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Review: The Pool Complex at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

By Dave Shute


The Bonnet Creek Resort is an enclave with four—soon to be five—hotels surrounded by Disney World but not on Disney property. Earlier in 2019, guests staying at two of these hotels—the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and the Waldorf Astoria Orlando—gained access to the two most prized Disney World perks, access to FastPass+ booking 60 days before arrival, and eligibility to use Extra Magic Hours.

I began my coverage of these with a photo tour of a standard room at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek.  This page continues my review of the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, focusing on its astonishing pool.

The pool complex at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek lies between the main accommodations tower and the Waldorf Astoria golf course.

The distinguishing feature of the complex is a lazy river that sometimes is separate and sometimes flows into and then out of two larger pools, one best for adults and the other for kids.

Much of the lazy river has the traditional form of such waterways…

…but in other areas it widens out into more of a mini-pool.

It flows into a larger pool area which is best for adults as it has the bar, and no zero-entry area.

It is however plenty attractive to kids, as in this the area you will find the pool slide. The slide is a bit bare bones, but a rare amenity among non-Disney EMH/FP+ at 60 eligible hotels.

Next in this area is the bar…

…where you can find lunch and drinks. On the menu are appetizers, wraps, burgers, deserts, and such.

The lazy river then exits this area…

…with cabanas behind it.

It then makes its way into the second larger pool area, this one with a zero entry. You can see on the left part of one of the two hot tubs here, one on either side of the zero entry pool.

Here’s the full view of that hot tub…

…and the other hot tub here.

One side of the zero-entry pool…

…and the other side.

While there are pool chairs everywhere around the pool complex, the most concentrated masses of chairs are near the zero-entry pool. Introverts can find less populated corners.

You’ll also find pool games…

…water toys for rent…

…and a baby pool.

All in, the pool complex at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is nearly as fine a pool complex as you will find among the non-Disney hotels that are eligible for EMH and FastPass+ at 60 days.  Only that at the Four Seasons is clearly better, while those at the Swan, the Dolphin and three of the Disney Springs Resort Area hotels–the Hilton Buena Vista Palace, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, and Wyndham Lake Buena Vista–are comparable.





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