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Seven Night FastPass+ Itinerary For High Crowd Periods at Walt Disney World

By Dave Shute

Below is a seven night variant of the eight night FastPass+ High Crowd Itinerary.

Seven Night FastPass+ Itinerary for High Crowd Weeks from v4

Look–I’m not particularly keen on this itinerary.

The eight night itinerary is action-packed enough, and creating a seven night variant from it requires cutting out a sleep-in morning, building a really long day at the Animal Kingdom, and cutting the Magic Kingdom back to the bone. So a rough visit becomes even rougher.

But people keep asking for such, so here it is…

Park days, dining and FastPass+ targets are set, so you will be able to make your dining reservations at the 180 day mark and FastPass+ when the 60 day window for FastPass+ sign-ups opens–all covered in the To-Do List for this itinerary.

Your steps for each day are in the following:

Saturday  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday



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1 Dawn { 05.11.14 at 5:51 am }

Hi Dave. We (family of 4 son 7 and daughter 11) will be visiting WDW June 2 (get in at 5pm )- 9 (leave at 6 pm) We are staying at the ART of Animation and have purchased the dining plan and a 7 day hopper tix. Since we are coming from Hawaii we wanted to spend one day at Universal for Harry Potter and Transformers. I have booked some dining but I am having difficulty planning our week. I know it’s not as long as it should be, but can you suggest the best place to start. When looking at your itinerary should I follow it by your first day Sat. (or mine -Mon) or go by day by day your mon = my mom. I’m so overwhelmed … I’m confusing myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2 Dave { 05.11.14 at 4:43 pm }

Dawn, you can’t really adapt my itineraries that much, and there’s a lot going on that week. So here’s what I’d do: pick which parks which day using Josh’s calendar here and then use his “cheat sheets” to plan your days

3 Dennis { 07.19.15 at 11:58 am }

Hi Dave,
I just found your site a week ago, because we were trying to plan our disney vacation next year in july, and I was very pleased and happy to find this itinerary. First of all thank you for the work you have put into this. We are really on a budget here though, and are considering staying at the Fort Wilderness Campsites because its cheaper. Have you stayed there before or do you know anything about it? Would you recommend the campsites? I have heard that it is really hot during those times so do they have any fans or air conditioning? And by all means is it as easy to follow this itinerary if staying at the campsites?

4 Dave { 07.20.15 at 10:26 am }

Dennis, I’ve stayed at Fort Wilderness a ton. See this for a detailed review including weather thoughts.

There’s two places to stay here: campsites to which you bring your own gear (tents or RVs), and cabins. Only the campsites are inexpensive. The cabins have AC but are expensive.

Tell me about the group you are bringing (number of people and ages) and I can advise you on the least expensive air-conditioned spots.

5 Dennis { 07.20.15 at 10:32 am }

Well we have me and my wife, and my two kids that will be 12 and 16 by that time. Oh and thanks for explaining to me that there are two types of campsites because I was reading about those yesterday on the disney site, and got kind of confused. We want to stay in the cabins that have AC.

How do the cabin prices compare with the prices at All Star Sports? If they are about the same or more expensive, I guess we will just suck it up and stay at All Star Sports.

6 Dave { 07.21.15 at 9:45 am }

Dennis, the cabins are much more expensive. In July of next year, on a weeknight the Cabins (including tax) will be $376 and Sports will be $150.

7 Dennis { 07.22.15 at 3:50 am }

Oh well I guess it makes no sense then. I’ll just stick with Sports even though its a little expensive.

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