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How to Spend Your Time from The easy Guide

By Dave Shute

The heart of The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit is the same as the heart of Disney World itself–the theme parks.

chapter-6-of-the-easy-guide-how-to-spend-your-timeYou don’t go to Disney World for the hotels, or because a certain time fits your schedule; you go to experience the magic of the parks and the attractions within them.

Co-author Josh of and I thus make the parks the most important part of our book, The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit–the 2017 edition of the best-reviewed Disney World guide book series ever published.

We cover them in Chapter 6, by far the longest of our chapters, and the one that get the most updates over the course of our publishing year.

In the era of FastPass+, never has planning paid off more–and never has failure to plan been more of a risk to a great visit.

Chapter 6 makes all this easy for you. It begins with an explanation of FastPass+ and how to use it, and then talks about itinerary design:


Next we go into each of the theme parks, beginning with an overall introduction–an example from the beginning of our Epcot section:


Next we talk about the specific areas of the parks, first highlighting the lay of the land, dining, shopping and other features–an Animal Kingdom example:


Then, continuing the area by area discussion, we give full reviews of each attraction–an example from the Magic Kingdom:

example-ride-review-from-the-easy-guideNote that this attraction just shifted to being only seasonally available. We will be updating the book soon with this and many other changes, and buyers get a free updated version.

No other Disney World guidebook is as up-to-date as ours, and no other offers free updates to those who have already purchased it. The scoop:
Updating your easy Guide

We follow this same basic format for each of the four parks.  Then we move on to the cheat sheets, one for each park:


The cheat sheets give thoughtful itineraries, beautifully designed by Josh, that simplify your planning, ease your time in the parks, and minimize your waits. A bit of an example from the Studios.


These itineraries are not designed for a year from now–they work this second.  That’s why our free update policy is so important–as the parks change in ways large and small, so does our advice.

In the cheat sheets, we also repeat some of the information from the earlier parts of the chapter–with the thought that you can tear them out and bring them with you into the parks.

You can follow our cheat sheets exactly, or you can modify them based on what you have learned about each ride from the reviews earlier in the chapter!

No one knows how to design good days in the parks like my co-author Josh does. His influence is all over Chapter 6, and pervades the cheat sheets. Buy the book, follow our advice, and you will indeed have an easy Disney World visit!

That’s it for now. More to come on other features of the 2017 easy Guide later! Meanwhile, buy the book, OK?
The 2017 easy Guide

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1 Mindy { 02.23.17 at 1:50 pm }

We have our trip planned for next January (I know, I know, but that was the best time for us), and wondered if we should purchase the 2017 book or wait until the 2018 book is available. Our first day of ADRs is July 24, if that matters.

2 Dave { 02.26.17 at 7:02 am }

Hi Mindy, wait for the 2018 edition.

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