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Seven Night Saturday Arrival Version of Basic 2016 December FastPass+ Itinerary

By Dave Shute


This Walt Disney World itinerary is designed for the three weeks following Thanksgiving 2016.

It is a seven night variant of the Basic December 2016 FastPass+ Itinerary, with a Saturday arrival.


If you aren’t going one of those weeks, see Other Itineraries for alternatives the rest of the year, which are published about six months ahead.

You can enlarge the itinerary by clicking it. 

A detailed To-Do List covers all the step you need to undertake.

Specific instructions for each day of your visit are in the links:

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1 Maria { 09.15.16 at 12:27 pm }

Hello! Great site, thank you!!! Going to WDW with a 2 y-o and 70 y-o who are first timers, 7-day hopper tickets, 12/1-8, probably renting a car at MCO, staying off-site. Do you suggest we take a late lunch break when at MK and EP? Planning to cook to lower costs. Also planning to visit SeaWorld (very close to hotel) and a beach day ideally (worth it in Dec?). Very preliminary itinerary:
12/1: EP by 4:30-5?
12/2: MK
12/3: Not sure. SeaWorld or Beach? Is this even a good day for a break or a park is better?
12/4: AK, son will nap in stroller, back to hotel and Disney Springs/Boardwalk night?
12/5: HS
12/6: am break (SeaWorld?), MVMCP (already purchased tickets)
12/7: EP, leave early?
12:8: ?, 7pm MCO departure.

I have read that it is recommended to drive to/from parks if we do have a car, shuttle service is provided by the hotel but the schedule is not convenient if planning to take pm breaks. Renting/parking will end up being cheaper than shuttles and taxis.
Is a character breakfast meal really worth it?

Any ideas, suggestions are very welcome!!!

2 Dave { 09.16.16 at 1:50 pm }

Hi Maria, December weather can be great or cold, so while reserving a day for the beach be prepared to skip it if it is cold! 12/2 is not a great MK day. Having your own rental car will make everything much easier.

3 Maria { 09.17.16 at 12:55 am }

Thanks Dave, you really are a savior. Planning all this for the first time is totally overwhelming and your website and knowledge are trully amazing and helpful!
So since 12/2 isn’t a good day for MK (I suppose bc it’s the short day), should we go on Saturday 12/3 when it closes at 10? Aren’t EMH to be avoided? What about going on Friday 12/2 for part of the day, take a break and go to another park? Since we’ll have a rental, I’m sure we’ll break as much as possible and use 6 FP+.

4 Dave { 09.17.16 at 11:39 am }

Maria MK has EMH the 2nd, but not the third.

5 Maria { 09.26.16 at 10:13 am }

Thanks! I am confused as to what other days plan to go to MK. Sat 12/3 and Tue 12/6 (MVMCP 4pm). Do you suggest Fri 12/2 or Wed 12/7? Planning Sun 12/4 at AK and Mon 12/5 at HS but trust your opinion to avoid crowds. I can park hop if necessary. Thanks!!!!!

6 Dave { 09.26.16 at 2:27 pm }

Maria, 12/2, especially if you are staying at a resort eligible for EMH and can arrive before they start

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