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The Best Time to Buy Disney World Tickets? Probably Right This Minute…

By Dave Shute


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(This page is sponsored by my friends at Undercover Tourist.)

Universal Orlando increased ticket prices yesterday, so Walt Disney World ticket prices likely will go up any day now.

Disney World has multiple ticket packages and multiple day lengths, but I expect overall increases will range from 4.5% to perhaps as much as 7%.

Currently–this may change someday–Disney tickets, once bought, can be activated anytime without any additional payments needing to be made.  So if you buy your tickets now, and prices go up, you’ll save the difference.

My friends at Undercover Tourist, a sponsor of this site, can save you even more. Savings there vary, but can be another 3-5%.  So buy your tickets now from them and you could save 7.5% to 10% compared to buying them from Disney after the price increase!

That could save the typical family following one of this site’s itineraries more than $100!

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1 Mike { 05.21.13 at 12:33 pm }

Dilemma being buy now or hold off for small chance of free dining or a good package deal for Nov? I assume UT tickets can’t be rolled into disney package promotional offers?

2 Dave { 05.21.13 at 4:23 pm }

Mike, some deals don’t require tickets. If one comes out that does, if you buy from UT, you can return your tix if needed for a 5% restocking charge…

3 Mike { 05.21.13 at 4:48 pm }

So affiliation with UT aside, would you buy tickets now or hold off for fall free dining (either PIN or general public offer)?

4 Dave { 05.21.13 at 4:57 pm }

Mike, if you will be able to go to WDW another time besides this fall, then I’d buy now. The tickets will be good for either the fall–if there’s no deal that requires tix–or the future trip!

5 Heather { 07.29.13 at 8:22 am }

We will be in disney 3 full days plus arrival day midday and departure day leaving late. Do you recommend 5 day tickets? If I’m looking at the prices correctly (on undercover tourist) it seems a 4 day on costs $290.95 & a 5 day costs $291.95? Only $1 for 5th day?

6 Dave { 07.29.13 at 10:18 am }

Heather, the UT prices vary a bit because of their deals. See this for the list prices:

Days after the first three are very inexpensive.

I’d at least buy 4 days, and add a fifth when your decide you want one on site (but before the end of day 4)

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