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Category — c. How Old/Tall Your Children Should Be for WDW

Taking Your Too Short/Young Kids to Walt Disney World Anyway, &*%$#!!


This site recommends waiting to go until your kids are at least 48 inches tall and in the third grade or older. If you do, all of the best of Disney World is open to them.

Of course, as noted several times before, kids of all ages can have a great time at Disney World. So you may be ignoring this instruction…

The problem with younger kids is that

  • Younger kids enjoy attractions that older ones and their parents would view as skippable
  • Older kids and their parents enjoy things that younger kids can’t or shouldn’t ride
  • Moreover, little kids also slow everyone else down, as they can’t keep up at the same pace as the rest of the family

The result is that it is very hard to keep everyone happy on a single Disney World trip, and the family overall does not have the best possible trip.

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What if Your Kids are Too Young/Short for Walt Disney World?


This site recommends that your children be at least 48 inches tall and have the emotional maturity of a typical third grader—likely age 8 or 9–when they visit the parks.

If so, then they will be able to ride all attractions with height restrictions, and should have the emotional maturity to appreciate most of the best of Disney, and to have fun even on the “scary” rides.

If this is impossible for you, the material below suggests that setting 44 inches as your target minimum height costs you only little.

However, children of this height may be as young as five and a half–or even younger.

For young children, test the effect that their first scary ride has on them, and base your exposure of them to further scary rides (listed below) on how that goes.

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How Old/Tall Your Children Should Be to Fully Enjoy Walt Disney World

“While every child is different, in general this guidance is dead on.” –David C., Pediatrician


If this will be your kids’ only childhood visit, as of your arrival date at Walt Disney World, your youngest child should be 8 or 9 or older, and your shortest child should be at least 48 inches tall.

See What if They’re Too Short/Young? if you just aren’t waiting til then.

Children of any height or age can enjoy Walt Disney World. However, this site assumes that you are not sure whether or not you will ever be returning for another visit.

Because you may not be returning, your children should be old enough, 8-9 years old or older, and tall enough, 48″ tall or taller, to fully enjoy Walt Disney World on what may be their only childhood visit.

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