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Irene and Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments about the potential impact of Hurricane Irene on Walt Disney World.

As I update this Thursday morning, it looks like Irene will cause little to no trouble at Walt Disney World. has an overview of Irene here and an Irene threat level map here.

Over this week, as the projected track has moved further east, the threat level for Orlando has moved from “medium,” to “low” to none.  The current expectation is for possible rain and wind gusts Friday morning.

Check the links above or below for up to date forecasts.

The local paper, the Orlando Sentinel, also has good info.

Storms like this are usually not a severe issue for Walt Disney World.

Even if they pass right over Disney World, their journey over land to Orlando dissipates their energy and makes them more like a really bad thunderstorm than like what most people visualize as a hurricane.

But things change, so stay up to date with the links, especially with the Irene threat level map and its cone of uncertainty.

For more on hurricanes at Walt Disney World, see this, and for some basic precautions see the lower part of my tornado page here.



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