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Photo Tour of a Deluxe Queen Room at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista, Disney Springs Resort Area

By Dave Shute

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The Best Western Lake Buena Vista in the Disney Springs Resort Area has been purchased by Drury, and redevelopment, including another tower, is planned.

Right now the redevelopment is largely bulldozed dirt…

Until the new tower comes on line, rooms in the Best Western in the Disney Springs Resort Area are in an unusual three sided tower with reverse curves.  As a result, many of the rooms get an outline with angles and curves. Among them you can find large rooms with one king bed, two queens, and also two queens with a sleeper sofa.

This last, called a “deluxe queen room,” sleeping six, is what I stayed in. Regular queen rooms are largely similar, but lose the sofa bed and the alcove that you find it in, putting a wall with a straighter line and table and a couple of chairs here instead.

At the entry, you’ll find a wall on one side and the closet and bath on the other. (I’ve probably seen uglier carpets, I guess, but can’t think of any right now.)

The bath and closet area has the space to be a divided bath, but is not.  In place of a second sink, you’ll find a simple counter instead. Note the hair dryer mounted on the wall…

…and the coffee service.

A divided bath is always easier on family visitors, and is a near necessity for a group as large as the six people this room can fit.

Across from the counter you’ll find this mirrored closet.

One side includes a safe so large that I did not even bother to measure it. Note the luggage rack folded up back in the closet, and the extra bedding for the sofa bed above.

The other side of the closet includes an iron and ironing board, which may make me look fat.

Beyond these is the bath.

Bath toiletries offered.

The tub-shower combo.

Back in the main area of the room, one side has two queen beds and an easy chair.

The bed side from the back of the room.

A closer view of one of the beds.

A small bedside table includes a storage cubby.

An easy chair is back between the beds and the balcony. It rotates, making it almost as fun as Journey into Imagination With Figment.

The other side of the room has a desk, dresser, and in deluxe rooms a sofa bed, and in regular rooms a table and chairs.

The TV side of the room from the back.

A closer view of the desk.

The dresser has a TV above and a mini fridge inside. I measured the TV as a 37″ diagonal.  That’s pretty small these days.

The three good-sized drawers are likely fine for smaller families, but not enough for the six people this room can be booked for.

The mini fridge.

Deluxe queen rooms come with a sofa…

…that folds out into this bed. I got this bed as 72 inches long by 60 inches wide. It likely once had a 5 or 6 inch deep cushion, which has been beat up over the years into something closer to 4 inches, but it was surprisingly comfortable–I had no trouble sleeping on this sofa bed.

Even with the alcove at this point of the room that the couch fits into, when open, the foot of the sofa bed gets pretty close to the foot of the queen bed over here. My book, as the best-reviewed Disney World guide book, ever, looms large over the universe, but is in fact just 9 inches long–giving you an idea of how little space there is here.

Beyond the couch is the balcony.

Balconies are rarer in these Disney Springs Resort Area hotels than they ought to be, so it’s great that the Best Western offers them.  Some balconies have a distant view of the fireworks, others the lake (and construction) and others Hotel Plaza Boulevard.

The geometry and layout of these Best Western rooms makes them very wide–more than 14 feet at most points I measured.  It also makes it probably a fool’s errand to calculate their square footage, but even so I got this room as having on the order of 400 square feet.

At that size, these rooms are larger than most Disney World deluxe rooms.  And the balcony and easy chair are nice adds to the room. But the absence of a divided bath and/or an extra sink makes it hard for me to recommend this room for larger families. Couples and three person families should do fine.


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