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Taking Your Too Short/Young Kids to Walt Disney World Anyway, &*%$#!!

By Dave Shute


This site recommends waiting to go until your kids are at least 48 inches tall and in the third grade or older. If you do, all of the best of Disney World is open to them.

Of course, as noted several times before, kids of all ages can have a great time at Disney World. So you may be ignoring this instruction…

The problem with younger kids is that

  • Younger kids enjoy attractions that older ones and their parents would view as skippable
  • Older kids and their parents enjoy things that younger kids can’t or shouldn’t ride
  • Moreover, little kids also slow everyone else down, as they can’t keep up at the same pace as the rest of the family

The result is that it is very hard to keep everyone happy on a single Disney World trip, and the family overall does not have the best possible trip.

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