6 Night Walt Disney World Itinerary, Sunday Arrival

By Dave Shute

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6-Night-Autumn-Winter-Spring-Itinerary-v3-hspThis six night Walt Disney World itinerary is a variant of the standard eight night  Autumn-Winter-Spring itinerary, but two days shorter, and with a Sunday arrival.

See this for a seven night variant, with a Saturday arrival, and this for a seven night itinerary with a  Sunday arrival.

Click the image to open it; when open, keep clicking to enlarge it more.

It’s 2 days shorter from eliminating much of your time off, and the last day visit to the Gospel Brunch in Downtown Disney. (See How Long to Stay for more on why eight nights is better than six…)

It can be used as is for any week that the standard Autumn-Winter-Spring itinerary fully works.

See this page for weeks that itinerary can be fully used.  If the week is labeled Autumn-Winter-Spring, you can use this 6 night itinerary, unless you see the words “See this for changes.”  If you see those words, use the comment form for any changes you’ll need to make for your arrival date.


This itinerary can be adapted to any arrival date except for Saturday, or late afternoon/evening arrivals on Friday, as you need to be at Epcot Friday night, and late Friday arrival gets in the way of that…and a Saturday arrival means a Friday departure.

If your days include only Saturday evening, and not Sunday evening, then use the Sunday evening part of this itinerary for Saturday night–that way you will see the evening parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  If your trip includes both, then go to the Magic Kingdom Sunday night for the parade and fireworks.

If your arrival date is Tuesday through Friday, then this itinerary is certain to work only if this site shows that both the week of your arrival and the week of your departure work for the Autumn-Winter-Spring itinerary.


To-Do List
First Sunday




1 Jessica { 01.30.12 at 5:46 pm }

We are doing the 7 day internary for Autumn. I have 2 boys and 1 girl. I would like to trade out one of the character meals for something the boys might enjoy more. What do you suggest?

2 Dave { 01.30.12 at 6:57 pm }

Hi Jessica!

Whispering Canyon at the WIlderness Lodge is an active, noisy hoot, and great for boys. The WIlderness Lodge is accessible by boat from the Magic Kingdom (you don’t have to enter the park to get the boat).

If it’s not already on your list, 50′s Prime Time Cafe inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also a great choice for boys…especially if their mom has ever told them “don’t put your elbows on the table”!

3 Kaylene { 07.11.12 at 1:23 pm }

Hi Dave,
My family and I are trying to nail down our travel dates and I think we have decided on arriving February 15th, 2013 which is a Friday. our Flight won’t get in until 4:19pm. We are hoping to stay at the Polynesian for 6 nights, although the prices look much better at the Wilderness Logde. We would be departing on the 21st at 12:05pm. My question is should we plan on only purchasing a 4 day Park ticket sine we are arriving so late on 2/15 and leaving mid day on the 2/21? Our girls will be 5 and 2 years old and I am not sure how they will feel after traveling on the 2/15. Would we be able to do a show or character dining that first night? I was thinking the Luau since we may stay at the Polynesian but I don’t see any recommendations from you on that.

We are also struggling with the decision between the Wilderness Lodge and the Polynesian. My heart says the Polynesian for the atmosphere (we honeymooned in Hawaii) and its ability to view fireworks from the beach. But I think we may be able to save $1000 if we stay at the lodge. I also think it’s location isn’t bad considering it has the boat to Magic Kingdom. Any thoughts?

4 Dave { 07.11.12 at 2:55 pm }

Kaylene, just to be clear–President’s Day week is a really lousy time to go–high crowds and high prices.

Given the ages of your kids, 4 days is plenty. I think the Luau is dull, and even more so for youngsters…Not sure how long your trip is or how well the kids travel, so its hard to advise on first night…seeing the parade and fireworks at MK is worth it, even if you have to buy another day of tickets (Day 5 and following are relatively inexpensive).

Honestly, on a Magic Kingdom-focused trip–as yours should be, given the ages–WL is terrific…on the other hand, maybe you should pick for you, and pick for the kids when they are older?

5 Kaylene { 07.11.12 at 3:50 pm }

Thanks for your quick reply Dave. I understand that President’s Week is not ideal but unfortunately I have a little one who will be in Kindergarten and I also work in the school system so I don’t see any other options. We did consider the week of March 30th but you advised that week would be worse. If you have other suggestions please feel free to share (keeping in mind we can only be there when school is not in session).

I am now really confused when it comes to booking our resort. I just looked over the pictures of the new AofA resort and read your review. I know my girls would love the decor. We could certainly save a ton by staying there but I am concerned about it’s distance from Magic Kingdom and dining options. We plan on getting the Dining Plan (1 Table, 1 counter and 1 snack) Will I regret making the downgrade? Thanks for your advice on the Luau. Maybe we will look into the Hoop De Doo Show instead.

6 Dave { 07.11.12 at 5:25 pm }

Hey again Kaylene! For teachers/school employees, the best choice is often either early June or late August–whichever (if either) fits into your academic calendar. The Family Suites at Art of Animation are comparably priced to Wilderness Lodge…the standard rooms that will open there in September are much less money, but also WAY smaller. I’m with you on the dining issue, and if you can afford it, would pick WL or the Poly for sure…

7 Sara { 07.12.12 at 3:29 pm }

How would staying at AoA affect the dining plan?

8 Dave { 07.12.12 at 5:34 pm }

Sara, I’m not following your question…

9 Mommy J { 07.26.12 at 12:31 pm }

The AoA affects the dining plan b/c with “free dining promo” it gives the quick-service dining for free so you would then have to “upgrade” to get the 1 Table, 1 counter and 1 snack dining option by paying the difference. My family will be staying in a Cars Suite at AoA in October and I think it is the best option for young/elementary age children for many many reasons.

10 Dave { 07.27.12 at 8:21 am }

Thanks Mommy J!

11 Maureen { 11.15.12 at 2:19 pm }

On the travel days it looks like you are suggesting the MK if I’m understanding the itinerary correctly. Are you suggesting that we use a full day pass to arrive at MK by 5pm of the Sun or just to go for fireworks etc.? Also same question for the last day on Sat? Trying to plan how many day park hopper we should plan for. 6 adults and 3 kids age 1, 5 & 8.

12 Dave { 11.15.12 at 3:21 pm }

Hi Maureen! Yes, this itinerary has you using park days on the first and last days. If you check the ticket prices, (see this: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2012/06/03/disney-world-ticket-prices-2012-to-summer-2013/ ) you’ll note that the price per day after the first four ticket days is around $10/person/day, so the partial days are a good price. And this itinerary does not require the hopper add-on…

13 Jennifer { 12.28.12 at 2:32 pm }

We are arriving Sat Feb 9 2013 for 6 nights/7 days. We can use the park almost all day on the day of arrival. Should we follow the 8 day itinerary and just skip the last days or do something different. Also, I know that toward the end of the week it will be getting crowded (as the Presidents day holiday approaches), and was wondering if there are specific things that we should aim to do before the crowds pick up?

14 Dave { 12.28.12 at 3:29 pm }

Hi Jennifer! My answer will vary depending on the ages of your kids..so can you let me know that?

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15 Jennifer { 12.29.12 at 1:36 am }

My kids are almost 12 and 6. This will be our 3rd Disney trip in the past 5 or 6 years. We are very frugal – staying in Pop Century and have the free meal plan, but upgraded to the plus dining plan. Thanks!

16 Dave { 12.29.12 at 9:44 am }

OK, Jennifer, if you’ve been before then you don’t really need my itineraries at all!

Just decide how many days you want to be in which parks, then pick days, then pick dining.

In general, avoid parks when they have extra magic hours (unless you have park hoppers) and try to complete MK earlier in your visit, and save Epcot til the end, as it handles crowds better.

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17 Jennifer { 12.30.12 at 2:40 pm }

Since we do not have parkhopper, I was wondering if we should aim to go to the parks (or avoid them) when they have the extra magic hours… so that answers my question. We usually only need 1 day at Epcot & Animal Kingdom, and like spending more time at MK and Hollywood Studios. We will definitely get the MK in before the crowds. Thanks!
One more question – Is there a place to get a good steak for 1 table service meal? Le Cellier is now 2 table service meals.

18 Dave { 12.31.12 at 9:58 am }

Hi Jennifer, Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club–an easy walk form EPcot

19 Vernon { 02.09.13 at 9:39 pm }

Hello again Dave. Family of four coming down March 14-20th. will be there thurs afternoon, leaving Wednesday afternoon.. We have 4 day basic disney ticket. We know monday night we have my daughter and the princesses. Everything is up in the air. Can you help..will the itinerary up here help me. I only have 4 days, but will do 1 day at universal. Not sure if I should do 1 day 2 parks or 2 days 2 parks, but will have to pay for transportation. I am staying in pop culture, also have the quick meal plan. Can you help me?

20 Dave { 02.10.13 at 7:28 am }
21 Dustin { 02.18.13 at 1:44 pm }

Hello. My wife and I are so overwhelmed, but your site is calming our “planning” stress a bit.
We arrive on Saturday the 9th around 5pm and depart on Friday the 15th. Right now we have dinner reservations at Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue Seating Category 1 at 8:30pm on that Saturday the 9th. We are staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.
Our Kids ages are Son (11) and Daughter (9). We have never been to disney. What Itinerary should we use.
Is there a way to donate to this site to help you all out?

22 Dustin { 02.18.13 at 1:46 pm }

Dave I also wanted to have we DO have a parkhopper pass.

23 Dustin { 02.18.13 at 2:16 pm }

Sorry, thought I would add the following about our Dinner reservations sorry about all the posts. Not sure if we should change times or anythign, but more than likely probably too late?
Saturday 8:30: Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue Seating Category 1
Sunday: 5:15 Yachtsman Steakhouse
Monday: 5:15 Ohana Dinner
Tuesday: 6:00 A Buffet with Character Dinner
Wednesday : 5:30 The cooking place dinner
Thursday: 5:15 Biergarten

24 Dave { 02.19.13 at 8:40 am }

Hi Dustin! I don’t have an itinerary that fits your arrivla date and number of days. Your best bet is to work around the meals you’ve already booked and focus on those parks those days! However, you would end up with too many days at Epcot if you did this, so hop from naother park–e.g. AK or MK–on one of your Epcot dinner nights. You should target two days at MK and one at each of the other parks. You can use one of my base itineraries like the one you are on to figure out how to spend your days.

Thanks for asking about the “donate” option. I used to have them all over the site, but no one clicked them! So I took them mostly down, but you can find one e.g. here: http://yourfirstvisit.net/donate/ But the nicest thing you ca do for the site is to tell all your friends about it!

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25 Wincha { 03.07.13 at 12:29 pm }

Dave, great website with a ton of useful information! I’d like to see what you would recommend for our family’s first visit to Disney World– we have 2 weeks available Sunday 5/5/13 until Saturday 5/18/13 (but obviously won’t want to be at Disney this entire time), and we have 2 young children (girl age 3-1/2 years and boy 6 months by travel dates). Please recommend best itinerary– best travel days of the week to avoid crowds and take advantage of package rates (midweek to midweek perhaps, or you’d still recommend weekend to weekend?), lodging (we’d like a family 1-bedroom suite and parental convenience and kid-centered amenities outweigh any cost differential factors–I’m thinking of the Grand Floridian currently or another villa/suite resort on the monorail line ???), and must-do parks should we need to cut our time for any reason. My husband’s only request is to see Epcot one day, and my daughter wants to meet the princesses. We usually never go to the same vacation place twice, but will likely return to Disney at least once in the future. Thank you!!!

26 Dave { 03.08.13 at 7:57 am }

Hi Wincha, I don’t have itineraries for kids that young (for why, see this: http://yourfirstvisit.net/planning-your-first-family-trip/how-oldtall-your-children-should-be/ ), but you can find them here: http://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/touring-plans?utm_campaign=referral&utm_medium=website&utm_source=yourfirstvisit&utm_content=r1&property_id=1

In your dates, earlier is better, and Tues-Fri is better than the weekends; most rooms at WDW have an upcharge on Fridays and Saturdays, so those are nights to avoid if you can.

For the monorail resorts, see this: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2011/11/08/the-monorail-resorts-at-walt-disney-world/ The Grand Floridian is the least interesting, the Polynesian has the most kid appeal, and for kids the ages of yours, the Contemporary is the most convenient.

Putting that together, I’d suggest a one-bedroom villa at Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary–see this: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2010/09/13/review-bay-lake-tower-at-disneys-contemporary-resort/

The next best choice given your criteria is likely a suite at the Polynesian. I don’t have much on these on the site, but you can find lotsa info here: http://www.tikimanpages.com/tiki/quick-longhouses/quick-tonga

Sorry to not be much help on the itinerary side!

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27 Kathleen { 03.19.13 at 3:58 pm }


I noticed that you cannot adapt the itinerary for a 6 night stay with a Saturday arrival? My kids are 6 and 4, and we will be arriving on Saturday, October 12. Any suggestions on an itinerary??

28 Kathleen { 03.19.13 at 3:59 pm }

Btw, great site!!!!!!!

29 Dave { 03.19.13 at 5:17 pm }

Kathleen, all my itineraries are for kids 8 and older…you can use this to adapt it and move the dates around: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2011/03/09/the-comprehensive-guide-to-walt-disney-world-rides-and-attractions/

30 Dave { 03.19.13 at 5:17 pm }


31 Danny { 05.09.13 at 10:30 am }

I would switch wednesday, and sunday evening, because that way, people can use the morning for magic kingdom to like you have on the 8 night autumn winter spring itinerary.

32 Raquel { 07.30.13 at 5:00 pm }

We are doing 6 nights with a Saturday arrival. We will be arriving November 2nd (due to husband’s work schedule). What should I change?

33 Dave { 07.31.13 at 8:06 am }

Raquel, are you bringing kids? And if so, how old? With that, I’ll recommend revisions!

34 Raquel { 08.07.13 at 9:31 am }

We are bringing our 6 year old and a 6 month old. Thank you!

35 Dave { 08.08.13 at 7:05 am }

Raquel, my itineraries are a little adventurous for a 6 year old–they are designed for kids 8 and above. So I would drop Cirque du Soleil, and thin the time at Epcot.

While most of the time it doesn’t work this way, your week is different enuf than usual that the early part of the week you can just shift a day forward–so do what’s written as Sunday on Saturday, what’s written as Monday on Sunday, and what’s written as Tuesday on Monday.

The rest of the week–and thinning Epcot–is a little more complicated. I’d advise taking Tuesday off entirely, do what’s written as Friday on Wednesday, do Thursday as is, and move Saturday to Friday. If you can’t bear the thought of taking Tuesday off, then do what’s written as Thursday on Tuesday, and reserve Thursday for returning to your favorite place–deciding Wednesday night–keeping in mind that you’ll be headed back to MK Friday am anyway…


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36 Raquel { 08.11.13 at 10:21 pm }

Thanks so much for your help! We are looking forward to our vacation!

37 Dave { 08.12.13 at 8:39 am }

You bet, Raquel, and let me know how the trip goes!

38 Kate { 08.19.13 at 1:53 pm }

We are tentatively planning a family trip to WDW for Oct 4-Ocr 9, 2014. There will be our 5 adult children and 2 sons-in laws, our 8-year old daughter and 5-year old grandson. For the kids’ enjoyment, we plan on staying at Art of Animation in their family suites. 2 of our adult children have been to WDW and 2 have been to Disneyland. I don’t think the Disneyland kids are understanding how much MORE there is to do at WDW. Are we better off buying our tickets as part of a package or when we get there? We just got stung on some tickets we pre-bought at another amusement park when our plans fells through and I really don’t want that to happen again…

39 Dave { 08.20.13 at 7:22 am }

Hiya Kate! If you buy your tix as part of a package from Disney the whole thing is cancel-able. Moreover, that will let you beat the likely summer price increase, and make you eligible for Fastpass+ (see http://yourfirstvisit.net/2013/08/20/what-you-need-to-know-now-about-fastpass/ )

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40 Linda { 08.20.13 at 8:55 am }

Hi we have booked our flights for our first trip. I am awful at decision making at the best of times so feeling completely overwhelmed at realising how much planning is involved! We are arriving 4/7/14 for two weeks. Looking at your crowd calendar the first few days may not be too bad but the second week one of the worst times to come for crowds. (Unfortunately as a teacher in the UK I have no choice in the matter!) I have two children 8 and 6 – is there anything you would particularly suggest doing the first few days if that is our best time? I haven’t booked resorts yet as i wondered about splitting across two depending on which is better for which parks or whether we could stay at poly and aoa to balance costs a bit – although it doesn’t seem like aoa gets meal discount so may not be worth it anyway! any help greatly received – I have spent 6 hours looking at all the info on your site just today!

41 kate { 08.20.13 at 9:35 am }

Thanks! And your website is amazing! I can’t wait to finally see Walt Disney World – only 14 months to go! Lol

42 Mama Jo { 08.20.13 at 2:27 pm }

Hello! I am planning our first family trip to WDW. We have 4 kids. Ages: 15,11,8,3. We are staying at the art of animation the week after presidents day. Is this likely shorts weather or pants weather? Can you help me with an itinerary that would keep all these kids happy? Sunday arrival, Friday departure. MUCH Appreciated! Your site has been a God send already.

43 Dave { 08.21.13 at 8:53 am }

Linda, I’d try for one day each at AK, MK, and HS before the crowds come. That way after you can just focus on the less-crowded early mornings and Fastpasses…The UK gets different dining offers which aren’t visible to me here in Ohio so I can’t comment on that!!

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44 Dave { 08.21.13 at 8:54 am }

Thanks, Kate!!

45 Dave { 08.21.13 at 9:07 am }

Hi Mama Jo and thanks! See this for weather and other Feb stuff: http://yourfirstvisit.net/2013/08/12/february-2014-at-walt-disney-world/

The itinerary you are looking at will work fine except for the three year old, although you’ll need to thin it down for your Friday departure. There’s really no way to design a trip for both an 11 year old and a three year old–see this: http://yourfirstvisit.net/planning-your-first-family-trip/how-oldtall-your-children-should-be/what-if-theyre-too-shortyoung/taking-your-too-shortyoung-kids-anyway/

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