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March 2017 at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute

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March 2017 at Walt Disney World from

This page reviews March 2017 Walt Disney World crowds, prices, deals and discounts, weather, and operating hours; adds a few other notes; and ends with week by week summaries.

The first week of March can be a great time to go to Disney World, and is so in 2017, up until March 10.  The rest of the month will be lousy–with high prices and high crowds.


Early March sees low crowds, but beginning March 11, 2017 the spring break crowds will start pouring in, and crowds will be rough the rest of the month.

On a crowd scale of 1-11, the week beginning 3/4 has a ranking of 3/low, 3/11 9/high, 3/18 8/high-minus and 3/25 also 8/high-minus.

See this for more on 2017 crowds at Disney World.


March hotel prices begin the month 15% to 25% higher than the lowest of the year.

On March 10, they increase to 20-45% higher than the lowest of the year, and continue at this level into April.

See this for more on 2017 resort hotel prices at Walt Disney World.


Deals are available for March 2017. Find them here.


March weather shifts from the variable and cooler temperatures of winter to the higher and more predictable temperatures of spring.

For example, at the beginning of March, 80% of the time the daily high will be 70 or better, but it will be higher than the lower 80s only 20% of the time. By the beginning of May, 80% of the time the daily high will be 80 or warmer, and it will be 90 or higher 20% of the time.

Tornadoes can be an issue during this period. See this for more.

Disney World Temperatures and Percentile Distribution Click the image, or go to Weather and When to Go to Disney World, for more on typical March weather.


The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival begins March 1 and continues until May 29, 2017.


Park operating hours vary by the day, and sometimes change without notice. It is rare for hours to be shorter than Disney has publicized, but Disney may lengthen them in response to unanticipated crowds.

The best way to keep up with operating hours is to check Disney’s official calendars, usually available six months in advance. Look for a major update to hours a couple of weeks before the month starts.

These calendars can be found by clicking the following links:


The week rankings that follow below are from 2017 weeks to visit, ranked in order, and are designed for first-time visitors who do not know whether or not they will return.

2017 Weeks to Visit Disney World Ranked in Order from

Click the image for a calendar view of 2017 weeks (when open, keep clicking to enlarge.)

3/4/2017  Moderate prices. Low crowds. Crowd ranking=3. Week ranking=6. Recommended week. Use the FastPass+ Lower Crowd Itinerary

3/11/2017  High prices. High crowds. Crowd ranking=9. Week ranking=41. Use the FastPass+ Higher Crowd Itinerary

3/18/2017  High prices. High-minus crowds. Crowd ranking=8. Week ranking=35. Use the FastPass+ Higher Crowd Itinerary

3/25/2017  High prices. High-minus crowds. Crowd ranking=8. Week ranking=34. Use the FastPass+ Higher Crowd Itinerary
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1 Jocelyn { 09.27.16 at 4:31 pm }

We are planning to visit all parks from February 25 to March 3, do you think the dates are suitable for first-time visitors?

2 Kelly B - Destinations In Florida { 09.28.16 at 11:14 am }

Jocelyn – Your dates are great. You’ll have lower crowd levels, with cooler weather. You may not get to swim. But with this being you first trip, you’ll spend most of your time in the parks.

3 Dave { 09.28.16 at 2:39 pm }

Yes, Jocelyn, that’s one of my recommended weeks.

4 Kristen { 09.29.16 at 11:37 pm }

Hi Dave, I’ve been following your advice for years and it’s usually spot-on!! Our kids are off for Mardi Gras Feb. 25- March 5. Since we are planning to visit DisneyLand Paris this summer, we thought we’d hit Universal and Sea World during that week instead WDW. So, my question is: do your crowd calendars tend to also be correct for the other Orlando parks? In a general sense, is a low crowd week at WDW typically a low-crowd week around the Orlando area?

5 Dave { 09.30.16 at 10:04 am }

Hi Kristen, yes the crowd calendars also work for the other Orlando attractions!

6 candice { 10.19.16 at 7:07 pm }

hello!!! I will be there in orlando since March,21st until March,28th. I will not go to the parks, only malls, outlets and stores. Are these places that crowded also? Or are the parks the worse part?
Thanks!! 🙂

7 Dave { 10.20.16 at 7:13 am }

Sorry Candice, I don’t know. My guess is yes, but not as bad as the parks.

8 Jessica Hernandez { 12.28.16 at 12:56 pm }

I’m already looking into march dates for 2018 and did research with the school districts nearby and they are in spring break from march 19-23 with Easter falling on April 1st. Do you still recommend the first week of march or could I be safe with the second week of march also? When do you publish the data for 2018? Thanks!

9 Dave { 12.29.16 at 4:22 pm }

Jessica, to see the kind of data such forecasts take, see this. I’ve been analyzing districts with more than ten million kids in them for years, now, and no, I would not risk the second week of March in 2018.

My preliminary crowd forecasts for 2018 are already out, here. My final forecast will be out this summer.

10 Kathy Hamby { 01.15.17 at 1:44 pm }

My daughter won an award from work which includes 2 nights at the Yaught Club Resort. She asked me her mom to go with. We would like to make a long weekend out of it but can’t afford to stay at the yaught club for the extra 2 nights. It will also be the week after her 30th birthday. We arrive early afternoon March 15 and depart early morning March 19. I would like to stay under $200 a night. What resorts do you recommend and would you recommend a dining plan for 2 days? We are not big riders but enjoy shows. We are going to Epcot, Magic Kingdom and animal kingdom. She gets a free park pass to Epcot on Thursday we go to the other 2 on Friday or Saturday. I would appreciate your wise advice

11 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 01.15.17 at 3:00 pm }

Hi Kathy,

What a wonderful trip you have planned. Your vacation has a few challenges we’ll have to take a look at. I would love to help you with your plans. You can reach me at 980-429-4499 (Mon-Fri 8a-5p Eastern Time) or

12 Dave { 01.16.17 at 9:56 am }

Kathy, as that is peak season for both prices and crowds, the only WDW hotels under $200 will be the All-Star resorts. Links to reviews of them are here. I don’t know if any rooms are available at this late date, so I;d advise working with Kelly to book your rooms.

The dining plan saves money only for families a. with a lot of diners younger than ten but older than 2, and b. who also plan to eat a lot of meals at character buffets. You don’t meet a., and many (but not all) of b. are gonna be sold out for then by now anyway. So I can’t advise buying it!

13 Marilyn { 01.25.17 at 11:08 pm }

I noticed that Magic Kingdom closes at 8pm in theweek of March 5-8, 2017. Are those days still good days to go or is it better to choose a day with a 9pm or 11pm close?

14 Dave { 01.26.17 at 12:53 pm }

Hi Marilyn, Disney will be updating the park closes in mid February, so expect some nights will see later closes.

That said, as I explain in this somewhat out of date post

“Think about why you are drawn to Walt Disney World in general during a particular week, or to a specific park on a particular day, and whether your reasons are the same as those of the typical family with children.

If the reasons you have are also those of the typical family with children, then you will likely run into disproportionate crowds.

So as much as you can, do the opposite of the typical family…”

In other words, the same thing the attracts you to the later nights will attract thousands of others, making these days more crowded.

15 Garrett { 01.28.17 at 11:01 am }

-We’re planning a two day visit sometime either March 29-30 or April 1-2. Which dates do you think will be less crowded? Do locals come on the weekends around that time, or do they avoid it due to Spring Break? Thanks!!

16 Kelly B - Agent with Destinations in Florida { 01.28.17 at 8:26 pm }

HI Garrett –

There are still some great discount offers to be had. I’m Kelly, the dedicated Destinations in Florida Travel agent for Your First Visit. I would love to help you and your family plan your upcoming Disney Vacation. You can contact me at or 980-429-4499.

17 Dave { 01.29.17 at 8:00 pm }

Garrett, neither is a great choice, but the weekdays will be better. It’s less an issue of locals (though they do prefer weekends) and more a matter that out of towners on both short and long visits tend to include a weekend.

18 Andrea { 02.15.17 at 1:20 pm }

Checking back in on your opinion of the best park to visit (if any) the week of 3/12. We are disneyland annual pass holders, tagging along with my husband to a conference. The only reason we are coming that week, free lodging. Kids are 10, 8, and 6. Considering a day at Epcot. And the Kennedy Space Center. Not a fan of crowds though, so maybe just lounging around the pool 🙂

19 Dave { 02.15.17 at 2:56 pm }

Hi Andrea, that will be a crowded week

3/12 avoid HS
3/13 avoid AK
3/14 avoid AK and Epcot
3/15 avoid MK
3/16 avoid AK and Epcot
3/17 avoid HS and MK
3/18 avoid AK

20 cho { 03.05.17 at 7:28 pm }

traveling from march 26th to 31st. park plans are Mon, Tue, Wed and Thursday. Which park would you suggest on what day? Thank you for your advice. attending two firework? any advice on which? we are traveling with 6 and 7 yrs old.

21 Dave { 03.06.17 at 8:33 am }

Hi Cho,

March 27 avoid AK and MK
March 28 avoid Epcot
March 29 avoid MK
March 30 avoid Epcot

You will be there during a very busy and crowded time, so it is urgent that you book your FastPass+ as soon as possible.

All the fireworks shows are great, just see the ones in the parks you are in.

22 Sheila { 03.08.17 at 11:22 am }

We are going March 18-26. Wish it could be different less crowded time but thrilled to be going! what should we avoid? Thanks a million!

23 Dave { 03.11.17 at 8:11 am }

Sheila, are you staying in a hotel that’s EMH eligible? And have do you know about FastPass+??

24 Haley { 03.29.17 at 2:41 am }

I just wanted to make a note that we visited Disney feb 28-march 7 of this year. This was supposedly said to be a very low crowd time on many websites. It was VERY crowded while we were there in the parks. We went last year the second week of march and it wasn’t near as bad. This year there were lots of band trips and cheerleading groups. First week of march might not be recommended anymore. Although, I’m thinking there isn’t an off season at Disney now a days ?

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