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Amenities and Dining at Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas

By Dave Shute

(For the first page of this review of Kidani Village, see this.)


Amenities at Kidani Village from

Kidani Village is paired with nearby Jambo House and its services and amenities, but is so distant that it also functions as a stand-alone resort–more like Saratoga Springs than like the Beach Club Villas.

Kidani Village Travel Map

See the map (as always on this site, to enlarge it, click it).

Kidani’s layout maximizes views of the savanna, and there are no paths for guests through the savanna.  So those staying at the far end–marked with an orange “x”–have quite a hike to get to the great amenities and services at the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House.

Lobby Kidani Village from

So Kidani was designed with its own drop off (see the top of the page), check-in lobby…

Lobby Windows Kidani Village from

…with a cool view to the savannas beyond…

Gift Shop Kidani Village from

…and gift shop.

More, probably too much,  from the gift shop, with a focus on food and places to use your refillable mugs, given all the kitchens–and the weak counter service–at Kidani:







Back outside, there’s a bus stop.

Bus Stop Kidani Village from

Buses (except to Magic Kingdom) are shared with the stop at Jambo House–which means you can use them to get back and forth–just ask the driver or you may end up at Epcot.


Signs indicate the projected time of the next bus. There’s also a little shuttle van that goes back and forth between Jambo and Kidani–ask for it at the guest drop-off outside the lobby.

Path to Jambo House Kidani Village from

You can also walk (to Jambo, not Epcot), or of course drive–although the layout of parking at both facilities means that if you drive you’ll likely face a bit of walking anyway.


Across the street from Kidani is a little-noticed or used simple recreation area with shuffleboard, a basketball court, barbecue grills…


…and a pair of tennis courts.


Sanaa Kidani Village from

Downstairs from the lobby is the wonderful table-service restaurant Sanaa…

Sanaa Bar Kidani Village from

…and its bar.


Sanaa celebrates the African-Indian cuisine that’s been developing for centuries from Indian Ocean trading routes. Here’s the review from our book The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit 2019:


Sunset Savanna Kidani Village from

From many parts of Sanaa you can see the savanna and whatever animals may be at play there.

In late 2016, Sanaa began offering quick service breakfast from 7a to 10a. At first an experiment, this offering now seems quite official.  See this for a review of breakfast at Sanaa.

There’s more dining at Jambo House.

Walkway to viewing area Kidani Village from

There’s also a path out to savanna viewing areas…

Firepit Kidani Village from

…and a firepit…

Zebra Sunset Savanna Kidani Village from

…not currently offering roast zebra.

And then there’s the great pool complex!


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