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Families with Difficult Transportation Challenges

By Dave Shute

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Some families—particularly those coming from the West Coast, and those driving from distant parts of the East Coast or Midwest–will have difficulty arriving at Walt Disney World early Saturday afternoon, and/or departing Sunday afternoon. This could reduce their ability to carry out the itineraries for the Saturday of arrival and the Saturday evening before and the Sunday that they depart.


The best answer is to take a vacation a day or two longer to allow for the full recommended time on site, following the basic itineraries as is. There is no way to enjoy Disney World and also have a relaxing vacation, without some down time, time off, and sleeping in; at the same time, there is a minimum of 6 days worth of park touring to fit into the schedule.

However, if taking extra vacation time to follow the recommended itinerary is impossible, and you can’t wait for another year when it is possible, the following suggestions are my best effort at working around these difficult issues.


I have developed alternatives that allow you to skip the first Saturday night in Orlando (losing because of this your much-needed off day on Thursday), the second Saturday night in Orlando (losing, possibly, your morning off that day, and depending on your travel plans, a few hours in the Magic Kingdom, plus your Gospel Brunch Sunday) or both. If your plans allow you to skip only one night, skip the second Saturday night if you can arrange to depart Orlando late Saturday afternoon or evening, as the full off day on Thursday is much more valuable than what you will lose on the second Saturday and second Sunday.


Details–including to do lists–can be found through following the links in

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1 Lillian Clack { 08.26.16 at 4:39 pm }

Hi. I have a electric wheel chair with a son that has cp. We are going to Disney sept 22 to sept 29. 2016 staying at motel 8 . Are there any sort of passes available for wheel chair. I can get the passes at Costco here or is there something that is available for him there. Me and my daughter will be travelling together. Hope you can assist me. Thanks Lil

2 Dave { 08.30.16 at 5:48 pm }

Lillian, I’m not sure what you mean by “passes.” Wheelchair folk get special treatment on many of the rides themselves in terms of where they sit/special vehicles they are loaded into. In others, you can only ride if you can transfer yourself from the wheelchair to the ride vehicle.

3 Kelly B - Destinations In Florida { 08.28.16 at 10:07 pm }

Hi Lillian,

There are no special park tickets for wheelchairs. You do want to get your tickets as soon as possible though. Once you get your park tickets you can enter them on your account. After that you will be able to select 3 FastPass+ selections per day.

While Disney does have a special service card (called DAS or Disability Access Service Card) not all guests with disabilities qualify for it. Once you arrive in the parks, you can go to guest services to find out more. Or follow this link for more information

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