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FastPass+ Itinerary for Lower-Crowd Weeks

By Dave Shute

Update October 2015: For travel in 2016, I’ve published a revised itinerary for the lower crowd weeks in January through May that works better than this itinerary. The new itinerary is here

Below is my FastPass+ based Disney World itinerary for lower crowd weeks.

It does not work all dates, and some dates that it mostly works it needs some little adjustments. Check your week here.

Disney World FastPass+ Lower-Crowd Itinerary from

The recommended FastPass+ that make it work are in the To-Do List, so you can book them at the 60 day window for FastPass+ sign-ups. Daily agendas are in the links:

Thanks are especially due to Josh from easyWDW. With his permission, I picked the targeted park days based on both my own practices and his daily park recommendations.

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1 Jen { 06.26.15 at 4:10 pm }

Hi Dave, we are planning on visiting three parks in three days with the park hopper in September. Trying to follow the calendar of recommended parks but limited with dates I was planning AM Sept 25 MK (take advantage of EMH in AM) PM Epcot; Sept 26th AM HS (AM EMH) and PM MK; and Sept 28th MK all day. I have two small girls ages 4 and 6 knowing MK will be their favorite we are going to be spending a lot of our time there. We are also planning on a break each day to swim and cool off. My question is where should I book my fast passes on the 25th and 26th since I can’t do multiple parks? The morning park of the afternoon park? Thanks so much!

2 Dave { 06.28.15 at 5:08 pm }

Jen, at those ages I’d skip Epcot entirely. That will simplify your planning. In general arrive at the first park well befroe open, see then lotsa rides before lines build, then use your FastPass+ for the second park.

3 Jen { 06.26.15 at 10:54 pm }

Sorry just saw an error in earlier post, no EMH 25th in AM at MK.

4 lea { 07.03.15 at 2:20 pm }

Hi. I just reserved our first trip for January 3rd-11th. We have a three year old little girl and. a 7 year old little boy. I am really nervous about picking my reservations on the 7th. I know we want to do chef Mickey, BOG, cinderella’s palace or Akershus. Can you give me more suggestions and maybe advice on when to picks these?

5 Dave { 07.03.15 at 5:25 pm }

Lea, take a look at this.

6 Paige { 07.07.15 at 9:43 am }

Dave -your site is amazing!! Thank you! I’ve been using the 6-day low crowd plan as a guide (we are going October 6). However, we are doing HS in one day (with breakfast at Hollywood and Vine so we can be in line for Jedi training tickets). Do you have a 1-day plan for HS?

Thank you!

7 Dave { 07.07.15 at 1:55 pm }

Paige, that plan doesn’t work then, because of different operating schedules. Is October 6 your first full day, or your HS day? Lemme know–and also the ages of the kids–and I’ll advise!!

8 Jennifer D { 07.12.15 at 11:06 am }

My parents and I are going to Disney from Friday Jan 22 – Friday Jan 29. I know it’s one day less and Friday-Friday so how would change the itinerary for that week?
I’ve been to WDW seven times making this up coming trip my 8th!
I love this site!! Thank you for all you do!

9 Dave { 07.13.15 at 9:22 am }

Hi Jennifer and thanks!! The itineraries don’t adapt well to day shifts, as they are written for crowd patterns and operating hours of specific days–e.g. Monday means Monday, not “Day 3.”

The simplest approach is to use Josh’s material here to pick park days, and then either adapt my daily schedules to that or use his cheat sheets

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