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Magic Kingdom Day 3 Disney World 2016 FastPass+ Basic December Itinerary

By Dave Shute


Today you have the morning off, and then in the early afternoon continue your visit the Magic Kingdom.

You should have FastPass+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, and the Haunted Mansion


You should have dinner scheduled at Chef Mickey’s at the nearby Contemporary Resort at 6p.

(Note: this is from the 2016 Basic December Itinerary. The itinerary works only for the three weeks after Thanksgiving. See this for other itineraries.)


  • Sleep in and eat breakfast in your room
  • Either eat lunch in your hotel or arrive at the park earlier than 12:45p to dine there
  • Arrive at Magic Kingdom by 12:45p


At Magic Kingdom today your goal is to complete seeing Liberty Square and Fantasyland while fitting in your meal at Chef Mickey’s, viewing the Christmas decoration at a few nearby hotels, and if you wish seeing the evening entertainment.

  • Enter the park, grab a Times Guide, and if you plan to see them, confirm the time of Wishes and if there is one–there probably will not be–the evening parade
  • Go to Fantasyland and see Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with FastPass+
  • Head into Storybook Circus at the back of Fantasyland and ride Dumbo, and if it looks like fun, Barnstormer
  • Come back on the other side of the Mine Train and ride Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Head towards the Castle and see Mickey’s Philharmagic
  • Ride it’s a small world
  • See Peter Pan’s Flight with FastPass+
  • Take the path between Peter Pan and it’s a small world to Liberty Square and see Haunted Mansion (FastPass+)
  • Look for a fourth FastPass+ on your phone if you’d like to return to a ride
  • See the Christmas decorations at the Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge framed around your 6p dinner at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. The simplest way to do this, if you can start by 4.30, is to
    1. Take the resort monorail around the Seven Seas Lagoon, get off at the Grand Floridian, and check it out, starting with its lobby
    2. Re-board the resort monorail, and take it to the Contemporary.  Get off and dine at Chef Mickey’s there
    3. Take the boat from the Contemporary (in the back, beyond the pools) to the Wilderness Lodge, get off and check it out, focusing on the lobby
    4. From the Wilderness Lodge boat dock, take the Magic Kingdom boat back to the park
  • What you do next is up to you. Use your fourth FastPass+ if you booked one; revisit favorite rides; stay for the fireworks show Wishes (similar, but not identical, to the fireworks you saw earlier this week); watch the evening parade if there is one (the former Main Street Electrical Parade stopped in October, and as I write this no replacement is known to be imminent); and/or
  • Head back to your hotel


Tomorrow you complete your visit to the Animal Kingdom.


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