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Halloween 2016 at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute


Halloween 2016 at Disney World from yourfirstvisit.netWhile Halloween itself is October 31st of course, Walt Disney World provides a special Halloween celebration at the Magic Kingdom many evenings in September and October 2016.

This celebration is called “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party,” or “MNSSHP” for short.

At the party, many of the Magic Kingdom’s rides are open, and trick or treating, special events, and different parades and fireworks are offered.

The official Disney World page and prices for this event can be found here.

Click the images below for the 2016 offerings (from early September).

And you can find a review of the 2016 MNSSHP party here.

Map Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016 Page 1 from

Map Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016 Page 2 from


Street Art at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party from yourfirstvisit.netThis party occurs from 7p-12MN  on certain evenings at the Magic Kingdom in September, October, and some years (not in 2016) even early November.

The 2016 Halloween Party dates are:

  • September 2016: 9/2, 9/8, 9/11, 9/13, 9/16, 9/18, 9/20, 9/23, 9/25 9/29 and 9/30
  • October 2016: 10/2, 10/4, 10/6, 10/7, 10/10, 10/11, 10/13, 10/14, 10/16, 10/18, 10/20, 10/21, 10/23, 10/25, 10/27, 10/28, 10/30 and 10/31
  • November 2016: none

You need to buy a special ticket for this party. This ticket is different from regular Walt Disney World park admission tickets.

  • The special party ticket does not allow you to enjoy the rides and attractions of the Magic Kingdom before the Party starts–you need a regular ticket for that (but typically you can get in as early as 4p, even though the ticket will say 7p.)
  • Regular tickets used to enter the park earlier the day of a Party do not give you access to the Party–you need to have the special Party ticket

The party tickets are expensive, so why would first-time visitors be interested? A couple of potential reasons

  • Evening parades and fireworks are rarer this time of year, so going to one of the parties is a way to guarantee you can see them–though the Halloween parade and fireworks are different (and better!!) than what you’ll see on regular nights
  • Operating hours at the Magic Kingdom are shorter this time of year, so the Party allows you more time there within the same visit
  • Walt Disney World sells only a limited number of tickets to each party, so the evening waits can be much less long than other nights these months

Many families go the first time for one of these reasons…and then going becomes a tradition!

On the other hand, families following one of the standard 8-night itineraries on this site will see the fireworks and evening parade, and have plenty of time at the Magic Kingdom.

For that reason, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is not designed into this site’s itineraries.

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1 Disney { 02.17.16 at 9:19 am }

We have never been to the parties and we are going to Disney Aug 27- September 4th. I hope the party starts on September 2nd. That is our planned Magic Kingdom Day and this would be the icing on the cake!!!

2 Dave { 02.17.16 at 9:31 am }

Fingers crossed, Angela!

3 Erika { 02.24.16 at 9:58 am }

For various reasons our trip was bumped from last October to mid-September. Arriving Saturday, September 17 and departing Friday, 9/23. Looks like we’ll still be able to attend MNSSHP which was a must for the kiddos! What do you think, Sunday night 9/18 or Tuesday night 9/20 (assuming those dates make the official date cut)? As far as that is concerned, any advice you can give for those dates would be great. My 180 is approaching quickly and my change of plans has thrown me into a tizzy. 😉 You are so helpful! This site, I tell ya. THE BEST!

4 Erika { 02.24.16 at 9:59 am }

*last part of October, sorry

5 Erika { 02.24.16 at 10:01 am }

Ugh, also super worried about the weather! Have you been in September before? We are not small people.

6 P { 02.24.16 at 4:05 pm }

If I use my Halloween party ticket to get into MK at 4:00 can I ride the rides then or do I have to wait until 7:00?

7 Dave { 02.25.16 at 8:30 am }

Erika, the basic advice is to go on school nights, so either should be fine, although Tuesday might be a little better.

9/17 avoid AK and MK
9/18 avoid HS
9/19 avoid AK and MK
9/20 avoid Epcot
9/21 avoid MK
9/22 avoid Epcot
9/23 avoid HS and Epcot
9/24 avoid HS

8 Dave { 02.25.16 at 8:31 am }

I’ve been in September a bunch, and it can be miserably hot and humid. See this for more on the month.

9 Dave { 02.25.16 at 8:35 am }

P yes you can ride at 4p!

10 Marisa { 03.15.16 at 9:25 am }

Our travel dates are 10/27 through 11/2 this year. We arrive very early morning on the 27th, so we have almost a full day that first day. Is it too soon to ask which days might be the best to try the Halloween party? And also which parks to avoid on which days? Thanks!!

11 Dave { 03.16.16 at 7:35 am }

Marisa, I wont be able to comment til the calendars are out–October should be soon, and November in about a month

12 Marisa { 03.22.16 at 8:30 am }

Hi! Just checking in to see if the October calendars are out yet? Our travel dates are above (10/27-11/2/16) and I’d love to have an idea of which parks to avoid on which days. I think we’ve tentatively decided to skip MNSSHP. Since our dates cross over into November, will we have to wait for the Nov calendars to come out to get a complete picture of how we should plan our days? Thanks so much for any help you can give!

13 Dave { 03.22.16 at 3:59 pm }

Marisa, for October:
10/27 avoid Epcot
10/28 avoid Epcot and AK
10/29 avoid Epcot, MK and AK
10/30 avoid Epcot and HS
10/31 avoid AK
November is still a bit of a guess for a month, but right now I’d say 11/1 avoid Mk and Epcot and 11/2 avoid MK.

14 Marisa { 03.22.16 at 10:10 pm }

Thanks so much for the help! Just curious, it looks like we’re avoiding Epcot almost every day, is there a specific reason for this?
Loving your site, I can’t stop reading it! I’m actually not a first timer, but haven’t been in 18 years, so everything feels new. But, it’s my kids’ first trip!

15 Dave { 03.23.16 at 7:47 am }

Marisa, Epcot draws extra crowds on Tuesdays and Thursdays, its EMH days, and during Food and Wine World Showcase is quite crowded Friday nights and over the weekend.

So glad you like the site!!

16 Kelly B - Destinations In Florida { 03.23.16 at 4:39 pm }


Something to keep in mind is that even when Epcot has high crowd levels, it doesn\’t feel as crowded as the other parks with that same crowd level. The walkways are wide. Very much of the park is set by how long you want to enjoy something (Especially in World Showcase).

17 Julie { 03.24.16 at 10:54 am }

We are planning a trip oct/nov. We will have 4 days at the parks Oct 31-Nov 3. I’m trying to decide if MNSSHP is going to be worth it on Halloween. I mean obviously Halloween would be the “awesome” day to go, but I’d think it would be crazy?! It will be my husband and I and our 5 amd 2 yr old. I’m thinking about opting for a low key option on Halloween and doing Hollywood studios with minnies halloween dinner ar hollywood and vine. Any other alternatives or advice on this?? Thanks!!

18 Julie { 03.24.16 at 10:55 am }

4 full park days that is. We arrive oct 30 and leave nov 4 :)

19 Dave { 03.26.16 at 9:59 am }

Julie, at the prices I would wait for a future trip when the 2yo is older and more able to appreciate it. The Minnie dinner is a great idea! Also if you are staying at a WDW resort there will likely be some low-key Halloween play in the hotel that evening.

That said, Disney limits the number of tix it sells for such events, so while the public areas will be crowded Halloween evening, the ride waits will be low.

20 Julie { 03.26.16 at 8:05 pm }

Awesome, thanks! Yes, I had heard some of the resorts do things on Halloween. We will be staying at Pop Century so maybe they will do something!
On another note.. I’m trying to make the final decisions on restaurant reservations. When will the calendars be out for you to recommend which days at which parks to avoid? So far my thinking is Mon (10/31) HS, tues AK, wed epcot and thurs MK. But wanted to be sure i could get a little better confirmation on that before The 180 day mark when i make our reservations.
(Also, it’s crazy that I have to think all of this out like this! I feel a little psycho/ocd/controlling bahaha!! I remember going on a whim and being able to do everything I wanted!)
Thanks for your help, your site is so helpful!!

21 Dave { 03.27.16 at 12:58 pm }

Julie, yes it is maddening!

October is out, and November will be out in about three weeks to a month. The 31st will be fine at HS, and my guess of November calendar suggests your other park days will be fine too!

22 Julie { 03.27.16 at 7:03 pm }

Great. Thank you again!!

23 Jessica { 03.30.16 at 10:43 am }

Hi. We are booked to arrive early morning on Oct. 30th and leave Nov. 5th. we are having trouble figuring out which day to do the Halloween party. since they don’t have any dates in November that leaves us with the 30t or 31st.

24 Jessica { 03.30.16 at 10:44 am }

Also, do you know when tickets go on sale?

25 Dave { 03.30.16 at 3:44 pm }

Jessica the two dates should be pretty similar.

26 Dave { 03.30.16 at 3:45 pm }

No, sorry…

27 Lisa { 04.08.16 at 3:34 pm }

Hey Dave!
Just wondering any rumors on the pricing for the Halloween tickets this year. I certainly hope they are not going to jack the price to 148.00 per person. Ughhh wish us all luck on that one.

28 Dave { 04.09.16 at 9:20 am }

No rumors, Lisa. I’d expect an increase of 5-10%–not $149!!

29 Mary { 04.23.16 at 2:26 pm }

Hi Dave, If we are attending Magic Kingdom on October 20, 21,22, but NOT attending the halloween party, would you say party days in MK are lower crowds (because many people arrive at 4?) Or larger crowds? Wondering if we should try another park other than MK on Halloween party days, or if those are the right days to stay at MK. THanks!
Thank you!

30 Mary { 04.25.16 at 3:59 pm }

Also, which do you think would be less crowded – A saturday at Magic Kindgom, or a Friday with magic Hours and the Not So Scary Halloween party at night? We wouldn’t be attending the Halloween Party, just going during the day and trying to determine which day is better to spend at Magic Kindgom. Thank you!

31 Dave { 04.26.16 at 8:46 am }

Mary, on average Party days are much better at MK, but this difference was not as strong last year.

32 Dave { 04.26.16 at 8:49 am }

Mary, of the two, the Friday.

33 Fred { 06.29.16 at 8:03 pm }

Hey Dave
My family and I are coming sep 4th for a week. My son’s make a wish trip.
Will the 4th be last night for fire works till the Halloween party on 8th

34 Dave { 06.30.16 at 5:37 pm }

Fred, that week the Magic Kingdom fireworks show Wishes will be on every night but Thursday the 8th and Sunday the 11th. See this.

35 Dawn Grover { 07.19.16 at 8:49 pm }

Hey Dave,
Going to Disney 9/20-9/24
Why do you suggest days to avoid certain parks?
Asking because the parks we were planning were on the days you suggested to avoid.
If we are at MK the day of the not so scary Halloween party, are the fireworks for all to view?
Would you suggest going to it? Is it really worth the extra money? Going with my 14 year old daughter.

36 Dave { 07.20.16 at 8:28 am }

Dawn, crowds in the parks ebb and flow daily based on what is scheduled for both them and other parks. That’s what the days to avoid are based on.

On Party days, only those with tickets can see the fireworks.

Yes I would recommend the party for you!

37 Eric { 09.08.16 at 4:22 pm }

Hi Dave. This might be a dumb question, or possibly answered above, but what if I went to MK (with a regular ticket) on a day of the party. Would I not be able to go on rides etc after 7? How is that managed?

38 Kelly B - Destinations In Florida { 09.09.16 at 10:12 am }

Hi Eric,

Guest attending MNSSHP and MVMCP are given special party bracelets. In order to enter any ride. attraction, etc after 7pm (the start of the party), you must be wearing one of those bracelets. There are also cast members all over asking and checking guests to see if you have the bracelet. If you are not wearing one the will escort you out of the park. If you are hoping to make a dining reservation – the times vary, but basically you must have a reservation beginning before 6:10-6:20pm.

39 todd { 09.17.16 at 9:49 am }

So I am hear this weekend. Looking at HS Sat and MK Sun (9-17-18) Does MK still have the parade and fireworks for the regular park hours or is it canceled and only offered for Party hours?

40 Dave { 09.17.16 at 11:40 am }

Todd, see this

41 Chris { 09.26.16 at 6:22 pm }

We were planning on going to MK on Halloween with EMH at 7 am and no party ticket. What do you think the crowds will be like ? Should we move around plans? Thanks!

42 Eric { 09.27.16 at 10:53 am }

Hey Dave, another question (apologies for my obsession with this). Looking at those dates, I see they are having the party in October every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday – plus Columbus day and Halloween (both on Mondays, this year). Do you have the 2014 & 2015 dates saved somewhere? I’m curious if this is a consistent pattern. I’m going Oct 2017 (14-21). And trying to plan everything out now. Because I’m nuts.

43 Kelly B - Destinations In Florida { 09.28.16 at 11:26 am }

Here you go Eric

2014 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party September 1, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 26 & 28. October 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30 & 31.

2015 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party September 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27.
October 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31.
November 1

44 Dave { 09.28.16 at 2:36 pm }

Chris, if you can arrive before EMH begin, you should be fine!

45 Dave { 09.28.16 at 2:37 pm }

Eric, Kelly gave you the actual dates. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the October pattern has been just as you describe!

46 Eric { 09.29.16 at 1:22 pm }

Hi Kelly & Dave,

Thanks so much for all the info! Kelly, I’m sure we’ll be discussing in 6 months or so when it’s time to start finalizing agenda :-)

47 Lauren { 10.21.16 at 10:05 am }

Does downtown disney offer trick or treating on October 31st? They have in past years but can’t find if they are doing it this year or not.

48 Dave { 10.21.16 at 12:03 pm }

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