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  1. Cheri
    August 10, 2013

    Hi, I’ve been on your site for 2 hours and it’s incredible! I’m at a work conference at the Coronado Mon Oct 21- Thurs Oct 24 (mid afternoon), so I want to fly down my husband and 2 younger boys (12, 6) in for Thurs- Sunday for some fun. I’m assuming I have a great hotel rate, so we will stay put. Both boys are not “thrill seekers” and do NOT like rollercoasters. but do like themed/fast rides (5’5 and 49″ heights). The little guy of course loves the modern Disney characters (Cars, Toy Story) and I’m sure the 12 yr old secretly does too. They are not interested in Mickey, Donald etc. So my biggest questions are 1) your opinion on best parks for 2 maybe 3 day pass where they can enjoy a little bit of fast/thrill rides but mainly “experiential” rides (cool graphics, people movers, 3D, feels like flying etc) and 2) best theme dinner or lunch with the “modern” Disney characters. Thanks!


    • Dave
      August 11, 2013

      Hi Cheri and thanks!!!

      Great questions..on point one, Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot fit the bill pretty nicely. And on the second…well, there actually is no dinner or lunch with the modern characters other than princesses, where typically some of the modern ones (e.g. Ariel, Belle) are at Akershus. I’m guessing you don’t mean princesses, so for the rest of the modern characters, you can find meet n greets with them–especially in the Pixar Place areas of the Hollywood Studios–but no meals…

      I believe you have found a business opportunity for Disney here!


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