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2012 Disney World Winter Ride Closures Beginning to Clarify

By Dave Shute


The list of attractions closed at Disney World for repair or refurbishment in the winter of 2012 is beginning to emerge.

Rides so far known to be closed some or all of this period include

    • Fantasmic, closed 1/9/2012 to 2/12/2012
    • Big Thunder Mountain, closed 1/9/12 to 5/27/2012
    • Dumbo, closed 1/9/12 to 3/31/2012
    • The Liberty Belle, closed 1/28 to 5/20
    • Kali River Rapids, closed 1/24 through 2/9
    • The Main Street Electrical Parade, closed 1/20 to 2/12
    • the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, closed 2/26 to 3/10
    • The Studio Backlot Tour, closed 2/13 to 3/9
    • The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, closed 2/13 to 3/10

Many weeks in this time period are great for returning visitors, but because winter ride closures are typical, I don’t recommend January and early February
for first-time visitors who may never return. 

See this for more.



1 John { 04.01.12 at 10:46 pm }

Any idea what’s going on with Test Track? I think they tentatively announced it would be closing in April 2012 for refurbishment, but they haven’t said anything since. Do you think we should expect it to be closing in the next month? It seems a bit odd that they haven’t clarified or put it on their calendars.

2 Dave { 04.03.12 at 10:12 am }

Hi John–somehow I missed this when you first posted it–sorry about that! But in the meantime, word has come out that the refurb is on, and Test Track will close on 4/16. See this:

3 Paige { 04.20.12 at 5:51 pm }

Hi! I’m trying to convince my parents that Disney is a great place to go. They have only been once and they picked the worse time to go (December 28-30). I have been twice since then and have had a great time. Is December 15-20 2012 a good week to go? We will have three kids (9,13,2) and three adults.

4 Dave { 04.20.12 at 6:25 pm }

Hi Paige…yeah if that’s the only time I’d been there I wouldn’t want to come back either! Your target dates should be good. The 20th may start to see heavy Christmas crowds, but earlier that week should be great! See this:

5 Sylvia { 08.31.12 at 1:40 pm }


We are planning a family trip for the week of January 4 – January 11. I’m concern about the weather? Also, Do you recommend to purchase the tickets for the water parks?
I was reading too, that some of the rides are close but it looks that is more after 1/9/12.
Any suggestions?

6 Dave { 09.01.12 at 9:05 am }

Hi Sylvia! The weather in January can be quite variable, with highs in the 30s or the 80s. See this: As a result, I wouldn’t buy waterpark tickets until the day before or even the day of a waterpark visit. It’s too early to know when or what the ride closures will be, but if 2013 follows the typical pattern ride closures may begin as early as the 4th…

7 Ayako { 12.16.12 at 11:33 am }


I am planning a trip for my 10 years old son and my husband. My son’s birthday is 28th Jan, he will turn 11. I want to bring them to Disney from 28th to 31th Jan,2013. My son just got here (US) he came from Tokyo,Japan. I am wondering if the time will be ok for him to enjoy it. Will the Attractions at Epcot be closed during the winter closures? Our whole family numbers don’t like to wait a long time for attractions, so I was thinking in the end of Jan will be good for us less people. What would you suggest for us? Thank you!

8 Dave { 12.16.12 at 12:29 pm }

Hi Ayako! Those will be great days at Disney World. Right now, there are no announced closures at Epcot, and if any do emerge, it will be just one or two rides, I’d bet!

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