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Second Sunday: Seven Night Easter Itinerary

By Dave Shute


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Today is your final day, and your final visit to the Magic Kingdom.

You need to have eaten, packed, and checked out in time to be at your bus stop (Pop) by 7:20, or at the Resort Monorail Stop (Polynesian) by 7:40


  • Get up early and have breakfast in your room
  • Get yourself ready to go and check out. By the time you need to be at your bus/monorail stop, you need to have:
    • Packed up, checked out, and taken care of your luggage: have either
      • Checked it through the Disney Magical Express, or
      • Checked it directly at the resort to your airline if
        a. you aren’t taking the Express, and
        b. your airline participates in Disney’s resort check in program (all airlines at Orlando International can take bags from Disney’s Magical Express, but not all can take a resort bag check from those guests who are not using the Express), or
      • Checked your luggage with your resort’s front desk for later recovery
  • If the weather, and your departure schedule, suits, beside the bags you are keeping as carry-ons, keep out one bag of pool clothes and gear (and, if you are staying at Pop Century, towels), as you will be able to use the pool at your hotel in the afternoon, even though you checked out.
  • Pop Century Guests: Be at your hotels’ bus stop by 7:20 am, and catch the bus to the Magic Kingdom
  • Polynesian Guests: be at the Resort Monorail Stop (reached from the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House) by 7:40


  • Be at the park by 8
  • After it opens, rent a locker and store your carry-ons
  • What you do next depends on what you did last night:
    • If you did not do Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain last night, fast-pass Splash Mountain and ride Big Thunder Mountain. Then ride Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, and the Haunted Mansion, returning to Splash Mountain when your fast pass says you can–but fast-passing the Haunted Mansion on your way to it if you have not yet seen it
    • If you did do those two rides last night, then fastpass the Jungle Cruise, do Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, and return to the Jungle Cruise when your fastpass reentry time has come–fastpassing any other rides you wish to see again before you head to the Jungle Cruise
  • Continue revisiting any other rides you have time for and wish to see again
  • Eat lunch at a convenient counter when you are ready (counter credit)
  • Return to your hotel and get ready to go!

Note: Bring The Comprehensive Guide to Rides and Rides that Might be Skipped in case your day gets to be too intense!


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