

Thank you!!

4 Dave { 04.14.15 at 7:46 am }

Oh Michele you made my day!!

5 Victoria { 04.16.15 at 3:41 pm }

I am planning a trip for my husband’s 40th birthday October 2-6. We have a 2-year old and are planning to attend MNSSHP on Sunday October 4 (with no park before 4PM) I am having trouble figuring out Saturday and Monday. I want to do 1 day MK and 1 day AK…..which day should I do each park? Thank you so much for your help!

6 Dave { 04.17.15 at 8:37 am }

Victoria, Monday and Saturday are both lousy at MK, and fine at AK. I’d do AK Sat and MK Monday.

7 Jill { 04.28.15 at 10:10 pm }

Hi Dave, W’ere arriving 10/2 thru 10/9 and need help choosing parks. We want another MK day but I am stuck. Here is what we’ve got so far:
10/3 ?
10/4 Chef Mickeys then MK at 12
10/5 Epcot 815am
10/6 AK at 12 (but could we do MK?)
10/7 HS at 12 TRex 4pm
10/8 MK 815am
Thanks, Jill

8 Dave { 04.29.15 at 9:08 am }

Jill, you’ve picked great days. If your kids are a lot younger than 8, then maybe see Epcot the third (it’ll be crowded, but there’s not a lot at Epcot for young-uns) and do MK the 5th? MK will be crowded the 5th, but it’s open late so you’ll be able to see the evening parade and fireworks–which are not on your other two MK days.

9 Caroline { 05.06.15 at 4:31 pm }

Hello! I have booked a trip for the last week of October. Another site (that also interestingly enough) also shows lower crowds for the end of October) just sent me a response for best time to visit….October or November and it stated that October has become very busy with wait times of 30-60 minutes vs. first two weeks of November at 5-10 minutes. What’s your say? Thanks so much! I am wondering if it is worth trying to change!

10 Dave { 05.08.15 at 8:34 am }

Well, Caroline, I guess I would be wildly skeptical about whoever told you waits will be 5-10 minutes in the first two weeks of November. First, after 10.30a at the popular rides, they are never that low, not even close. Second, the first week of November is worse than the last two weeks of October or the second week of November. And third, the last two weeks of October are just fine!!

Now you can run into bad days any of these weeks, so see this for how to avoid them.

11 Caroline { 05.11.15 at 3:47 pm }

Thanks for your response! So we are looking at long waits after 10:30 no matter what? 😉 It has been years since I’ve been to Disney and it SURE HAS CHANGED! 😉 Thanks for all of your advice. I have learned so much! One last thing…I saw your recommendations on accommodations and with free dining my options are Beach Club or Yacht Club. Convenience and a “peaceful” atmosphere would be at the top of my list. We had booked Wilderness the week before but now have a better deal that last week of October. We will only be able to spend two nights at Magic Kingdom due to MNSSHP. Are the buses just as decent from BC/YC as Wilderness? Is driving your own car faster/easier than taking a bus to MK or AK?
Thanks again!!!! :-)

12 Dave { 05.12.15 at 9:44 am }

Caroline, on waits, some days are much worse than others, but none are ‘5 to 10 minutes.” Buses from BC/YC to MK are routinely complained about, but frankly they are about the same as other options. It’s always faster to use your own car for AK, and almost never faster to use your own car for MK.

13 steve d { 05.18.15 at 2:36 pm }

Site is great and planning our first trip and arrival on October 17th at Wilderness Lodge.
I see they are offering the free meal plan at this time and only offering discounts on rooms up to October 3rd.
Do you think they will offer additional room discounts for the balance of October?
I would think a room discount would exceed the meal plan with respect to $ saved.
Txs in advance on your feedback


14 Dave { 05.18.15 at 6:03 pm }

Steve, first, yes I do expect a room discount for then. The room discount will save more if your party is small, and with few kids between 3 and 9. The larger your group, and the more 10 and older, the better free dining will be. See this.

15 Michelle { 05.29.15 at 5:30 am }

Hi Dave, I am planning a trip in Oct 10th till 24 th and I really wanted to attend the Jedi training with my 5 yr old. I can’t see the schedule on the WDW site, is it not out yet? Are the Star Wars events only on over weekends? Will they still have Star Wars rides, entertainment, etc in October??? Thanks!

16 Dave { 05.31.15 at 7:20 am }

Michelle, Jedi Training happens every day year round. You have to arrive well before the park opens and head immediately to sign up for an opening that day. Star Tours also runs year round. All the other “Star Wars Weekends” stuff only happens in the second half of May and first half of June.

17 Michelle { 06.01.15 at 3:02 am }

Thank you so much Dave!

18 Tamara { 06.11.15 at 1:28 pm }

Hey Dave !
We have 3 girls ages 12, 8, & 2.. Were wanting to take our girls on their 1st disney trip & just need some help !! I wouldnt even know where to start. the stay, meal plans, princess greets, etc. I beleive we are wanting to go in October !!

19 Dave { 06.13.15 at 7:46 am }

Tamara, either start on the home page of this site and work your way through its topics or grab a copy of my book.

20 Amanda { 07.10.15 at 3:05 pm }

Hi! I am planning a trip to Orlando October 7-13. We are planning on visiting Legoland, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I was thinking, to avoid crowds, we would go to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on Thursday October 8 and Friday October 9. Then we would go to Legoland on Sunday October 11. What are your thoughts?

21 Dave { 07.11.15 at 9:48 am }

Amanda, those are good days for MK and HS. I have no opinion on Legoland.

22 russell { 07.28.15 at 5:10 pm }

we are going to be at Disney world October 7th through the 13th and staying at give kids the world. I’m sure as you know we get passed to universal for 2 days and passes to all the other places as well. what days should we go to each place and still be able to manage some time to enjoy give kids the world?

23 Dave { 07.30.15 at 8:48 am }

Russell, how old are the kids??

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