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New Free Disney World Dining Deal through March 2012

By Dave Shute

Disney World has a new free dining deal that covers many dates from October 2011 through March 2012.

The deal needs to be booked by October 29, 2011. Update: for 2012 dates, the book-by window has been extended to December 17. See this for more.

According to this post on the Disney Food Blog, available arrival dates are as follows (updated 8/26–those who have already booked the old dates will still get the free dining; new bookings must use the new dates)


  • October 1-6
  • October 22-November 3
  • November 12-17
  • November 26-December 1
  • December 10-December 15
  • October 2-8
  • October 23-November 5
  • November 13-19
  • November 27-December 3
  • December 11-17


  • January 8-12
  • January 21-February 2
  • February 11-16
  • March 3-8
  • March 24-29
  • January 8-14
  • January 22-February 4
  • February 12-18
  • March 4-10
  • March 25-31



1 Dee { 08.04.11 at 2:24 pm }

Do you think they will offer another discount for those who are coming on the black out days? We are coming Oct 8-14, but there is no discount 🙁

2 Dave { 08.04.11 at 3:57 pm }

Dee–did you try? The reason I ask is that my source for the dates has corrected them, and October 8 now ends one of the available periods…

Otherwise the blackout dates are periods when Disney feels it can sell hotel rooms well enough without extra discounts, so it likely won’t add other discounts that cover these black out dates.

3 Joyce { 08.04.11 at 8:13 pm }

Do you know if the military salute discounts can be combined with the free dining plan? We are planning on going during one of the weeks and was just curious about the best deal.

4 Dave { 08.05.11 at 5:56 am }

Joyce, to get the free dining plan you also have to buy (undiscounted) tickets. I’m not sure if it’s a minimum of one day of tix per person, as has been the case in some past deals, or more. I’ll find out!

5 Dave { 08.05.11 at 12:21 pm }

Joyce–my friends at Destinations in Florida have confirmed that you have to buy just one day worth of tix (for each room occupant). Usually it’s a slightly better deal for military families to do that and free dining, and use the military salute for the rest of their tickets.

To get them to help you, use the form on the lower right side of this site.

Hope this helps, Dave

6 june { 08.07.11 at 4:57 pm }

hey,my family is going in nov.2012 i see yall have free dining in 2012 will yall have it in nov. 2012 we will have 4 familys coming with us in 2012

7 Dave { 08.08.11 at 9:29 am }

Hi June!

I don’t work for DIsney or have any affiliation with them, so I don’t have any special insight into their plans.

If they do have free dining in November 2012, the most likely week for it to be offered is the week after Thanksgiving, and the least likely weeks are Thanksgiving week itself, and the first full week of the month!

8 Kim { 08.09.11 at 3:25 pm }

Hello! Just wondeirng if you would expect Disney to give free dining at all in Apr 2012?

9 Dave { 08.09.11 at 4:22 pm }

Hi Kim! No way to know now…if it did, it would begin most likely th 15th…

10 Jamie { 08.11.11 at 3:08 pm }

We’re coming April 15th 2012. When do you think they’d bring the deals out for April??? I’d love to see a free dining offer!!

11 Dave { 08.11.11 at 8:38 pm }

Hi Jamie! There’s nor real predicting if or when, just keep your fingers crossed!

12 Rob { 08.15.11 at 11:22 pm }

If I book at a time when there are no deals in place and one subsequently becomes available, is there any way to take advantage of it?

13 Dave { 08.16.11 at 6:25 am }

Hi Rob you sure can! So long as your hotel and dates qualify for the new deal, you can switch to it. This is easier to do through a travel agent than by yourself…

14 David { 08.20.11 at 4:35 pm }

We are planning on going to WDW during a week that offers free dining. Is that automatically included when I book it, or do I need to request it? When I enter in the dates and such on WDW website it doesn’t mention anything about it.

15 Dave { 08.21.11 at 6:28 am }

Hi David!

To get the offer, you have to either book over the phone, book with a travel agent, or use special offer links–i.e. this one:

If you don’t you won’t get anything free–you’ll pay full prices for the period…

16 Amy { 08.26.11 at 5:31 pm }

We were planning on going February 4th – 10th.

Do you think there is something going on that is making that a popular week? I’m worried about crowds.

17 Dave { 08.26.11 at 6:25 pm }

Hiya Amy!

I should have chosen my words more carefully, and I’ll sharpen them in a minute as soon as I post this.

Your week is not one of the “popular” weeks I had in mind. I expect it to be a terrific week from a crowd point of view–one of the lowest of the year.

Disney picks its discount dates–and for that matter, its resort price seasons–not around crowds but around maximizing overall resort hotel profitability, which basically comes down to a balance of “cannibalization”–that is giving deals to people who would have come anyway at higher prices, thus leaving money on the table–with the extra profits that come from enticing people into a Disney hotel who would not have stayed in a Disney hotel without the discount/lower prices.

A couple of things may be going on your week.

One may be–and I’m not kidding–that it’s such an “unpopular” week that discounting wouldn’t drive enough volume to make up for the cannibalization. So why discount?

Another may be that there’s some sports thingy going on–e.g. and I’m making this up, the national middle school lacrosse championships–that makes Disney think it can sell enough rooms at standard rates that it does not want to give much in the way of discounts in an already low-priced week. (Sports can be annoying at the hotels, but they have little impact on crowds.) I can’t find such an event, but a ton of such things go on at ESPN that most of us never know about.

I’ll post more on this issue later–but your week will be great!!

Hope this helps, Dave

18 Kristyne Smith { 09.04.11 at 11:14 am }

We are looking at going to Walt Disney World with our kids ( 2 adults 2 children ages 6 and 8) in October 2012 – I am hoping that a free dining deal will be avalible around that time. But you mention to book 180 in advance so how do we make sure we book on time and still qualify if a free dining plan becomes available. Also we are looking at staying at the recommended Polysian and trying to stay within your listed itinary – however you mention breakfast in room ( my son does not eat cereal ) any other good suggestion that we can stock the fridge with that we can find on site??? Also any other tips or suggestions would be great. IE renting strollers as kids might get tired vs bringing our own. boat rentals etc. Thanks Dave !

19 Dave { 09.04.11 at 3:12 pm }

Hi Kristyne!

When a deal comes out, you can re-book your deal to it, if your dates and hotel are eligible. You can do this on your own, but its easiest to do it via a travel agent, as they can set it up so that its most likely you are eligible. Use the form on the lower right of this site.

Also, you don’t have to book your hotel 180 days out–just your meals. Booking your hotel then too gives you ten days extra days of meal booking ahead of everyone else who hasn’t booked a Disney hotel, but if you’d rather risk those ten days you can. You may miss pout on a few of the most popular meal options…

Not following you on the breakfast question…

Boat rental is fun on your second or third trip but you’ll have plenty to do this time without them!

You can rent strollers at the parks, which is convenient if your kids wear out!

Hope this helps and have a great trip! Dave

20 Lori { 09.04.11 at 4:01 pm }

We are hoping to go during one of the free dining times in Jan/Feb. At the Disney page it lists the deal as free with a 5 day stay. We are planning on buying a 7-day pass. Is there a way to link the dining plan into this? (We are also planning on staying 10 days and taking 3 days off of the park as we are going with a 3 and 1 yr old. We are assuming for the best price we need to go with a 7-day package and book 3 more days in the hotel separate. Do you concur?)

21 Dave { 09.04.11 at 4:16 pm }

Hi Lori!

The 5 night stay is mimimum; you can get free dining for longer stays as well.

I’m pretty sure that you should be able to get a 7 day ticket and a ten day hotel stay.(There’s a minimum buy on tix to get the dining deal, but once you’ve crossed it I don’t thinbk you have to buy tix to match your hotle stay.

However, if I’m wrong and they force you to buy a ten day ticket, the way DIsney prices tix is that they are almost free after the third day–e.g. $9/person/day. So this would still be a deal with free dining!

Hope this helps!


22 Mercedes { 09.06.11 at 10:48 pm }

We are planing to arrive at Disney Orlando on Dec 31 until Jan 14. We will stay at a Disney resort and we’ve asked for dining plan plus. Do you know if we can ask for the free dining plan for the days after Jan 8?

23 Dave { 09.07.11 at 8:29 am }

Hi Mercedes!

The answer is yes and no.

The free dining goes by arrival date. Your 12/31 arrival date is not eligible. However, you can make two different reservations–one from 12/31 through the night of the 7th, and a second beginning the night of 1/8. You can then get free dining on the second reservation.

Note this may require you to change rooms, or even change hotels, if your first hotel is not available for free dining in the second time period.. If you have to change hotels, adding a night to the first reservation so that you have two rooms on the 8th will make this simpler…

24 Elizabeth U. { 09.10.11 at 5:43 pm }

My kids fall break at school always falls within the two weeks in October that Disney doesn’t offer free dining. Why do they choose those two weeks not to offer free dining? Just curious why they choose the only week we can go. Thank you.

25 Dave { 09.11.11 at 6:49 am }

Hi Elizabeth!!

That stinks. They pick their discount dates based on whether they think they can get enuf full rate bookings without them. Your kids breaks may just fall into times (like Columbus Day) when DIsney thinks it get can enough revenue without discounting…

26 Justin { 09.15.11 at 8:45 pm }

I’m planning on Dec 2011 trip. With free dining plan for 10 days, the package (ticket, room, free meals) comes out to be $2700 for Pops and $3100 for Moderate resrot. If I buy separte tickets and book same room through expedia, Pops stay yields $2200 and Moderate resort, $2800. I guess their free dining is not really free or go for moderate resort since saving is greater, right? Still ok deal but I was planning spend on 5 days at disney and 5 days at discover cove, KSC, tampa and other parts of Orlando. Not sure whether I should still stay at “expensive” disney resort and get free breakfast and dinner…

27 Ashlee { 09.16.11 at 6:58 am }

Hi Dave!

I have a quick question I’m sure you get often 🙂 Me and my boyfriend have one child.. and while times are hard for lots of people I know, there’s definitely no exception for us.. I have friends that have booked though travel agents recently but started paying about 6 months before their trip, leaving their monthly payments higher than the rent on their house! Lol Do you know of any site where you can book and start paying earlier so that the monthly payments can be a little bit more affordable? Thanks 🙂

28 Dave { 09.16.11 at 12:13 pm }

Justin–I can’t quite get your math to work.

Expedia is showing me the exact same rates that Disney has for comparable rooms (both pre and post tax) at Pop and the moderates, and I can’t find any nine night period where the difference between Pop and the moderates isn’t at least around $700.

Are you perhaps leaving out tax, in the comparison or comparing standard rooms to preferred rooms?

29 Dave { 09.16.11 at 12:17 pm }

Hi Ashley!
I don’t know of anything like what you are looking for.

However, there may be some money saving ideas that make the payments less than your mortgage 🙂 on this page:

30 Kinya { 10.09.11 at 7:22 pm }

Looking to travel to Disney by car possibly around the week of February 20th, 2012. Budget:$1500.00. This budget includes gas, food, spending money, hotel or resort, and theme park tickets. Tell me how to make it happen.

31 Dave { 10.10.11 at 7:42 am }

Hi Kinya! Well, I don’t think you can…anmd I don’t think you should.

That’s a very crowded and very expensive time of the year, because of President’s Day. Becasue of the higher hotel expenses then, I don’t think you can make the budget work–and I would avoid the crowds anyway.

For making around $1500 work during less expensive times of the year, see this:

For which are the less expensive times, see this:

32 Mollie { 10.11.11 at 9:24 pm }

We are in the beginning stages of planning our first trip to Disney World. It will be me, my husband and our triplets who are 4 years. They are not big eatersand they are picky (especially one of them) so I am trying to decide if the meal plan is the best way to go(economically speaking). Also, are we limited to only certain resorts because we are a family of 5? Or will they let us use an air mattress or a roll away since they are young?
I would appreciate any insight possible. Thanks!

33 Dave { 10.12.11 at 8:30 am }

Hi Mollie!
Kids on the dining plan have to order from a children’s menu (if the eatery has one) which often doesn’t appeal to picky eaters–unless they really love chicken nuggets and PB&J…

And yes, you are limited to certain resorts. Disney doesn’t do roll-aways, and won’t let you register more than official capacity. The least expensive way to get a standard room for 5 is a trundle-bed room in the Alligator Bayou section of Port Orleans Riverside–see

For more on “large families” see this:

34 Barb { 10.20.11 at 9:10 am }

Hi Dave~
We are planning to arrive on 2/10/12-2/15/12. The free dining plan doesn’t start until 2/11. Does that leave us out? I noticed the resorts have up to a 35% discount, would it be better to take advantage of the resort discount & buy the dining plan? Thanks so much!

35 Dave { 10.20.11 at 10:06 am }

Hi Barb–yes it does–you need to arrive 2/11 to ge the dining plan. Note that you can do two reservations, one for just 2/10 and the second with free dining for 2/11-2/15.

Whether or not you save money on rooms vs dining depends on your family size and ages and where you stay. So you have to do the math for your family. In general, at the less expensive resorts you save more with the dining plan, and at the most expensive the room discounts saves more money…but it depends!!

Let me know how many people, the ages, and the resorts you are targeting and I can likely be a lil more helpful…

36 michelle { 10.21.11 at 2:49 am }

Hey dave planning a trip in july 2012 for 2 adults 3 children…any idea how much I should budget for this trip?

37 Dave { 10.21.11 at 7:54 am }

Hi Michelle–depends on when you arrive, how long you stay and at what hotel–without that I can’t extimate, as for hotel costs three nights could cost $400, or 7 nights $3000, depending on when and where…. See this page to help figure out:

38 Mike { 11.01.11 at 6:41 pm }

If one books free dining and later a better room discount or AP discount comes out, is it simple to upgrade to the better deal if there is availability?

Specifically, I am hoping for a good AP discount the week of 4/15 to 4/21 as i plan to go again in November but if free dining or a regular room only discount becomes available first, can i book it and later replace it with the AP discount?

Thx in advance

39 Dave { 11.01.11 at 7:03 pm }

Mike–you can swap discounts if they are both available at the same resort hotel over the same time period. It isn’t always simple, so for this I suggest setting up your booking with a travel agent who understands your intent, so that they can get you into something to start with that’s most likely to be swappable..

40 Susan { 11.02.11 at 1:05 pm }

We are planning our 1st visit, 2 adults, 2 children 4 &6, looking to fly out on 2/15 and stay 7 days, I believe we will be eligible for the free meal plan b/c our visit starts during the free time frame, does it end early though b/c the free period does not cover our whole visit? We are looking at the moderate resorts and no hopper b/c we are 1st timers. Any suggestions to keep our cost down… thanks

41 Dave { 11.03.11 at 7:39 am }

Hi Susan–usually you get get the discount for your entire stay so long as you arrive within the window!

42 Nina { 12.07.11 at 2:05 am }

What a great site! We are planning on arriving January 12th for 5 nights. That entails the free dining package – seeing as we are looking at staying at the Pop Culture hotel it is a quick service package. Can you ‘trade in’ quick service entitlements for table service ‘entitlements’ or character meal entitlements? It does not appear that the table service package qualifies with the value hotel.

Thank you!


43 Dave { 12.07.11 at 9:44 am }

Hi Nina, and thanks!

No you can’t. But what you can do is upgrade to the regular dining plan by paying Disney the difference in cost between the two. However before doing that, check to see if the table service stuff you are hoping for is still available–many of the most popuar meals sell out 3-6 months in advance.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

44 Rich { 12.07.11 at 12:02 pm }

Do you know (or can you guess) when Disney will offer Summer dates for free dining?

45 Dave { 12.07.11 at 1:00 pm }

Hi Rich, if you mean the free dining for arrivals beginning in late August, in 2011Disney announced and opened this on May 2. If you mean free dining ealrier in the summer, there’s no telling–it was not offered this past summer, and Disney says it is narrowing, not expanding, discounts…

46 Katie { 12.07.11 at 4:20 pm }

Hi Dave,
I booked my room for myself and my 10 year old daughter (no one else wants to go with us in our family!) for Feb 4-8 which is crossed off here. The room was booked through SW airlines at the Disney Wilderness Lodge. Can I purchase the dining plan when we arrive? When I called the hotel to ask about my options they kept telling me to call Southwest Airlines. So I called SWA and they ended up calling the resort in a conference call. I neglected to ask about the dining plan (duh!!) and was focused on purchasing tickets to the park. Thanks for the advice.

47 Dave { 12.07.11 at 4:45 pm }

Hi Katie!

You can’t buy the plan after you arrive…and you may not be able to buy it at all.

Package deals like yours bought from outside Disney sometimes don’t allow you to add stuff. The best way to find out is to deal with Disney’s package people, at 407-939-7675.

I will reach out to see if I can find out anything else helpful…

48 Allison Jones { 12.08.11 at 9:25 am }

Hi Katie,

We actually book Southwest Packages to Disney World for our guests, quite often. When you add the airfare, we can sometimes save the guests a lot more money than booking directly with Disney Travel Company. So, I am quite familiar with your situation.

You cannot add the Dining Plan, once you arrive to your Disney Resort. It is a package feature included with your room and tickets. This is an option that you must add before you leave home. The Disney Hotels do not even have the option of adding it when you arrive.

Southwest should be able to change your current package to add the Basic Dining Plan. However, it is based on the package you booked with them. If you booked a non-refundable type package that does not allow changes that may be another story. Southwest (as the wholesale company) are the ones to make the change if it is possible…not Disney.

If they are giving you too much of a headache. Another option is to cancel off your room and tickets and just keep your airfare with Southwest on the package and book your Disney World Package separately. I am not sure of your package and/or cancellation penalties on your current package but that may be another option. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do.

Allison Jones – Destinations in Florida Travel

49 Dave { 12.08.11 at 9:35 am }

Allison, thanks a million for wieghing in!

50 Rich { 12.08.11 at 5:01 pm }

Thanks Dave. I was interested in late August

51 Dave { 12.08.11 at 9:57 pm }

Cool, then the odds are high you’ll be able to book the discount sometime in May…

52 nick { 12.29.11 at 11:58 pm }

I am sorry to bother you. This is the second time going to Disney and I love your site! We have decided last minute that we want to go but we are pretty open as to when we can go this time. We have 2 small children, so we won’t be riding any of the bigger rides.
My question is when would be the least crowed time to go. We are not too worried about the price, more about crowds. (One child is in a wheelchair. We went last May and it was hard to get him around in the crowds!) During the ride closures are they more of the big rides or do they all cycle through closures? The weeks we are looking at are Jan 21st, Feb 11th, or Feb 25th (my youngest turns 3 on the 26th so we would have to buy him a meal plan, but if it is a significally better time to go, it would be worth it)
Thanks so much for your help!

53 Dave { 12.30.11 at 7:53 am }

Hi Nick! All your options are good, but among them for lowest crowds I like the January 21st date the best. The ride closures are a couple of big rides and a couple of smaller ones. See

54 Chris { 01.25.12 at 11:17 pm }

Planning a disney vacation over Christmas 2012…….12/22 – 12/29. Family of 4 and this will be our 3rd time at disney. Thinking about staying in the Fort Wilderness Cabins. Plan on doing the park hopper plus dining package. Have estimated the cost (w/ airlines) to be around $7,000. Have heard and read about the free dining. Is there anything else out there that may help to get the costs down?

55 Dave { 01.26.12 at 6:45 am }

Hi Chris–since that is far and away the single most crowded week of the year, discounts aren’t offered for it…

56 AJ { 01.28.12 at 5:24 pm }

Due to required business travel, our dates aren’t quite that flexible. My husband and pre-teen are looking to visit DisneyWorld for 5 days arriving the night of 3/8 or the morning of 3/10. We are looking at either a moderate hotel or the Wilderness Lodge. What are your recommendations on the best package? We would like to include the dining plan as my husband is a big eater and maybe even a club level room for additional goodies. Best deal?

57 Dave { 01.29.12 at 9:21 am }

Hi AJ, there’s no special deal out for those dates.

58 Meagan { 02.12.12 at 10:53 pm }

Hi Dave!

Quick Question, I am looking to book in October ’12, but there are not any free dining offers yet. I would like to go ahead and book so I can make dinner reservations, will I be able to get the free dining if they offer it later on if I book before it’s offered?

59 Dave { 02.13.12 at 12:03 pm }

Hi Meagan, in general you can transfer a reservation to a deal if thje dealis being offered for your arrivcal dates and your hotel. It can be least risky to do this with a travel agent–and explain to them that such is your intent–as they can set you up in a package that’s most likely to be covered by a deal if one comes out! See the form on the right side of this site…

60 Megan { 02.13.12 at 7:19 pm }

I love your site! Thanks so much for sharing your valuable knowledge with the public and all of us Disney Lovers. My family and I are going to Disney World in Oct.- probably around the 20th. We are big “planners.” I was wondering if we went ahead and booked our stay and payed for it- what would happen if they offer a free dining plan right before we go? Could we get a refund/ change our rates? Just curious…. thanks so much in advance!

61 Dave { 02.14.12 at 6:30 am }

Hi Megan and thanks!

The best way to do this is to pay just the deposit, and book room only.

That gives you the most flexibility for changing to the discount if it comes out and is offered for your hotel, length of stay, and arrival date. Another way to do it to ease a bit of the burden is to book through a travel agent–instructing them of your hopes, and having them swap you to any emergiing discounts.

62 Jennifer { 05.11.12 at 2:57 pm }

This is such a great and informative site! Love it! After reading so much, I contacted “Destinations in Florida” for a quote. We are planning a trip for 9 in January 2013 . Destinations said they can only book the room now, which I had read on your site. My question is… Does Disney frown on booking then canceling and rebooking a package deal.? Should i just wait to book the package deal or do I risk not being able to get a villa? Does Destinations let me know if this ends up being a free dining week or do I have to watch for deals myself?
Also, we are thinking that we want to rent the Kidani Villa and are wondering if the pull out chair is suitable for a 19 year old?
Do you think ther is much difference in price, crowds, etc between going 01/04 or on 01/11 ? We plan on staying 8 nights.
Thanks, Jen

63 Dave { 05.12.12 at 8:27 am }

Hi Jen and thanks!

I don’t think WDW cares much about whether you change things around…I’d pick 1/11 as your arrival, as there may be a little Xmas holidays crowding left on 1/4 and 1/5…prices should be similar…the Destinations folk should track and let you know if a discount comes out, but if you check this every now and then you can double check yourself:

64 Jen { 05.20.12 at 5:13 pm }

After really looking at the past year of free dining dates offered , I was wondering if you think I may be more likely to get free dining if I move my plans to arrive on 01/10/13 instead of 01/11/13. It just seems that they offer more free dining on check in dates from Sunday to Thursday and I originally thought I would check in on Friday? What do you think? Free dining is such a great deal that I would hate to miss out on it!
Jen ….again 🙂

65 Dave { 05.21.12 at 5:57 pm }

Jen, that’s a good thought. There’s no telling to what they might do, but I am sure you are right that your odds are better with a Sunday-Thursday check in…

66 Mrs Dan { 06.19.12 at 4:58 am }

Hey Dave! We are planning our first trip this December. Family of 4 (our oldest is 7 and the youngest will turn 23months while we are there). We are looking at 12/9-12/15 2012. Due to school schedules and work schedules the dates are NOT flexible. We are looking at Value Movies simply because we only plan on being in the room to sleep and the 7yo loves the dalmatians. Based on your data from past years do you estimate there is a good chance of free dining? We are Disney visa holders if that helps. Also, if the chances of free dining are good when is it likely they will announce it and does it apply to any dining plans? We’re wanting the plan that is 1TS, 1QS, and 1snack per person per day. Thanks for your help!

67 Dave { 06.19.12 at 7:10 am }

Hi Mrs Dan, yes I think there is a good chance of free dining! Last year, it was announced for December arrivals in early August.

Not all plans are free–recently which plan you get for free has varied by resort type, and you can then pay to upgrade it to a different plan.

At the value resorts (like Movies) what’s been offered lately for free is the “quick service” plan, which has no TS credits. But you can pay the difference between it and the plan you want, which means you get the plan you are targeting for a heavy discount–but not free…

68 Mrs Dan { 06.20.12 at 12:20 am }

Heavy discount is better than nothing, haha! Thanks Dave. I appreciate your help!

69 Beth { 08.27.12 at 2:53 pm }

My parents and I are thinking about coming back to Walt disney in Feb 2013. When should we make our room reservations and will there be any discounts for the first week in feb? We have been to Disney twice and had a blast. I enjoy your website by much.


70 Dave { 08.27.12 at 7:58 pm }

Hi Beth and thanks!

I don’t know if there will be discounts then or not. You can make a reservation and later convert it to a discount if one comes out. I’m a fan, if targeting a really popular resort, of making a reservation as soon as I can commit…

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