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Seven Night Sunday Arrival Version of 2017 Basic December Itinerary

By Dave Shute

This Walt Disney World itinerary is designed for the four weeks following Thanksgiving 2017.

It is a seven night variant of the Basic December 2017 Itinerary, with a Sunday arrival.

If you aren’t going one of those weeks, see Other Itineraries for alternatives the rest of the year, which are published about six months ahead.

You can enlarge the itinerary by clicking it. 

A detailed To-Do List covers all the reservations you need to make.

Daily agendas are in the links:

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1 Barbara { 04.21.18 at 1:33 pm }

Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for always being so helpful with questions! We are thinking about an early December trip, 12/9/18 – 12/16/18, although that is somewhat fluid as we are hoping for free dining. My granddaughter will be 20 months old, and this would be her first trip. This is our rough plan – 12/9, arrive and check in, Hoop Dee Doo Review, 12/10, Magic Kingdom, 12/11 Epcot, 12/12 Hollywood Studios, 12/13 Animal Kingdom, 12/14 Epcot, 12/15 Magic Kingdom, 12/16 depart after Tangled breakfast (we will be driving to and from NC), maybe revisit one park if needed for anything missed. We didn’t pick the 9 day plan because at her age, we didn’t think we needed 2 HS days or so much time in Epcot. Do you think this seems reasonable, or is it too early since the hours for the various parks haven’t been released yet? I tend to overthink and overplan, so I do understand I may be trying to do this too soon. Also, I have read about “bookending” trips, so we chose MK for the first and last days since these will be the most memorable. Any opinion on that? Again, thanks so much for your help and patience with anxious folks like me!

2 Dave { 04.23.18 at 8:02 am }

Hi Barbara! First, eye, I’ll be able to comment on your dates, but not for a while. Frankly, there’s not a lot for a 20 month old at Disney World. A couple of half days at Magic Kingdom, and maybe a half day at each of Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, would be more than enough…

3 Barbara { 04.23.18 at 6:38 pm }

Thank you! That’s kind of what I thought too, but her mother is determined.

4 Dave { 04.24.18 at 7:59 am }

🙂 Barbara

5 Mo { 08.30.18 at 10:40 pm }

I’m interested in the same dates. Thoughts?? 5 and 7 yo girls and a 1 yo along for the ride. This is actually not our first visit.

6 Dave { 08.31.18 at 7:59 am }

Mo, I’m sorry but I can’t tell what dates you are looking at…

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