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The 2015 Walt Disney World Week Picker

By Dave Shute

The 2015 Walt Disney World Week Picker from’s 2015 Disney World Week Picker is an alternative to the 2015 Week Rankings particularly suited to returning visitors or first-time visitors with specific weather concerns.

The way the Week Picker works is that on this page there’s four ways to think about crowds, and underneath each, four ways to think about prices.

Find how you think about crowds, then click the link underneath that fits how you think about prices.

That link will take you to a page asking what you think about weather.  Click the link on that page, and you’ll get your results!

Ready?  The 2015 Walt Disney World Week Picker starts now!

Click the link that best matches what you think about crowds and prices:

You wish to consider only weeks with low crowds, and:

You wish to consider only weeks with low or moderate crowds, and:

You wish to consider weeks with low, moderate, or high crowds–just not the highest crowds, and:

You don’t care about crowds, but are seeking:

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1 Theresa labaty { 10.12.15 at 10:54 am }

Hi Dave we plan to stay at disneyworld Oct 18-24. What days to what parks do you recommend. We only plan on going to the parks Mon-Fri.

2 Dave { 10.13.15 at 9:15 am }


10/19 avoid MK
10/20 avoid Epcot
10/21 avoid MK and AK
10/22 avoid Epcot
10/23 avoid Epcot and AK

If you don’t already know this–you need to get your FastPass+ now.

3 terri { 10.18.15 at 10:05 pm }

Hi !
We are planning a short trip to Disney…November 12,13 and 14. Any tips…two boys ages 7 and 9

4 Dave { 10.19.15 at 8:18 am }

Terri, for such a short trip a lot will vary depending on what the boys like. My itineraries are all geared to much longer trips. Suggest you take a look at my book, especially Chapter 6 which has ride reviews and park touring plans.

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