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Photo Tour of a Tower Room at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, Disney Springs Resort Area

By Dave Shute

For the first page of this review of the Wyndham/Wyndham Garden, see this.


The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista in the Disney Springs Resort Area has two different accommodations buildings, which are marketed, kinda, as two different hotels.  (All share the same outside-the-room  amenities.)

The “Wyndham Garden” offerings are two full bed (or one king) rooms in low-rise buildings, with rooms accessed from exterior corridors. I have a photo tour of one of these Wyndham Garden rooms here.

The “Wyndham” rooms are two queen (or one king) offerings accessed from interior corridors in the main mid-rise tower.

This photo tour is of a two queen room in the Wyndham tower.

At the entry, as is common, the closet is on one side and the bath on the other.

The bath is not divided and has just sink–making it fine for a couple (or conventioneers–the WYndham is also a convention hotel) but a little rough for a family.

Here’s the shower/tub part of the bath…

…and the toiletries offered.

The hair dryer hangs on the door.

On the other side of the entry hall is the closet and a small open storage area. The storage cubbies are worth noting ,as dresser storage in this room, while not terrible, is a bit scant.

The closet is fairly routine. Note the full length mirror in one of the doors.

Deeper in the room you’ll find two queens on one side.

The bed side from the back.

A closer view of one of the beds.

There’s a large bedside table between them with a drawer and a cubby below.

The drawer is large enough for your important books.

The other side of the room has a desk and a dresser thingy with storage and a mini-fridge, with a small-ish TV above. The connecting door, if present, is also on this side.

The desk has a shelf above and several small drawers.

The dresser thingy has a 37 inch TV–these days that’s pretty small.

Underneath the drawer area of the thingy are two ottomans. With no easy chair in the room, these are a good add.

One space in the dresser that looks like a drawer actually opens to a large safe.

The inside of the safe. My book is 6″ x 9,” so there’s plenty of room in here for a couple of laptops.

This leaves three medium-sized drawers, fine for couples, a bit scant for a family of four.

Next to the drawers is a pantry-style pull out.  You can move the stuff in this out (with the small TV there’s plenty of room on top of the dresser) and use it for storage instead.

You’d probably want to take the coffee service out, anyway, to use it.

Also in this dresser thingy is the mini-fridge.

Rare these days in mini-fridges is the small freezer compartment–not of much use with no microwave in the room.

The orientation of the tower means all views are OK–Disney Springs on one side, and some forested low rise office buildings and the Best Western on the other. There are no balconies in either Wyndham accommodation building.

At 325 square feet, these Wyndham Lake Buena Vista rooms are smaller than the smallest Disney World deluxe rooms, but the small bath area results in a 240 square foot living area, as large or larger than you’ll find in the Disney deluxes except those along the monorail.

But the absence of a divided bath, extra sink, and an easy chair makes it hard for me to recommend this room for any but the smallest families–although the ottomans do help. Couples should do OK, but I’d still liked to have seen an easy chair between the beds and the window.


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