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Disney World Room Rate Deal for June 11 through August 1, 2018 Released

By Dave Shute


Today a Disney World room rate deal covering most nights from June 11 through August 1 2018 came out.

Discounts vary by booking date, with generally better deals if booked before May 22, and by resort and resort class.

Overall savings range from 10% to 25%, with the most popular hotels seeing lower savings rates.

Other, more complicated, deals came out today as well.  The best way to sort through your savings and choose the best is to work with my travel agent, Kelly B–she will do all the math for you.

Kelly B. has been the travel agent partner of this site for years. To book your vacation through her, contact her at or 980-429-4499. (Tell her  Dave sent you…and she may take a bit to get back to you, as she’s busy this morning trying to get the best deal for the clients she’s already serving!)


At the Disney World values resorts, Little Mermaid Rooms at Art of Animation are excluded. The other value resort options are 15% to 20%, depending on booking date.


At the moderates, Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside offer only 10% off.  Other moderate options offer savings of 15% to 20%, depending on when you book and where you stay.


At the deluxes, the Beach Club, Contemporary, Polynesian Village, and Wilderness Lodge have lower savings than the rest. Note that pre-discount deluxe prices are (for them) already low in the summer, and drop even lower on July 6.


At the DVC resorts, Bay Lake Tower, the Villas at the Grand Floridian, Bungalows at the Polynesian, and Cascade Cabins at Copper Creek are excluded. Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, the Animal Kingdom Villas, and the BoardWalk Villas are 20% to 25% off. The other DVC resorts are 10% to 15% off.

The deal needs to be booked by either May 22 (for the best savings) or August 1. Reviews of all these resorts are linked to on this page.

Disney’s page on this deal is here, and you can reach Kelly at or 980-429-4499, or by using the quote form below.

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1 Mark Garbowski { 03.21.18 at 12:05 pm }

This is somewhat off-topic but inspired by something you wrote above. You note that the Deluxe hotels have low (for them) prices in the summer and these discounts stack on top of those low-ish rates. On the DVC side, however, where the resorts line up with the Deluxe category, the period June 11 to August 15 comes in at the second highest cost point season.That season only requires fewer points than 3 weeks all year: Christmas week and the weeks pre and post Easter. There are 3 lower cost seasons. I can’t figure out why Disney would need to discount regular hotel guests so much in the same season when they are effectively charging a premium for DVC folks. Any thoughts?

2 Dave { 03.21.18 at 3:02 pm }

Hey Mark, it’s even odder when you add in that DVC rooms bought for cash follow the same price patterns as the deluxes.

Here’s my guess (oddly enough they don’t ask me before they make these decisions) as to why:

The competition for DVC rooms on points is among a known group deploying a known set of points to reserve a known set of rooms. There really aren’t any substitutes or other relevant competition. Because for almost all the essential purpose is a WDW vacation, point differences follow the convenient times for families to go on vacation.

For deluxe rooms (and DVC rooms bought on cash) there is a broad set of off-site competitors/substitutes with known brands. The consumers for these fall into three groups: business travelers, conventioneers, and vacationers. The first two groups are 1. not price sensitive (because they expense their costs) and 2. have the opposite schedules of family vacationers–especially conventioneers. Conventions in Florida are rare in the summer for weather reasons, and rare over holidays for family convenience reasons. Business travel drops a bit in the summer because it’s the most common time for vacations, and is also rare over holidays.

Because of this, but especially conventions, price-insensitive demand for business class and better rooms collapses in the summer. As a result, there are a lot of hungrily-discounted higher-end offsite rooms in the summer, forcing Disney’s deluxe prices down.

You don’t see as strong an effect on the values and mods as they are not typically substitutes for convention/business hotels.

3 Mark Garbowski { 03.22.18 at 9:15 am }

That makes sense, Dave. Thanks.

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